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"Over the Wall and at them! The Royal Champion is only afraid of four things, and the enemy isn't one of them. She attacks with her spear at short range and throws her shield to take down defenses once her Seeking Shield ability is unlocked!"

Royal Champion Skins


Royal Champion 3D.png
Winter Champion 3D.png
Rogue Champion 3D.png
Jungle Champion 3D.png
Royal Champion Winter Champion Rogue Champion Jungle Champion
Gladiator Champion 3D.png
Shadow Champion 3D.png
Primal Champion 3D.png
Gladiator Champion Shadow Champion Primal Champion
Summer Champion 3D.png
Party Champion 3D.png
Pixel Champion 3D.png
Summer Champion Party Champion Pixel Champion


Royal Champion 3D pose.png
Winter Champion 3D pose.png
Rogue Champion 3D pose.png
Jungle Champion 3D pose.png
Royal Champion Winter Champion Rogue Champion Jungle Champion
Gladiator Champion 3D pose.png
Shadow Champion 3D pose.png
Primal Champion 3D pose.png
Gladiator Champion Shadow Champion Primal Champion
Summer Champion 3D pose.png
Party Champion 3D pose.png
Pixel Champion 3D pose.png
Summer Champion Party Champion Pixel Champion


Royal Champion 3D KO.png
Winter Champion 3D KO.png
Rogue Champion 3D KO.png
Jungle Champion 3D KO.png
Royal Champion Winter Champion Rogue Champion Jungle Champion
Gladiator Champion 3D KO.png
Shadow Champion 3D KO.png
Primal Champion 3D KO.png
Gladiator Champion Shadow Champion Primal Champion
Summer Champion 3D KO.png
Party Champion 3D KO.png
Pixel Champion 3D KO.png
Summer Champion Party Champion Pixel Champion


Royal Champion 3D downed.png
Winter Champion 3D downed.png
Rogue Champion 3D downed.png
Jungle Champion 3D downed.png
Royal Champion Winter Champion Rogue Champion Jungle Champion
Gladiator Champion 3D downed.png
Shadow Champion 3D downed.png
Primal Champion 3D downed.png
Gladiator Champion Shadow Champion Primal Champion
Summer Champion 3D downed.png
Party Champion 3D downed.png
Pixel Champion 3D downed.png
Summer Champion Party Champion Pixel Champion


Royal Champion 3D preview.png
Winter Champion 3D preview.png
Rogue Champion 3D preview.png
Jungle Champion 3D preview.png
Royal Champion Winter Champion Rogue Champion Jungle Champion
Gladiator Champion 3D preview.png
Shadow Champion 3D preview.png
Primal Champion 3D preview.png
Gladiator Champion Shadow Champion Primal Champion
Summer Champion 3D preview.png
Party Champion 3D preview.png
Pixel Champion 3D preview.png
Summer Champion Party Champion Pixel Champion


