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Poison Lizard info
“Always the fastest never the lastest, Poison Lizard spits slowing toxins at its foes. Is it actually a venom lizard? Possibly, but who's brave enough to correct it?”

Poison Lizard field
Level 1-10


  • Poison Lizard is the seventh pet unlocked when the Pet House is upgraded to level 7 (this requires Town Hall level 15).
  • The Poison Lizard attacks quickly at range with poisoned spit, which slows down affected Heroes and Troops, in addition to causing them additional damage over time (as if they were hit by a Poison Spell). It can also spit at buildings, but this causes neither slowdown nor poison damage over time.
  • The Poison Lizard prioritizes enemy Heroes and defending Clan Castle Troops within about 6.5 tiles of its Hero above all other targets, and will ignore whatever the Hero is doing so long as there are such units within range. Note that the defending Grand Warden is considered a defense and not a Hero or troop. If there are no such units in range of its Hero, it will instead prioritize the target that their Hero is currently targeting.
    If its Hero is knocked out or removed from battle by a Recall Spell, it will seek out enemy Heroes and defending Troops regardless of distance, ignoring enemy buildings and defenses that may attack it. Once all enemy Heroes and troops present have been defeated, it will behave like a troop with no preferred target, attacking the nearest building regardless of type, but it will retarget onto defending troops as before if any more should appear.


Offensive Strategy

  • The Poison Lizard excels at taking down enemy Heroes, so can be paired with Heroes that intend to attack other enemy Heroes. It can fare reasonably against enemy Clan Castle troops and Skeleton Traps, though it can only attack one target at a time and is thus prone to being overwhelmed. Pairing it with the Barbarian King or Archer Queen can be useful to back it up against swarms of troops (or against multiple Heroes at a time) since their abilities can spawn additional troops to attack.
  • The Poison Lizard boasts the highest damage per second of any Pet (when comparing Pets on an equal-level basis) even without its poisoning effect, so it can significantly increase the damage output of its Hero. However, its survivability is among the lowest of the Pets due to its low hitpoints.
    • To boost its survivability, one can pair it with the Barbarian King, which it will generally be able to stay behind and thus get shielded from most sources of damage. The Grand Warden as an alternative pick is also viable, provided he is himself backing up other troops or Heroes, since he and the Poison Lizard can stay behind other troops to be sufficiently protected. However, the Poison Lizard has lower range than the Warden so it will be exposed to enemy fire when the Warden is alone.
  • Headhunters can perform the same job as the Poison Lizard would for only 6 housing space, therefore, they are much more convenient to carry around, and they can be deployed anywhere.
    • However, Headhunters are vulnerable to Traps, so in this situation, the Poison Lizard would fare better.

Defensive Strategy

  • Against a Poison Lizard that is protected by a Grand Warden's ability, they can be countered by stalling their movement. This can be achieved by the use of a Tornado Trap, though one should consider whether protecting Heroes is worth using their only Tornado Trap for. An alternative for Town Hall 15 players would be to use a Poison Spell Tower, which while less effective, is more versatile and potentially reusable.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Targets Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Pet House Level Required Pet House Range Range Special AbilitySpecial Ability
Heroes and Troops Ground & Air Single Target 36 0.35s 7 3.5 tiles Bad Breath
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Poison Max Damage per Second
Poison Effect
Poison Speed Decrease
Movement Speed
Poison Attack Rate Decrease
Attack Speed
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
1 181 63.35 80 26% 35% 1,250 N/A N/A 7
2 192 67.2 80 26% 35% 1,300 160,000 2d 7
3 203 71.05 80 26% 35% 1,350 165,000 3d 7
4 214 74.9 80 26% 35% 1,400 170,000 4d 7
5 225 78.75 100 34% 45% 1,450 175,000 5d 7
6 236 82.6 100 34% 45% 1,500 180,000 5d 12h 7
7 247 86.45 100 34% 45% 1,550 185,000 6d 7
8 258 90.3 100 34% 45% 1,600 190,000 7d 12h 7
9 269 94.15 100 34% 45% 1,650 195,000 7d 7
10 280 98 120 38% 50% 1,700 200,000 7d 12h 7


Patch Description
October 8, 2022 Announced the Poison Lizard.
October 10, 2022 Added the Poison Lizard with 10 levels. Poison Lizard field
December 12, 2022 Its target search radius has been increased by 0.5 tiles, making it less likely to ignore nearby units and Heroes.


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