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What should you upgrade first?[]

  • In terms of upgrades, it depends how you play -- do you buy the Gold Pass every month? Are you free to play?
  • Whenever you make an upgrade, it is important you know that for now, offensive is more important then defense. Unlock all the troops/spells/Army Camp(s) first, then work on the Eagle Artillery, etc.
  • Let's imagine you just got to TH11. You have some hammers and want to use them -- but you don't know what to use it on. Again -- it depends on how you play. But if you want to use the Invisible Spell, then use the Hammer of Building on the Spell Factory.
  • If you buy the Gold Pass, it is important to update the storages first because it maximizes the value of the runes.


  • There is a lot of debate on whether or not you should upgrade your Barbarian King -- I think that both Heroes (Barbarian King and Archer Queen) are both equally important and it's really important for you to upgrade both.

Farming Armies[]

Lots of people ask in the discussion page -- what is the best league to farm in?! I usually tell them to farm in Crystal or Gold. In these leagues, you are able to find bases with tons to loot.

There are a lot of farming armies out there, but in my opinion, you need to choose an attack strategy that you can use in Clan Wars.

  • Queen Charge Miners
  • Queen Charge Hybrid
  • Queen Charge LavaLoon
  • Baby Dragons
  • Zap Dragons
    • Great for farming Dark Elixir because the army only requires Elixir
  • Mass Sneaky Goblins
  • And best of all -- E-Drag spam!

War Armies[]

In terms of War Armies, use the ones above, but if you have trouble getting good value from Queen Charges (i.e. because of low level Queen), then just go with some Electro Dragon spam.

TH11 base building[]

At Town Hall 11, I think you start to shift away from finding bases online and copying them.

Here are some few tips that I can give during base building: