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Starting from Town Hall 7, you can unlock Heroes such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen at Town Hall 9, Grand Warden at Town Hall 11, and lastly the Royal Champion at Town Hall 13. These Heroes also have special abilities that are unlocked at its level 5 stage.

Barbarian King[]

The powerful Barbarian King has a Mighty Fist ability where it spawns Barbarians and it gives itself a Rage to go along with it!

Barbarian King info

Barbarian King

Archer Queen[]

The Sneaky Archer Queen has a power where it can go invisible for a little (Depending on its' level) and It spawns Archers to join the fight! It is a hero-like version of the Sneaky Archers in the Builder Base, who weild crossbows and also have the same ability as the Archer Queen.

Archer Queen info

Archer Queen

Grand Warden[]

The gentle Grand Warden renders all friendly troops within his aura invincible to damage for a short time. Eternal Tome is upgraded every five levels that the Warden increases. The ability's duration increases by 0.5 seconds per level.

Grand Warden info

Grand Warden

Royal Champion[]

The mighty Royal Champion has an ability where it can use a seeking shield ability! It is arguably the best Hero in Clash of Clans.

Royal Champion info

Royal Champion

Battle Machine[]

In the Builder Base there is a Battle Machine. At level 5, it unlocks the "Electric Hammer" where it can regain some of its heath and it makes the Battle Machine much stronger and so it does more damage to buildings.

Battle Machine info

Battle Machine