  • The Royal Champion is the fourth Hero in the Home Village. She has moderately high DPS, moderate health, and targets defenses. She can also jump over Walls, much like the Hog Rider.
  • She throws her spear from a distance to attack enemy buildings.
  • She is automatically summoned once the Royal Champion Altar is constructed, which is available at Town Hall level 13.
  • Like the other Heroes, the Royal Champion only needs to be summoned once, but will have to spend some time regenerating her health if she is damaged during a battle.
    • Like other heroes, she is not upgraded in the Laboratory but upgraded with a Builder.
  • Like with other heroes, the Royal Champion will defend the village as long as she is not regenerating health from a previous attack. The Royal Champion only defends her territory around her altar and will retreat if lured too far out. If the village is attacked while she is regenerating health, her altar will be empty.
    • If she is damaged or defeated on defense, she does not need to regenerate health afterwards.
  • Hero regeneration in the Home Village uses an "extra life" system: when fully regenerated, the Royal Champion has two "life bars", each with health equal to her maximum hitpoints. The first life bar is represented by the bar visible next to the Champion's level, with the second (the "extra life") represented by a heart placed at the end of the first life bar, with a "+1" when it is full.
    • Any damage taken by the Royal Champion when attacking is first subtracted from the extra life bar, with the regular life bar only being reduced when the extra life bar is fully depleted. If the Royal Champion is defeated, a full life bar will be depleted; in particular, if the extra life bar is full when this occurs, it will be completely depleted without affecting the regular life bar. If the Royal Champion is damaged or defeated when defending, the life bars will be completely unaffected.
    • Both the regular life bar and the extra life regenerate at the same rate, with the regular life bar regenerating fully before the extra life bar regenerates. The regeneration time listed in-game is the time taken for one of the two life bars to regenerate, meaning the time taken to regenerate both life bars after both have been emptied is twice the regeneration time.
    • For the Champion to participate in battle, the regular life bar must be full. If the regular life bar is not full after a battle, the Royal Champion will have to sleep for a period to regenerate the regular life bar before she can be used for battle, proportional to the amount of missing health on the regular life bar.
    • Hero regeneration after a Multiplayer Battle starts as soon as the player begins to search for a Multiplayer opponent. So, if the player spent some time searching for an opponent to attack before completing an attack, part of the regeneration will be completed by the time the player returns to his/her village. However, if the player cancels the attack by pressing "End Battle" before completing an attack, the regeneration will be reset. This effect is more noticeable in the highest leagues below legend where a significant amount of time can be spent searching for such opponents.
  • The Royal Champion has moderate health, but high damage so she is best used as a damage dealer just like the Archer Queen. Most likely, you want to protect your Royal Champion so that she can destroy defenses.
  • Her Seeking Shield ability will recover a large chunk of her health and will throw a seeking shield that prioritizes defenses. It will seek four targets, dealing a large amount of damage to each, regardless of distance. Like all other Heroes, her ability gets stronger every 5 levels.
    • If the ability has not been used before the Royal Champion is about to be defeated, it will by default automatically activate. However, this feature can be toggled off in the settings (by turning off "Automatically use Hero Abilities on KO").
  • She will prioritize defenses, and will bypass any other buildings to the nearest defense, if there are any remaining. She will not consider the Clan Castle as a defense, regardless of if it summons Clan Castle troops, but will consider the defense of the level 12 or higher Town Hall and the defending Grand Warden as defenses. However, unlike other defense-targeting troops, if she becomes aware of a defending hero, Clan Castle troops, or Skeleton Trap Skeletons (either by being attacked by the troops and/or heroes herself, or by being near a friendly troop under attack by those troops and heroes), she will leave her previously targeted defense (or building if there are no defenses) and instead engage with the troops and/or heroes. Once all of the engaged troops and/or heroes are defeated, she will attack the nearest defense, or building, if there are no remaining defenses.


