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Hi Chief! welcome to my Guide of Attacking, and this is about going toward the Town Hall! This is so useful for attacking if you want to get a 3-star.

Why to you need to attack the Town Hall with a strategy?[]

When you get to the Town Hall, you can get at least one star, but when you get into it, the buildings around may be destroyed by long range or Air Troops, such as the Archer Queen or Dragons etc., so you may also get 50% and another star for that. This is also a good way to get 3 stars in Clan Wars and CWLs, as you can get 2 stars, the last star is a piece of cake.

Then you may ask: What is this about a strategy? If you do not have a strategy, your army may be wiped out easily as you don't see how your enemy's base is like and your army. The deployment is also important. If you deploy all your troops in a same place, they would be easily wiped out by Area Splash Defenses and also strong CC Troops, so you may scatter some of your Army to clear the corner and leave some of your troops to clean up and get 3 star.

TH 4 & 5[]

At Town Hall 4 and 5, There is not a lot of building or many Clan Castle reinforcements in this low level Town Hall, and your Army is also with little variety of troops and space. Use stronger troops to get a perfect 3-star before being defeated.

Balloon Wipe[]

Balloon's largest enemy is the Air Defense. The Wizard Tower is also hazard to the Balloons. Try to use 2-3 Wall Breakers to let the Giants destroy the Air Defense since it cannot attack Ground Troops. Then, try to use 3-4 Balloons to destroy the Wizard Tower. Next, put most of the Balloons towards the Archer Towers as it can also attack Balloons. If there are CC Troops coming out, put Wizards (or Archers if you are TH 4) around as it will be distracted by Giants. You may activate it first, then put an Archer and the edge, then use Wizards to wipe them all out. Use the remaining Wizards, Archers or Goblins to clean up. Goblins are good against resources since they have x2 damage to them. Remember, you need to have 1-2 Wizards in your inventory or if you only depend on the Balloons to clean up, there usually is not enough time.

Suggested Army: (Capacity: Army Camp Level 5x3, Spell Factory Level: 1)

Wizard Wipe[]

The Wizard is good for wiping out Clan Castle Troops and its also good for cleaning up the corners. First use some Wizards to clear the corner, then use Wall Breakers to clear the Walls and put some Giants to destroy the defenses. Try to let Giants destroy the Mortar(s) to avoid they wipe out all the Wizards. When the Mortar(s) are destroyed, deploy most of the Wizards next to the Giants to help the Giants to destroy the defenses. Leave some Wizards to destroy the Town Hall when all the defenses are destroyed. You can get a perfect 3-star easily with this strategy. Also use some Spells to destroy the Mortar(s).

Suggested Army: (Capacity: Army Camp Level 5x3, Spell Factory Level 1)

TH 6[]

While you have a level 6 Town Hall,