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"Further customize your Village with scenery! You can switch scenery by tapping on your Town Hall and then by selecting the Scenery Button."


  • Scenery surrounds the outskirts of your village. It is purely decorative.
  • You can switch between different Sceneries by tapping on your Town Hall and then tapping the "Change Scenery" button.
  • You get the Classic Scenery by default. A second scenery is unlocked by reaching Town Hall 14. So far, all other Sceneries are purchased through the shop but are only available for a limited time.
  • The scenery that you are using is visible to all players.

Home Village Sceneries

These sceneries are visible while in your Home Village, or in a Friendly Challenge that uses a Home Village layout.

Name Icon Description Availability
Classic Scenery Classic.png A forest. A waterfall and cliffs stand at the back. A beach spans across the entire front. Available by default whenever a variant of it is not active.
Classic (Autumn) Scenery Classic (Autumn).png The classic forest but the trees now depict the autumn season. Replaces the Classic scenery during autumn season.
Classic (Winter) Scenery Classic (Winter).png The same forest as in autumn but with various ice and snow details mixed in. Replaces the Classic scenery during winter season.
Clashy Constructs Scenery ClashyConstructs.png A pine forest with structures and mines surrounding your village. Waterfall is taken advantage of and the beach is now a dock. Was available for purchase in June 2020, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent.
Pirate Scenery Scenery Pirate.png A tropical area surrounded by several water bodies, a beach settlement and a majestic castle. The cliff of the waterfall now has a giant skull-shaped cove. Occasionally some Hammerhead Sharks can be seen in the Lagoon. Was available for purchase in November 2020, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent. Its purchase also included 2 million Gold and Elixir.
Epic Winter Scenery Scenery Epic Winter.png A snowy area with a snowy cave on one side, a small settlement around dark blue water, and a small pine forest around a cliff over purple mist. Two giant Barbarian King statues are placed either side of a bridge. The waterfall is now completely replaced by a dark castle in the mountains. Was available for purchase in December 2020, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent. Its purchase also included 2 million Gold and Elixir.
Hog Mountain Scenery Hog Mountain.png A plateau surrounded by rock formations to the left, a fish market near the water, a Chinese-themed settlement with two Baby Dragon statues and a palace at the top-right with Hog Rider statues on either side of the bridge connecting it. Snow details dot the area. Was available for purchase in February 2021, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent. Its purchase also included 2.5 million Gold and Elixir.
Jungle Scenery Scenery Jungle.png A jungle forest with two bridges far from each other on the top right, surrounded with mountains, few stones scattered everywhere, Goblin's head statue on the bottom right, and the beach is dirt. Free and available upon upgrading the Town Hall to level 14.
Epic Jungle Scenery Scenery Epic Jungle.png A grass plateau situated on top of a stone jungle temple, which is decorated in red and gold. The top-right features the Jungle Warden, behind which there is a small emerald-colored pool and waterfalls behind it. There are two Goblin heads either side of a river where the Boat resides, while some constructions and market stalls appear on the bottom-right. The Clan Path on the top-left is replaced by a rope bridge overlooking a chasm. Available for purchase in April 2021, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent. Its purchase also included 2.5 million Gold and Elixir.

Scenery Gallery

War Sceneries

These sceneries are visible when you are in any war, or in a Friendly Challenge that uses a War Base layout.

Name Icon Description Availability
Classic Scenery War Classic.png A war area surrounded by a lava cliffs at the top and a hellish forest at the bottom. Available by default.
Inferno Town Scenery Inferno Town.png Available for purchase in June 2021, costing USD $6.99 or equivalent. Its purchase also included 2.5 million Gold and Elixir.

Scenery Gallery

Other Sceneries

These Sceneries can't be interacted with in the same way as the others.

Name Appearance Description Notes
Builder Base Map Builder Base.png A slightly elevated plateau situated in the midst of a pine forest. A small dock is available to accommodate for a boat. Always seen during the night. "Builder Base" is the default surroundings for your Builder Base. It cannot be changed nor is their a "Change Scenery" button at the Builder Hall.
Goblin Base Map Goblin Base.png A dark and dense forest. Rocks and gravel create a border between the base and forest. "Goblin Base" only appears in the Single Player Campaign, and cannot be used by the player.

The Waterfall

  • The Waterfall is a decorative feature that was present in early versions of the game, removed from the game in Version 2.111, but later readded in the March 2020 update.
  • The reason for its initial removal was due to performance reasons, as cited by Supercell. As buildings turned more animated over time, it became necessary to remove the Waterfall so that the game would continue to perform smoothly. At the time, the Waterfall took up a large amount of RAM to the point of severe lag and uncomfortable gameplay on older devices. However, it was eventually re-added in the March 2020 update (possibly after support of older devices was gradually removed).
  • Upon the Waterfall's return, it received a different texture and animation than the old version. The trees were also changed when the Waterfall came back.
  • Pictures of how the Waterfall looked originally and how it currently looks in the Home Village scenery can be found in the gallery below.


  • Before Scenery was added to the game, the Classic texture went through a couple of changes:
    • Originally the trees, seashore, and the Waterfall were different, and the place was too small.
    • The Waterfall was removed in Version 2.111, and the place got bigger, having more spaces.
    • In the March 2020 update, the Waterfall was added again with a different texture alongside the trees.
  • For an April Fools prank Supercell tweeted that you can occasionally see troops bathing in the Waterfall.
  • The Goblin Map is symmetrical.
  • The purchasable sceneries all incorporate some sort of fruit in them as an easter egg.
    • Clashy Constructs features a few bananas hanging off the dock at the lower-left corner.
    • Pirate Scenery has some fruit appearing at the beach area at the top-left, and a watermelon amongst the cannonballs in the fortress at the bottom-right.
    • Epic Winter Scenery has a banana roasted on a bonfire outside the cottage at the bottom-left.
    • Hog Mountain Scenery has a few stalls dotted around the scenery, two of which contain fruit cartons.
    • Jungle Scenery has fruits baskets in a boat that's located on the right side of the map.
    • Epic Jungle Scenery has several fruit baskets, some placed on a boat to the bottom-left and others in and around the stalls found at the bottom. A banana can be found among the gold spilling out in the South Corner of the map.
    • Inferno Town has a banana inside a tent at the bottom-left.
  • The Hog Mountain scenery is inspired from an arena from Clash Royale.
  • In the game, the grass from the ground appear with check pattern. In animation, the grass lacks check pattern.
  • In replays, the ocean and the waterfall will still be animated with normal speed regardless of the playback speed you selected. They'll also still be animated when the replay is paused.
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