Offensive Strategy

  • The four Home Village heroes serve different roles in raids. The Archer Queen is the damage specialist hero, while the Barbarian King is the tank specialist, the Grand Warden is the support specialist and the Royal Champion is the defense specialist. Deploy her behind the Barbarian King as he tanks the damage while the Royal Champion does the damage.
  • The Seeking Shield can destroy weak defenses such as the Mortar and Hidden Tesla in one hit.
    • This allows the Royal Champion to set up funnels. Sending her like this without much backup is known as a suicide (or sui) Champion.
  • Similar to the Archer Queen Walk, the Royal Champion can be assisted by multiple Healers in a Royal Champion Walk. However, due to the shorter range of the Royal Champion, the Healers can easily get in range of Air Defenses.
    • As with the Archer Queen, this is useful for taking out outer buildings before the main attack.
  • Send her in with the main pack of a hybrid (Hog Riders and Miners) as they will tank for her and she will deal massive damage to the defenses. She also can attack heroes that are attacking the pack, and then will also follow the pack due to also targeting defenses. She will also protect the pack from defending air Clan Castle troops.
  • Often it is better to send her later in the attack, where the main army is starting to lose power getting to the backend defenses to take out said defenses. Deploy her when some of the defenses are attacking the main army. Sending her in too early may result in a quick death.
    • One way to do this is when you have a Siege Barracks in your army, fill that with Hog Riders and then when they deploy, place the Royal Champion with them.
  • When at a sufficiently high level, she can single-handedly take on and destroy the Town Hall's Giga Tesla/Giga Inferno if it is alone in a compartment, provided that she does not get distracted by anything else in doing so. Keeping a Rage Spell on hand can help ensure that the Town Hall gets taken down in this manner, and can be used if the Royal Champion is low-leveled.
    • Her Seeking Shield ability can also get rid of any Hidden Teslas that might appear to protect the Town Hall in such compartments. However, if the ability is used before the Teslas appear, it will not target the Teslas, so time it wisely.
  • If a single-target Inferno Tower is preventing a great placement, bring one Earthquake Spell and two Lightning Spells. This will allow her ability to one shot the Inferno Tower at not that much of a costly investment if you can use them properly.
  • If you do not need to use her ability during battle, you do not always need to. If the battle ends and she does not use her ability, after battle she will recover health equal to the ability recovery.
    • If you allow her hitpoints to deplete in order to automatically activate her ability, be wary that her shield throwing animation takes a few seconds to complete. If she is taking very heavy damage during this animation (which most often occurs when under fire from a single-target Inferno Tower), she will be defeated before being able to throw the shield to do damage, effectively wasting the ability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Defend possible places where a Champion may be used with lots of high DPS defenses, as she has low health.
  • Defend your outer defenses with splash defenses, as the Royal Champion is commonly teamed up with Hogs from a Siege Barracks.
  • Use low power defenses such as the Cannon, Mortar or Archer Tower to soak up possible seeking shields, as they will protect higher value defenses. They can also stall the Royal Champion herself.
  • The Royal Champion throws her spear very slowly, so use Skeleton Traps to distract her for a long time. The best place to use this is near a single-target Inferno Tower.
  • The best way to defend against a troop or hero is to defend the strategies they are used in. In this case, Hybrid and Lalo. Those strategies are common also, but the ways the Royal Champion is used in them are quite different.

Against a Royal Champion

  • Use several troops or troops with high damage, as she attacks pretty slowly and has low HP compared to relative troops. Dropping a Poison Spell decreases her attack speed further, giving your troops the upper hand.
  • Using several Lightning Spells to take her down can also be viable, but it is best used if there are other buildings of value nearby (such as the Eagle Artillery and/or Scattershot).
  • For defense-targeting troops, trying to speed past a Royal Champion is a very viable strategy but may be risky if you fail or if they slow down while still in the radius of a Royal Champion.


  • The Royal Champion was revealed with the Town Hall 13 teaser trailer, but only her chin and her waist are visible. Another teaser picture showed her blue hair and her golden headband, both times with other heroes in their full portrait, and the Royal Champion's photo being torn.
  • The Royal Champion has the fewest skins of any hero in the Home Village, currently five (including the default skin).
  • Her "Seeking Shield" ability is very similar to Captain America's shield throw.
  • This hero could be named after a Clash Royale league of the same name.
  • The hero's name is labeled as 'warriorprincess' in the game's files.
  • The Royal Champion is voiced by Bonnie Bogovich, an actress and composer known for I Expect You to Die, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, and Free Fire.
  • Once the Royal Champion uses her ability and throws her shield, she will continue fighting without the shield (this is only a visual detail, however, and has no effect on her stats). If defeated after having used the ability, the shield will be absent from her knocked out animation.
  • According to The Making of a Hero, the Royal Champion was originally going to be a "Valkyrie Queen". Her design was also inspired by Xena: Warrior Princess and the Wakanda warriors.
  • Unlike the other heroes, she can take out Hero Altars and Builder's Huts (while not weaponized) in one hit at any level.
  • Royal Champion is the first hero/unit to be 3D at the original release. Because of this, the Royal Champion does not have upgrade differences at the original release.
  • In promotional artwork, the Winter Champion carries her shield in her left hand and her spear in her right hand, which is the opposite of how the skin appears in the game.


