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For the Home Village variant, see Rage Spell/Home Village.

Rage SpellC info

"Enrage your units to make them bigger, faster and stronger!
Cast this to create a Ring of Rage! Your units will gain speed and attack power while they are inside this ring."


  • The Rage Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Rage Spell Factory is constructed (this occurs immediately after unlocking the Dragon Cliffs district when the Capital Hall is upgraded to level 6).
  • Just like the Rage Spell from the Home Village, the Rage Spell boosts the speed and damage output of troops in its area of effect. Like most other spells in the Clan Capital, it lasts for two attacks: the attack in which it is deployed, as well as the next. However, in exchange for its increased duration, it has a weaker effect than a Home Village Rage Spell.
  • Similarly to the Rage Spell from the Home Village, damage increase is additive rather than multiplicative (for example, a level 1 Rage Spell which increases damage by 70% multiplies damage by a factor of (1 + 0.7) = 1.7).



  • Rage Spells can be used to help attacking troops power through a difficult part of a district (usually areas containing high DPS defenses), or to destroy a high-hitpoint building such as the Capital Hall more quickly. Using Rage Spells to help destroy buildings quickly is useful if one has limited time to achieve an objective, such as using Sneaky Archers to snipe defenses while invisible.
  • As a secondary effect, the Rage Spell can be used to speed up slow troops to get them to reach buildings more quickly. Mountain Golems, Skeleton Barrels and Rocket Balloons (when their ability has expired) are good users of this speedup effect.
  • When choosing between a Healing Spell and a Rage Spell, one should consider the troops that they wish to affect with the spell, as well as the area that they intend to cover with the spell.
    • A Rage Spell is better for troops with low hitpoints (e.g. Skeletons, Sneaky Archers, Minion Hordes) who may not benefit from a Healing Spell due to their being one-shot by many defenses. Similarly, damage dealers such as the Super Wizard or Siege Cart often prefer a Rage Spell to maximize their damage output over marginally improved survivability.
      • However, their low health really means that both heal and rage will not be good to use on them and is a waste of spell space.
    • Most air units like the Flying Fortress may benefit more from a Rage Spell, as the Healing Spell's effect can appear limited when compared to the damage of air-only defenses like the Air Defense.
      • Tanks also benefit more from rage, as the heal would be nothing compared to the health of the tank.
    • On the other hand, ground units with at least a moderate amount of hitpoints like Super Giants or Hog Riders can appreciate a Healing Spell more than a Rage Spell to improve their survivability. Also, the Healing Spell may prove more beneficial than a Rage Spell in areas protected by only low-DPS defenses (e.g. Multi Mortars, Super Wizard Towers or low-level Spear Throwers).


  • The combination of the Rage Spell with Sneaky Archers thrives best when the Archers can be deployed right up against a large group of powerful defenses, where a single Rage Spell may be used to cover all Archer attacks from their vantage point and consequently buff their damage. Minimise the possibility of such points occurring by spreading out powerful defenses or arranging Wall compartments to limit the defenses accessible from a compartment.
    • Use of Zap Traps as a cheap method to stop Battle Rams can assist with preventing access to other emptied compartments, as Zap Traps will not attack Sneaky Archers.
  • Try to put distractions to destroy the raged troops, as they will destroy fast if not taken care of in time.


Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
4.5 tiles 2 attacks 3 Rage Spell Factory
Damage Increase
Speed Increase
Movement Speed
1 70% 10
2 80% 12
3 90% 14
4 100% 16
5 110% 18


Date Description
May 2, 2022 Added in the Clan Capital update, with 5 levels.
June 30, 2022 Reduced damage boost of the Rage Spell by 20% at all levels.
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