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Hi Chief! Welcome to my (first) guide about Layout Editing!

First of all, I strongly recommend you to use the Layout Editor because you can freely edit without going over with another building especially when you are Town Hall 9 or above as you have a lot of Buildings. Second, the Town Hall should be in the middle of your base to prevent the enemy destroying your Town Hall easily.

Town Hall 4[]

Defensive Buildings[]

  • Cannon: With shorter range but with good DPS and HP: put it around the base to make a shield for other Defensive Buildings and the Town Hall. It may also distract Balloons so that the Archer Towers and the Air Defense can attack the Balloons without being attacked.
  • Archer Tower: With excellent range but with less HP: Use other Buildings to distract the enemy so that the Archer Tower can attack them without being hurt. Also recommended to surround it by Walls to slow down the enemy. They are recommended to put near the center of the base.
  • Mortar: Good way to wipe out a lot of Troops with little HP but with a big blind spot and shoots very slowly. Recommended to surround it by Walls so that the enemy cannot go into the blind spot easily. Also, you can put Traps near the Mortar so they get hurt before they attack the Mortar, making the Mortar easier to one-shot the enemy.
  • Air Defense: A good deal to Balloons, but it can't target ground units and is highly vulnerable if ground units are attacking it. Also with excellent HP, and it is hard to only use Balloons to destroy it. Surround the Air Defense with Walls and Traps so that ground units become harder to attack the Air Defense. To protect the Air Defense, you should also surround it with Defensive Buildings to protect them from Giants. Put it near the Town Hall so that it can protect your Town Hall with a good range.

Resource and Other Buildings[]

  • Clan Castle: Put it anywhere. Not recommended to be surrounded by Walls as you do not have much Walls for that.
  • Storages and Collectors: Put them around the base. You don't need to care about the Resources because your Daily Bonus Loot has more loot than the enemies can steal.
  • Barracks, Laboratory, Army Camps and Builder's Huts: Put them around the base for shielding important Buildings.

Town Hall 5[]

  • Defensive Buildings: Remain in the same place.
  • Wizard Tower: With Area Splash, a nice way to clear Balloons. Replace the Wizard Tower with an Archer Tower. This would let your enemy have less chance to get into your base.
  • Air Bomb: Put your Air Bombs near the Air Defense, the Mortar, or the Wizard Tower to protect enemy Balloons from attacking your valuable defenses.
  • Storages: You may use some Walls to protect your storages, but the first priority is protecting Defensive Buildings.
  • Others: Put it everywhere to shield your base.

Town Hall 6[]

  • Since the Air Sweeper is unlocked, it is an excellent Defense against Balloons and the new Healer. Put it near the Air Defense and the Wizard Tower so that these Defenses can wipe out the Balloons and Healers.
  • Giant Bomb: Put it anywhere on the base. Recommended to put it near the Town Hall but not recommended to put with Bombs.

Town Hall 7[]


  • New Mortar and Air Defense: Avoid putting three of them together so that Lightning Spells won't destroy them all.
  • Hidden Teslas: Put them near the Town Hall to protect it. Also put Traps especially Air Bombs next to it to protect them from your enemy.
  • Barbarian King Altar: Put it near your Walls so that the Barbarian King can jump over Walls to attack your enemy. The enemy may also be busy breaking the Wall when the Barbarian King appears on their back.
  • Archer Towers: you may now put them near the side of your center.
  • Cannons: You may now surround them by walls.


  • Dark Elixir Storage: Since you have enough Walls, you should surround the Storage by Walls. Other Storages should also be surrounded.

Town Hall 8[]


  • Seeking Air Mines: Now you have two, scatter them in edges of your Town Hall.
  • Skeleton Trap: You may put all of them together, especially near the Town Hall so both of them can activate together and overwhelm the enemy. However, it is highly vulnerable to Poison Spells with Wizards, so you need to put them in somewhere that is not easy to be activated to avoid the enemy using low HP troops to attract the Skeletons and use Wizards to wipe them out.
  • Bomb Tower: Good defense against low HP troops such as Archers and Goblins. Put them near the edge of the Walls to protect your village due to having small range. Also put a Wizard Tower next to the Bomb Tower because the Bomb Tower can't attack air troops and a Wizard Tower can avoid the Bomb Tower being destroyed by Balloons.
  • Hidden Teslas: Separate them to avoid being all activated and destroyed because they are very weak against Lightning Spells.

Town Hall 9[]

  • X-Bow: At Town Hall 9 you unlock the X-Bow. It is a valuable defensive building which is commonly placed next to the Town Hall.
  • Air Sweepers: Place them near the Town Hall so that enemy air troops scatter. Do not place them near the Air Defense as they will become vulnerable to Lightning Spells (If placed closely, the enemy can destroy the Air Defense as well as the Air Sweeper.) and Electro Dragons (due to its chain lightning).
  • Hidden Teslas: Put them near the Town Hall to protect it from enemy raids. Protect it with various traps like Giant Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.
  • Archer Queen Altar: Place the Altar close to the Town Hall for protection. Since she attacks both air and ground troops, protect it with traps as she is the best Hero for defense. Do not place it near the Barbarian King as the enemy troops can take both the Heroes down at the same time.