  • The Royal Champion and the Grand Warden are the only heroes that can bypass Walls.
  • Royal Champion, alongside the Battle Machine, are the only heroes not to be based on a specific troop.
  • The Royal Champion is the only hero that targets defenses.
Preferred Target Attack Type Attack Speed Movement Speed Range Search Radius
Defenses Ranged (Ground & Air) 1.2s 24 3 tiles 9 tiles
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Regen Time
Ability Level
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 374 448.8 2,950 30m N/A 60,000 N/A 13
2 383 459.6 3,000 30m N/A 80,000 8h 13
3 392 470.4 3,050 30m N/A 100,000 16h 13
4 401 481.2 3,100 30m N/A 120,000 1d 13
5 410 492 3,150 32m 1 140,000 2d 13
6 418 501.6 3,200 32m 1 160,000 3d 13
7 426 511.2 3,250 32m 1 180,000 3d 12h 13
8 434 520.8 3,300 32m 1 190,000 4d 13
9 442 530.4 3,350 32m 1 200,000 4d 12h 13
10 450 540 3,400 34m 2 210,000 5d 13
11 458 549.6 3,450 34m 2 220,000 5d 12h 13
12 466 559.2 3,500 34m 2 230,000 6d 13
13 474 568.8 3,550 34m 2 235,000 6d 12h 13
14 482 578.4 3,600 34m 2 240,000 7d 13
15 490 588 3,650 36m 3 245,000 7d 13
16 498 597.6 3,700 36m 3 250,000 7d 12h 13
17 506 607.2 3,750 36m 3 255,000 7d 12h 13
18 514 616.8 3,800 36m 3 260,000 7d 12h 13
19 522 626.4 3,850 36m 3 265,000 7d 12h 13
20 530 636 3,900 38m 4 270,000 7d 12h 13
21 535 642 3,940 38m 4 275,000 8d 13
22 540 648 3,980 38m 4 280,000 8d 13
23 545 654 4,020 38m 4 285,000 8d 13
24 550 660 4,060 38m 4 290,000 8d 13
25 555 666 4,100 40m 5 295,000 8d 13
26 560 672 4,140 40m 5 300,000 8d 14
27 565 678 4,180 40m 5 305,000 8d 14
28 570 684 4,220 40m 5 310,000 8d 14
29 575 690 4,260 40m 5 315,000 8d 14
30 580 696 4,300 42m 6 320,000 8d 14

Seeking Shield (Ability)

Ability Level Damage Health Recovery Number of Targets
1 1,260 1,700 4
2 1,460 2,000 4
3 1,660 2,300 4
4 1,860 2,600 4
5 1,960 2,900 4
6 2,060 3,200 4

Skin Availability

Below is a table that lists all Royal Champion skins and the month in which they were available, in chronological order. Skins are divided into three classes: Gold denotes a skin that is/was featured as a Gold Pass skin in Season Challenges, while Standard and Legendary denote skins not available from the Gold Pass that were available only through a special offer. The associated footnotes denote further details on said special offer containing the skin.

Entries marked with an asterisk denote that the skin is available in the current Season Challenges season. Entries marked with a Gem denote that the skin is purchasable with Gems; all skins currently purchasable in this manner cost 1,500 Gems.

Skin Class Season Available
Winter Champion Gems Gold December 2020
Rogue Champion Gems Gold April 2021
Jungle Champion¹ Standard April 2021
Gladiator Champion Gold September 2021
Shadow Champion Gold March 2022
Primal Champion² Legendary March 2022
Summer Champion³ Standard June 2022
Party Champion* Gold August 2022
Pixel Champion4 Legendary August 2022

¹ The Jungle Champion was available in a special offer after the Town Hall 14 update; it cost $3.99 USD (or equivalent).

² The Primal Champion was available in a special offer during March 2022, it cost $9.99 USD (or equivalent).

³ The Summer Champion was available in a special offer during March 2022, it cost $9.99 USD (or equivalent).

4 The Pixel Champion skin was available in a special 10th Clashiversary offer in August 2022; it cost $4.99 USD (or equivalent).

Royal Champion Skins

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