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"Nobody would expect a whirling contraption of shields to reflect any attack back at the attacker... But that's exactly what the Reflector does."

Reflector Ruin Reflector1 Reflector2 Reflector3 Reflector4
Ruin Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


  • The Reflector is a defense in the Clan Capital, exclusive to later districts of the Clan Capital.
  • Unlike other defenses, the Reflector does not actively seek out units to attack. Instead, once an enemy damages it, the Reflector will begin to reflect attacks, counterattacking with projectiles of its own, dealing moderate damage.
  • Attacks can be reflected even against invisible enemies, however, the Reflector has a limit to how fast it can reflect attacks; some attacks can go through unreflected if the Reflector is attacked at a sufficiently fast rate. Attacks which destroy the Reflector outright will not be reflected either.
    • The Reflector will reflect splash damage attacks (e.g. by the Super Dragon) if indirectly damaged, but not if the Super Wizard only damages the Reflector through secondary chains.


Defensive Strategy

  • The Reflector is an effective counter against Sneaky Archers, being able to reflect attacks against them while invisible and also one-shotting them at relative level. Troops with even lower health (Skeletons and Minions) will also be similarly one-shot if they attack.
  • Placing them behind walls can prevent high-damage-hitpoint melee attackers from destroying them whilst allowing low-damage-hitpoint ranged attackers to hit it and still reflect damage.
  • Keeping them in range with defenses with high damage per second such as Inferno Tower will protect reflectors from troops with high hitpoints. Likewise, reflectors will compromise with single-targeting defenses to eliminate swarms of troops.

Offensive Strategy

  • To minimize the damage potential of the Reflector, high-damage attacks are valuable since they minimize the number of attacks that can be reflected. The Power P.E.K.K.A and Mountain Golem are useful against Reflectors because of this, with the latter being able to destroy a Reflector in one hit while under a Rage Spell.

Upgrade Differences

  • Reflectors undergo significant visual changes at levels 2 and 4.
    • When initially rebuilt, it consists of three equally-spaced wooden shields bolted on a wooden axle holding a wooden wheel. Its base is made with planks and carved round panels reinforced with four stone legs.
    • At level 2, the shields gain metal borders for their corners and their wood gets a finer refurbished look. The wheel gains dark brown wooden reinforcements and ropes. The base of the axle also gains a series of ropes wrapped around. Lastly, the four legs are replaced with metal and bolts.
    • At level 3, the shields are now double-bolted to the axle and receives different two-tone colors, from red-brown to white-red. The wheel is now reinforced with bolted metal supports. The wooden base is now replaced with a stone foundation.
    • At level 4, the shields are now rectangular in shape, reinforced with a thick metal band across lengthwise, and double-bolted with metal spikes. The wheel is now metal bolted with six wooden supports and metal bolts atop, while the base of the axle receives a bolted metal band reinforcing it to the stand. Finally, the base of the stand is now replaced with metal circular bars.


Number Available District Hall Level
1 2 3 4
Skeleton Park 2 3 5 6
Goblin Mines 0 1 2 4
Size Size
Damage per Second
Damage per Shot
Build Cost
Capital Gold
District Hall Level Required
District Hall
1 260 149.5 3,300 7,500 1
2 290 166.75 3,600 15,000 2
3 320 184 3,900 30,000 3
4 350 201.25 4,200 48,000 4
Range Range Attack Speed Attack Speed Damage Type Damage Type Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target
10 0.575s Single Target Ground & Air

Icon Descriptions

Icon InfoTapping this icon displays information about the Reflector, such as Level, Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Range, Damage Type and Targets.
Icon UpgradeTapping this icon contributes the Capital Gold you have into upgrading the Reflector to the next level. When the Reflector is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon PrioritizeTapping this icon marks the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan, pinning it as a recommended upgrade for Clan members. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is not already prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.
Icon DeprioritizeTapping this icon stops marking the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is being prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.


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