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This page lists features that were removed, reworked or scrapped that were almost going to make it to the game. This does not include ANY temporary features. It is almost NOT the same as ruled out ideas.

Global Chat

Global Chat[]

The Global Chat was a feature that allowed players to chat with other players globally. Global Chat was removed from the game due to security reasons. It was too much of a hassle for Supercell to manage the global chat because players and especially minors all over the world playing the game were prone to harassment and bullying. Thus, Supercell decided to terminate the feature. The feature was eventually removed in the October 16, 2019 update.

Sell option 2012

Selling Buildings[]

Back then, players could sell their own buildings. The feature was removed in November 19, 2012 due to it being unnecessary and lead to abuse. Another reason for the removal of this feature was because some people were accidentally deleting their buildings. In fact, seven years after that, Galadon Gaming exposed an extremely old player who sold his Town Hall and the player was banned for "hacking" and being inactive.


Old Waterfall[]

When Clash of Clans was released in 2012 the Home Village had an animated waterfall. However, 3 months later it was removed due to performance reasons, causing many lags. The waterfall returned in March 30, 2020 update, with a different design. For further proof, click here.


Upgrading level 6 Walls with Elixir[]

In September 16, 2014 update, Walls at level 6 were able to be upgraded to level 7 with Elixir. However, after December 11, 2014 update, that is no longer the case. Instead, Walls at level 8 can be upgraded to level 9 using Elixir. In mid 2022 it was reduced

to that Walls at level 4 can be upgraded to level 5.

Rare Stone

Rare Stone[]

This stone obstacle used to spawn at the village base but was later removed by Supercell due to reasons unknown. It was said to be the original big rock design right when the game came out in 2012. Supercell later changed it to the big rock we have now. There are quite a few people who have the rare stone on their base, but they removed it unknowingly. This particular stone obstacle had to be removed using 20,000 gold. This feature was removed soon after the game's release, which is the reason why only very few people in the game still remember the obstacle. However, there might be an extremely rare chance that it will be there when you start a new game.

Reload and rearm

Reloading defenses and re-arming traps[]

X-Bows, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Traps were able to be repaired by tapping on a Town Hall. In April 2, 2019 update, however, the reload and re-arm buttons were removed. Instead, Supercell made it so that defenses and traps now automatically get repaired once the player logs in to the game. Clash of Clans X page had a post on the same. To read the tweet, click here.

Goblin Glider[]

On Reddit. a user @u/sportsguy3 asked a question to Darian, written, "Could you give us some examples of new character/troops/heroes/ideas that were very close to making it into the game but eventually didn't make the cut?"

Darian then replied back saying, "When we work on new TH content, we try to prototype new troop ideas. When we were working on TH12, we had several troops we had tested out before we finally settled on the Yeti. One of the troop ideas was a Goblin Glider. It was basically Goblins that flew in on little gliders and dropped down to attack resource storages and collectors. If I remember correctly, the Goblin Glider eventually inspired the Builder Base Hog Glider unit since we liked the glider function. But the Goblin Glider felt a bit TOO spammy." To read the full reply, click here.

Elixir Monster[]

It happened on Reddit, when Reddit user ClashDotNinja replied to a post by Darian, asking him to, as the reply said, "Are you able to share any details on ideas/concepts that were designed and/or tested within the team that were then scrapped?"

Darian replied saying "The Elixir Monster was a troop concept we prototyped during the development of TH12. The Elixir Monster was a troop that gained strength and size as it destroyed things. Similar to the Lumberjack, it would drop a Rage Spell after it was killed. In the end, the mechanic was really cool but way too complex for the average player. Additionally, because the unit required to make the kill attack in order to earn it's level up, with so many other troops attacking it actually rarely made a kill so it didn't morph? Mutate? Evolve? as fast as we thought it would. So it's a troop we might save for a rainy day and tweak it a bit to see if we can get it to balance correctly."


Personal Breaks[]

In the early days of Clash of Clans, players could stay online for hours to prevent an attack on their base. Players had developed unfair methods to practice the same. As a counter measure, Supercell added a break limit where players have to take a break after continuously playing for a long time.

Supercell removed the feature later in late 2023 due to it being no longer necessary in the higher league where it was originally made for.

National flags[]

National Flags were Decorations that were removed on June 27, 2022. Supercell decided to remove them from the game as "The Clash Universe is a fantasy realm with a cast of wild, zany, and often humorous characters. And while some things in Clash may draw ideas from various inspirations, we want to keep the Clash Universe separate from real life references.".

Before the removal of them, all National Flags cost 100,000 Gold and required Experience Experience level 15. Only one of each National Flag could be placed on your village. Any National Flags purchased before the removal of them were refunded.

TH8 Red Flag=[]

Troop and Spell Training cost[]

Spells costing Gold[]

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