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Rocket Balloons info
"When terrain is working against you, a swarm of Rocket Balloons can probably get the job done... if their boosters don't run out first."

Rocket Balloon8
Level 1-5


  • Rocket Balloons are troops available in the Clan Capital, available when the Rocket Balloon Barracks is constructed (this occurs automatically after the Balloon Lagoon district is unlocked, when the Capital Hall is upgraded to level 4).
  • Rocket Balloons are similar to their Home Village counterpart: they are defense-targeting air troops with high damage per second that utilize rockets to boost their speed for the first 4 seconds after deployment. In the Clan Capital, they can only be deployed in squads consisting of pairs.
  • Rocket Balloons prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy troops stationed in defense posts (Super Giant, Raid Cart, and Super Dragon Posts). Note that the defense posts themselves are not considered defensive buildings, regardless of whether or not their stationed troops are still alive.
    Once all defenses are destroyed, Rocket Balloons become like any other troop with no preferred target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.



  • With their ability, Rocket Balloons can decimate most frontline defenses quickly.
  • While deploying just one pair of Rocket Balloons is great for taking out a few defenses, deploying them in larger numbers (10 or more) can easily wipe out plenty of defenses. Be sure to take a Healing Spell as clusters of them are vulnerable to splash-targeting defenses like the Super Wizard Tower and air-targeting Mines.
    • You can also use a Rage Spell to speed them up after their boost has run out.
  • The main usage of the Rocket Balloons will be to snipe defenses. However, they are fragile, so use a tank such as a Flying Fortress to prevent them from going down.
  • Since they come in duos, it is best advised to sprinkled them surgically.
  • They could also be used to trigger Zap Traps and Mega Mines set to air to protect higher health flting troops like a Super Dragon.
  • They are also useful in balloon lagoon to cross the big body of water because of their haste, they could snipe defenses on the other side.


  • Groups of Rocket Balloons are more susceptible to air Mines, and can easily be taken out with the aid of other defenses.
  • Avoid placing Air Defenses on the outside of the base, as they could easily be sniped with one or two duos of Rocket Balloons if exposed.


"Rocket Balloons" Squad

Squad Housing Space
Housing Space
Units Deployed
Troop Capacity
15 Rocket Balloon x2

Rocket Balloon

"Retrofitted with two carefully safety-inspected booster rockets, the Rocket Balloon gets a flying start to every battle!"

Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Housing Space
Housing Space
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Attack Speed
Special Ability
Special Ability
Defenses Area Splash (Ground Only) 8 9 3s ? Boosters
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Damage when Destroyed
1 175 525 400 720
2 200 600 450 800
3 225 675 500 880
4 250 750 550 960
5 275 825 600 1,040


Patch Description
May 2, 2022 Added the Rocket Balloons to the Clan Capital in its eponymous update, with 5 levels. Rocket Balloon8



  • You can have a maximum of 16 groups of Rocket Balloons at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps.
  • The Rocket Balloon's icon in the Clan Capital erroneously shows 3 Rocket Ballons, despite the fact that only 2 can be deployed at once in a raid.
  • The rockets attached to the hot air balloon resemble the Rocket card from Clash Royale.
  • The silver platings that it has resembles how the level 8 Balloon gains them.
  • The chains and silver platings it has are darker in battle than in the info image.
  • The Rocket Balloon could be inspired by the Balloon in Clash of Clans – A Clashiversary Tale video where they celebrate 50th anniversary.
  • Unlike the regular Balloon, the Rocket Balloon has sprites where it faces different directions rather than looking idle while moving. This may be due to the fact that its hot air balloon has two rockets on both sides and an empennage on the back of it.
  • The Rocket Balloon appears to have a Super Wall Breaker in it. This is based off of the fact that regular Balloons contain “promoted” Wall Breakers.


  • The Rocket Balloon is one of the 4 Super Troops, along with the Sneaky Goblin, Inferno Dragon and Ice Hound that don't have the word “Super” in their names.
  • The Rocket Balloon is one of the 6 Super Troops to have a Super Troop logo, the others being the Super Giant, Super Wizard, Super Valkyrie, Super Witch, and the Super Bowler.
  • The Rocket Balloon, along with the Super Barbarian, Sneaky Goblin, and Super Minion are the only Super Troops to have abilities that are temporary.
  • The Rocket Balloon is the only Super Troop not to have unique sounds exclusively.
  • The Rocket Balloon, along with the Super Archer, Sneaky Goblin, Super Minion, and the Super Bowler are the only Super Troops to have icons that are used from their info image.
  • The Rocket Balloon is one of the 4 troops to have a spell-like effect when deployed, including the Baby Dragon, Raged Barbarian, and Super Barbarian.
  • The Rocket Balloon is the only Super Troop to have the same amount of damage and hitpoints as its regular counterpart.
  • The Rocket Balloon and the Super Giant are the first and only Super Troops to appear in a loading screen, doing so in the 9th Anniversary loading screen.
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