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Recall Spell info

"Attack going badly? Need to come in from another direction? The Recall Spell summons back Troops, Heroes and Pets to the deployment bar. You can then send the recalled units back out for a second strike."


  • The Recall Spell is the eighth spell unlocked when the Spell Factory is level 7, requiring the Town Hall to be at least level 13.
  • When deployed, it sends Troops, Heroes and Pets in its area of effect back onto the deployment bar, allowing them to be re-deployed elsewhere (subject to the deployment zones of the village). Siege Machines cannot be recalled due to their spell immunity nature.
  • The Recall Spell only has a limited capacity, with this capacity increasing as it is upgraded. In case it cannot recall all units in its area of effect, the units with the highest housing space take priority. Between units with the same housing space, units that are deployed first will be prioritized.
    • For this purpose, Heroes and Pets are considered to take up 25 and 20 housing space respectively, the latter with some exceptions:
      • If the Phoenix is still in her egg form, she will be recalled if and only if her Hero is recalled, without taking up any extra housing space.
      • If the Angry Jelly is currently brainwashing its Hero, it will be recalled alongside its Hero without taking up housing space.
  • When units are redeployed, units with the highest housing space are deployed first, with time of initial deployment being a tiebreaker between units with the same housing space.
    • The units that are deployed also deploy in the same order as they were manually deployed.
  • Units that are recalled will retain their current hitpoints and status effects that were afflicted on them when they are recalled, but spell effects will generally wear off since they may be redeployed outside the spell radius, and most status timers will count down while the unit is pending redeployment. For example, if the Barbarian King is recalled while in the midst of his ability, he and his Barbarians will have their rage expire 10 seconds after the ability was triggered, and may not be enraged once redeployed.
    • The only status timers that are paused while pending redeployment are clone lifetime (for clones from the Clone Spell) and revival timers (for Heroes being temporarily revived by Phoenix). This is to ensure they cannot be lost between their recalling and redeployment.



  • The Recall Spell can be used to forcibly call back units from the Town Hall weapon's explosion upon its destruction. This can save lower-health units from being otherwise obliterated, and can prevent significant HP loss on Heroes, and is especially useful against Town Hall 14 or higher, since its Poison effect can prove devastating.
  • The Recall Spell can also be used to call back a Queen/Warden Walk, to enable it to being used to funnel on two sides. However, one has to keep in mind the limited capacity of the spell; without a Pet (or with an inactive Phoenix), the spell will only be able to call back the Hero plus 4 Healers at level 1 or 2, or 5 Healers at level 3 or 4. With any Pet other than the Phoenix, less Healers can be recalled; only two at level 1, three at levels 2 and 3, and four at level 4.
    • If two Heroes are being used for the same walk, both Heroes and their Pets will be prioritized, preventing any Healers from being recalled if both Heroes have Pets other than the Phoenix. If the Phoenix is assigned to one of them, with the other having a Pet, a level 2 Recall Spell is required to recall any Healers at all, with level 4 allowing the recalling of two Healers.
  • A maxed out Recall Spell has enough capacity to scoop up 2 Heroes and 2 Pets, so it can be good at moving offensive potential to another area of the base. However, make sure that there isn't any other troops to ruin this!


  • Having spawn holes (3x3 or larger areas that are completely empty, allowing attacking troops to be spawned) in the middle of a base will enable attackers to deploy troops with some sort of safety net (usually one or more Invisibility Spells to prevent being targeted) before using a Recall Spell to carry them to safety. This can be easily avoided by ensuring that no such holes exist in the base, keeping in mind that Traps and Hidden Teslas do not create their own no-spawn zones.
  • To prevent a Recall Spell from enabling Hero walks on multiple sides, you can try to defend against the Hero walk itself. For example, ground-mode X-Bows can create long-range pressure which may have to be responded to by a Rage Spell, while single-target Inferno Towers or Monoliths will force attackers to use a Freeze Spell or Invisibility Spell. Clan Castle troop complements built to shut down or stall Hero walks can render the strategy ineffective as well.


Favorite Target
Housing Space
Spell Factory Level Required
Spell Factory
5 tiles Ground & Air 2 7
Brewing Time of Recall Spell
Spell Factory available Spell Factory upgrading
6m 12m
Recalled Capacity
Troop Capacity
Research Cost
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 83 N/A N/A N/A
2 89 7,500,000 9d 12h 11
3 95 12,500,000 11d 12h 12
4 101 15,000,000 12d 13
5 107 19,500,000 15d 14


Patch Type Description
October 8, 2022 Sneak Peek Announced the Recall Spell.Recall Spell info
October 10, 2022 Update Added the Recall Spell, with 4 levels.
December 12, 2022 Update Added new "Use Recall Spells" Season Challenge tasks for higher level Town Hall players.
January 23, 2023 Balance Change Increase Recall Spell capacity by 11 for all levels.



  • It is possible to use the Recall Spell on subtroops. If this is done, they will appear as a pair of non-descript silhouettes, of which you can see them if you click on the spell without deploying it.
  • In the reengagement attack done after a player has not logged into the game for at least 35 days, if Recall Spells are added as reinforcements, they do not add corresponding redeployment slots to the deployment bar (any Recall Spells given at the start of the attack will work normally). Thus, any units called back with these reinforcement Recall Spells cannot be redeployed for the remainder of the attack, and are in effect lost until the attack concludes.
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