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Overgrowth Spell info

"Traps nearby Buildings in tough roots, stopping defenses attacking. Troops ignore trapped Buildings."


  • The Overgrowth Spell is the 6th and the final Dark Spell unlocked at level 6 Dark Spell Factory, requiring the Town Hall to be at level 12. It temporarily disables defenses and turns all the buildings invisible and invulnerable within a 15-tile diameter, or a 7-tile radius centered where the spell is placed.
    • If the spell hits a building that the Troops were originally targeting, they will leave their previous target and engage to another one that's close to them.
    • Unlike the Invisibility Spell, it does not make attacking units invisible, thus making them vulnerable to fire.
  • The spell has no effect on Walls and Traps, which retain their original functionality for the duration of the spell. Defending Troops, Heroes (apart from the Grand Warden) and Builders are also unaffected and can continue to defend normally. If the Clan Castle is affected by the spell, it can still be triggered and summon defensive reinforcements that it houses.
  • Buildings that are affected by the spell cannot be harmed by any form of damage, including spell damage and indirect damage from units with area-of-effect attacks. Although they cannot be targeted directly, they can still absorb lightning chains from Electro Dragons, Super Wizards and the Electro Owl if a nearby building is struck (they do not take any damage from this).
    • The Wall Wrecker and Log Launcher both continue to attack overgrown buildings if they are in their path, again dealing no damage (in the case of Log Launcher, overgrown buildings also consume the log's pierce). As a result, they will get stuck if they encounter an overgrown building in their path.
  • Upon use, the spell leaves behind greenery and debris that, in the aftermath of a Multiplayer Battle, can be cleared by the defender similarly to Tombstones. This debris gives 1 Elixir per tile when cleared.



  • Consider this spell to be a combination of the Freeze Spell and the Invisibility Spell, but lasting longer and having greater range, at the cost of 2 spell housing space, while buildings under this effect can't be damaged in any way, and siege machines can indeed get stuck!
  • Upgrading it only increases time, and it isn't the most significant, so you can save up your Dark Elixir to upgrade other troops and spells instead.
    • This might even be a double-edged sword, as more time also means that if all buildings outside the radius is destroyed, it will likely take a while for the troops to attack said buildings inside, which could make you run out of time.
  • This spell can be used in Queen Charges to funnel your Queen into the base, while enabling her to take less damage.
    • However, the Queen will also not able to do damage to such defenses being under the effect.
  • This spell could be a little bit clunky and be a bit of a double-edged sword, as the Invisibility might be too long for troops, but overall as long as you plan the attack carefully and drop it early on, it could be very effective.
    • This might even be good to cover high-tier defenses, since of its massive radius, leaving the troops to tackle the most powerful part of the village later, meaning that the troops might have more health and heroes might still have abilities, increasing the odds of the attack succedding.
  • It can also be used to put defenses which can be destroyed later or you can use it to prevent troops from attacking the Town Hall early, thus making it not just a versatile spell but one that also is very impactful due to its long range.
    • However, do note that troops will not attack defenses under the effect of the Overgrowth spell.
    • Take note that sometimes that the Town Hall and other defenses are left strangled by the Overgrowth Spell, and when your army is low on health when the spell duration expires, they may not be able to destroy the Town Hall before they do so.
  • Timing is also vital, since you might have, say an Archer Queen, in the middle of the Overgrowth spell's radius and the spell wears off, this can allow the Queen to take a lot of damage, so always carry an extra Freeze spell to avoid this sort of scenario.
  • it is not recommended to carry an Overgrowth Spell if you are using Electro Dragons or Super Wizards. as they can soak up the chain damage, but not take any damage themselves, which is very detrimental on Electro Dragons especially, since their chain attack is why it is heavily used in the first place, and where a lot of damage comes from, hence being a waste of spell space and troop damage potential.
  • If you are using Ground Siege Machines, do not use this spell where it could obstruct their path to the Town Hall: This might reduce their damage potential, and simply be a waste!
    • However, in the case of the Log Launcher, you can use a Overgrowth Spell to get it purposefully stuck in one place, and then allow the logs to snipe the Town Hall or other important defenses without fear of being attacked.


  • Avoid clumping powerful defenses together. This will provide very good value for the Overgrowth Spell to be used on them and will be destroyed by the attacking units when the spell duration expires!
  • Its long range and duration makes it quite hard to defend against, however traps around the area and the clan castle's deploying troops in areas where the overgrowth spell might pull troops into an area used by the Overgrowth Spell and when the invisibility wears off, it will create a high-DPS area which will cripple the health of units inside its range.


Effect Type
Damage Type
Favorite Target
Housing Space
Dark Spell Factory Level Required
Dark Spell Factory
8 tiles Area Splash Ground & Air 2 6
Brewing Time of Overgrowth Spell
Dark Spell Factory available Dark Spell Factory upgrading
6m 12m
Research Cost
Dark Elixir
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 22 seconds N/A N/A N/A
2 24 seconds 125,000 10d 10
3 26 seconds 250,000 12d 12
4 28 seconds 350,000 16d 14


February 27th, 2024 Added the Overgrowth Spell, with 4 levels.


  • The Overgrowth Spell is the first Dark Spell to take up 2 housing space.
  • If you manage to cover an entire village with Overgrowth Spells, when you deploy your army, they will just stand there and do nothing until the spell duration ends.
  • It is the first permanent spell that when placed, gives the defender elixir when they tap on the overgrown grass and debris. The first one to do so is Santa's Surprise.
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