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Hi Chief, welcome to my strategy guide! This guide is about fixing the rush you have, and if you have problems on fixing your rush, this guide could help you!



Where do we get resources?[]

Resources new update

You can get resources from collectors, such as the Gold Mines and the Elixir Collectors. Also attacking in Multiplayer Battles can get loot along with the Daily Loot Bonus. Resources can also be got from Season Challenges, along with the Season Bank. When you attack Single Player Campaign Maps, you can get loot from it. Participating in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues can get huge loot because of the Loot Bonus. Nevertheless, Clan Games has a lot of loot when the tier is opened one by one as your clan finished the challenges. Practice Mode is also a good way to get huge amount of loot especially when you need them.



Gems are very useful. They can be obtained from Clan Games, Events, from the Gem Mine and from selling Magic Items. You can also get Gems from clearing Obstacles and completing Achievements. Gems can be used for buying resources, Magic Items from the Trader, instantly finishing any upgrade or Laboratory upgrade, boosting any Collector, Hero, Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Barracks, Dark Spell Factory and Workshop. They can also be used for buying Hero Skins, buying Builder's Huts and Decorations. Also, it can be used for donating Troops using "Gem Donation", or instantly finish a training or brewing. It is highly recommended to use your gems for buying Builder's Huts to increase the efficiency of the upgrade, and highly not recommended to buy Hero Skins using Gems.

Where do we use our Resources?[]

Resource are used to upgrade Buildings, Troops, Spells and Siege Machines in Laboratory and Heroes. Resources are also used for training Troops, Siege Machines and brewing Spells. Resources can be collected from Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines.



Gold is used for upgrading defenses, Elixir Collectors and Elixir Storages. It is also used for upgrading the Town Hall and the Clan Castle. Some Decorations, such as the National Flags are obtained with Gold. Some Obstacles such as Stones need Gold to be removed as well. Gold is also used for training Siege Machines. Getting Gold is very useful for maxing out Defenses.



What about in the Laboratory? Elixir is used to upgrade Elixir Troops and Elixir Spells! Also, it is used for upgrading Siege Machines. Gold Mines, Gold Storage]s, Dark Elixir Drills and the Dark Elixir Storage needs Elixir to upgrade too! Army Buildings like Army Camps, Barracks and Dark Barracks are also upgraded by Elixir. Also, the Grand Warden is upgraded by Elixir but not Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir[]

Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir is useful too. Dark Elixir is mainly used for upgrading Heroes, but also for upgrading Dark Elixir Troops and Dark Elixir Spells. It is very good to collect Dark Elixir to upgrade your Heroes. Dark Elixir is a very precious resource.

What do resources upgrade?[]

Use of Resources

Resources Buildings that can be upgraded by it
Gold Cannon19 Archer Tower18 Mortar13 Air Defense11 Wizard Tower13 Air Sweeper7 Hidden Tesla12 Bomb Tower8 X-Bow8 Ground Inferno Tower Single7 Eagle Artillery4 Scattershot2 Bomb9 Spring Trap5 Air Bomb7 Giant Bomb7 Seeking Air Mine3 SkeletonTrap3 Ground Tornado Trap2 Wall14 Town Hall13-5 Giga Tesla5 Giga Inferno5 Clan Castle9 Elixir Collector14 Elixir Storage14
Elixir Army Camp11 Barracks14 Spell Factory6 Dark Barracks9 Dark Spell Factory5 Laboratory11 Workshop5 Gold Mine14 Gold Storage14 Dark Elixir Drill8

Dark Elixir Storage8 GrandWarden Altar

Dark Elixir BarbarianKing Altar ArcherQueen Altar RoyalChampion Altar

Start upgrading![]

Builders Hut

You should have about 4 Builders to finish this job quickly. Use two of your Builders to upgrade your storages. Elixir Storages and the Dark Elixir Storage should be upgraded first because rushed people only upgrade their Gold Storages to upgrade their Town Hall. The two Builders left should be upgrading Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills. When you have finished maxing out storage or collectors, you may go on and follow the guide to finish your journey of maxing out to base. You may need to gather some other resources to do so.


Uses of defenses[]

Name Image Description Attack Type Overall defense
Cannon Cannon19 Can only attack ground units, with low damage and HP Single Target (Ground) Not good
Cannon (Geared Up) Cannon19G Although it can only attack ground units, it has an excellent DPS and can overwhelm a high-HP troop with other Cannons Single Target (Ground) Good
Archer Tower Archer Tower18 Can attack both ground and air units, but with low DPS in lower levels. Single Target (Ground & Air) Good
Archer Tower (Geared Up) Archer Tower18G Can attack faster, but with a short range Single Target (Ground & Air) Good
Mortar Mortar13 Can only attack ground units with little DPS, only suitable for low-HP troops Area Splash (Ground) Not Good
Mortar (Geared Up) Mortar13G Better than the normal one, can shoot multiple times. Not good for slow troops because the shots may repel them and reduce the damage Area Splash (Ground) Good
Air Defense Air Defense11 Can attack Air Units with an excellent DPS Single Target (Air) Very Good
Wizard Tower Wizard Tower13 Can attack Ground and Air Units with area splash, suitable for large group of troops Area Splash (Ground & Air) Good
Air Sweeper Air Sweeper7 Sweeps away air troops, good against slow troops with an Air Defense Knockback Good
Hidden Tesla Hidden Tesla12 Is hidden, can attack troops with fast Attack Speed, suitable for slow troops Single Target (Ground & Air) Good
Bomb Tower Bomb Tower8 Can attack Ground Units with a small bomb, only good when the bomb under explodes Area Splash (Ground) Not Good
X-Bow (Ground) X-Bow8 Ground Can attack Ground with large range, with very high DPS Single Target (Ground) Very Good
X-Bow (Air) X-Bow8 Air Can attack Ground & Air units with a smaller range, but can crush high-HP Air Troops like Dragons, with very high DPS Single Target (Ground & Air) Very Good
Inferno Tower (Single) Inferno Tower Single7 Can attack Ground & Air units with an increasing DPS, suitable for high-HP troops and Heroes Single Target (Ground & Air) Very Good
Inferno Tower (Multiple) Inferno Tower Multi7 Can attack multiple Ground & Air units with a good DPS, suitable for low-HP troops Multiple Target (Ground & Air) Very Good
Eagle Artillery Eagle Artillery4 Shoots high-damage shots continuously, good for groups of Army Area Splash (Ground & Air) Very Good
Scattershot Scattershot2 Throws boulders to wipe out a large group of army, good for large group of Balloons, Dragons and Heroes with the help of the Eagle Artillery Area Splash (Ground & Air) Very Good

Collecting Resources for them[]


Since some of the defenses (like Eagle Artillery or Inferno Tower) need a lot of Gold to upgrade, you may either save them or collect a lot of them from the Season Bank. You may need to stop upgrading defenses with large cost (e.g. X-Bow, Air Defense) and save a lot of Gold for your target defense. You can start over after you have finished upgrading your defense. In my opinion, defenses with high cost should be upgraded first.



Army is one of the most useful thing in attacking. Army includes Elixir Troops, Dark Elixir Troops, Spells, Dark Spells, Siege Machines and Heroes. You can also get Clan Castle reinforcements by requesting in your Clan. You can get 300 housing space of Troops in 4 maxed Army Camps, 11 housing space of Spells, 3 housing space of Siege Machines, and 4 Heroes in a single Army.

Use of Troops[]

Name Info image Description Attack Type Overall attack
Barbarian Barbarian info Can only attack ground units, with low damage and HP, easily swiped out by Area Splash defenses Single Target (Ground) Not good
Archer Archer info Can attack ground & air units, but with very low damage and HP, easily swiped out by defenses Single Target (Ground & Air) Not good
Giant Giant info Prioritizes defenses with high HP, but with low speed and damage Single Target (Ground) Not good
Goblin Goblin info Prioritizes resources with low HP and damage, but good for farming Single Target (Ground) Not for normal attacks
Wall Breaker Wall Breaker info Prioritizes Walls. Good for funneling. Single Target (Ground) Good with other troops
Balloon Balloon info Prioritizes defenses with high damage, but with low HP. A Healing Spell may help. Area Splash (Ground) Good
Wizard Wizard info Has a nice damage with Area Splash, but with low HP, but can overwhelm Clan Castle troops and destroy them quickly. Area Splash (Ground & Air) Good with other troops
Healer Healer info Heals troops effectively. 3-4 Healers on a troop/Hero is recommended. Useful for Hero attacks as a lot of strategies (such as Queen Walk and Warden Walk). Heal Splash (Ground) Good with other troops
Dragon Dragon info Deals great damage, with a very high HP, make excellent attacks with other Air Troops Area Splash (Ground & Air) Very Good
P.E.K.K.A P.E.K.K.A info Deals a lot of damage with great HP, a useful tank for others behind Single Target (Ground) Very Good
Baby Dragon Baby Dragon info Deals a lot of damage if raged, but not useful for swarming Area Splash (Ground & Air) Good
Miner Miner info Can dig underground, can avoid traps and get into the blind spot of a defense Single Target (Ground) Good
Electro Dragon Electro Dragon info Can attack multiple buildings, with large damage, but with slow attack and movement speed. Vulnerable when attacking an Air Sweeper Single Target (Ground & Air) Very Good
Yeti Yeti info Spawns Yetimites, which are very useful on destroying defenses. Hero walks can be used. Single Target (Ground) Very Good
Yetimite Yetimite info Destroys defenses next to the troops, with high damage. Area Splash (Ground) Very Good
Name Info image Description Attack Type Overall attack
Minion Minion info With low damage and HP, easily swiped out by Area Splash defenses Single Target (Ground & Air) Not good
Hog Rider Hog Rider info With powerful attacks, can jump through Walls, can easily overwhelm defenses. Single Target (Ground) Very Good
Lava Hound Lava Hound info Extremely high health but extremely low damage. Can tank air defenses for a long time. Used mostly with Balloons Single Target (Ground) Good with other troops


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