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For the Town Hall 2 to 6 equivalent, see Starter Challenges.
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"Complete individual challenges each season and get tremendously rare rewards!"


  • Season Challenges are in-game challenges for players to complete.
  • They function similar to Clan Games, except with each individual player earning rewards for themselves rather than for the whole Clan. All challenges must also be completed individually.
  • Season Challenges are available to all players of Town Hall level 7 or higher.
    • For Town Hall 2-6, a similar system called Starter Challenges is used, with one reward level called Starter Pass, allowing players between Town Hall 2-6 to speed up their progress. Challenge Points earned from Starter Challenges (up to 5600 points) are counted towards the Well Seasoned achievement. Once player upgraded to Town Hall level 7, Starter Challenges is replaced by Season Challenges, with all unclaimed rewards automatically collected.
  • Players earn Challenge Points to unlock reward tiers in a similar fashion to Clan Games. The reward points appear as lime elixir: Points.
  • There are two different reward levels, being Silver and Gold. The Silver tier is free for everyone, while the Gold tier contains much more rewards (including the new Hero Skins, and more gold, elixir, and magic items) and is open only to players who purchase a Gold Pass for $6.99 (or equivalent).
    • The Gold Pass only lasts for the entire season, and does not carry over to subsequent seasons.
  • A season lasts for the entire calendar month, starting on its first day and ending on its last.
    • The Gold Pass can be purchased from the first day of the season, and up until 1 day before the end of the season. If there are less than 24 hours left before the end of the season, you can no longer purchase the Gold Pass for said season.


  • Players can access the Season Challenges menu by tapping on the silver/golden shield icon to the right of the Attack button. The color of the shield icon depends on whether or not the player has purchased the Gold Pass.
  • Opening up the menu will show all the Challenges that players can attempt to complete.
  • Unlike Clan Games, where players choose the challenges that they will be taking on, players will be working on all the available Challenges simultaneously.


Main article: Season Challenges/List
  • There are two types of challenges. Daily challenges refresh every day, while others last the entire month.
  • Daily Challenges refresh every 24 hours, and only 3 are available each rotation.
  • The other challenges, known as "Active Challenges", last for the duration of the month. Not all of the challenges are available at once; initially six such challenges are available at the start of the season, with six more revealed every week. This totals to 24 challenges to complete.
  • Challenges range from challenges that can be found in Clan Games, to simpler tasks such as starting attacks or upgrades, deploying troops, collecting resources, etc.


  • Having up to 40 tiers of many different prizes, rewards can be achieved by completing challenges and receiving Challenge Points. Points
  • The rewards range from resources, Magic Items, to other rewards such as 1-Gem quick donations, boosts to training, building and Laboratory researching, and Hero Skins.
  • Many exclusive rewards, including the Hero Skins, cannot be claimed unless the player has purchased the Gold Pass. Players with the Gold Pass can also claim rewards from the Silver tier.
  • A list of rewards for the season can be accessed from the Rewards menu.
  • Players with the Gold Pass can use Gems to immediately unlock the next reward tier.


Season Banks

Perk Season Bank

The Home Village Season Bank

Perk Builder Bank

The Builder Base Season Bank

Perk Season Bank Multiplier

The Home Village Season Bank Multiplier

Perk Builder Bank Multiplier

The Builder Base Season Bank Multiplier

  • The Season Bank is available to all players.
  • Any loot that the player earns from Multiplayer Battles or Builder Battles will be matched by equal amounts in the Season Bank (which are generated from thin air). At the end of the season, the Season Bank will be emptied into the player's resource storages. Excess loot isn't lost and will overfill the player's storages if applicable.
    • The Season Bank loot is deposited after any unclaimed resource rewards are claimed, to minimise wastage of resources.
  • Note that if a player's storages are full (or overfilled), any excess resources raided will not be added to the Season Bank. This is likely done in order to prevent players in Legend League (who cannot lose loot from being attacked) from hoarding resources without bound.
  • Players on the Silver Tier will be able to store up to 5 million Gold and Elixir, 50,000 Dark Elixir, and 2 million each of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir. Players on Gold tier will be able to earn upgrades to the Season Bank through reward tiers, and store much more resources in their Bank: up to 30 million each of Gold and Elixir, 300,000 Dark Elixir, and 10 million each of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.

Season Bank Multipliers

  • The Season Bank Multipliers are exclusive to players with Gold tier.
  • The multipliers increase the rate at which Season Bank loot is accumulated. For the Home Village Season Bank, the multiplier is set to 2x: thus upon claiming this perk, every unit of loot earned in Multiplayer is matched by 2 units of loot in the Season Bank. Similar principles apply to the Builder Base's Multiplier, which applies a 4x multiplier to Builder Base Season Bank loot.

Builder, Research and Training Boosts

Perk Builder Boost

The Builder Boost

Perk Research Boost

The Research Boost

Perk Training Boost

The Training Boost

  • These boosts are available only to players who have Gold tier.
  • Once claimed, these boosts will provide speed boosts to building, research and training times in both the Home Village and Builder Base for the remainder of the season, which reduces the upgrade times of buildings, research time in the Laboratory and Pet House, and training times in the Barracks respectively.
  • The boosts also provide a cost reduction to building and research costs, but notably does not reduce the number of Wall Rings required to upgrade Walls.
    • Upgrade costs are reduced by the same percentage as the applicable time reduction, with any fractions rounded up to the nearest integer. This rule applies to both building and research costs.
    • Upgrade costs in the Clan Capital are unaffected, even if all players in the Clan have the Gold Pass purchased.
  • Builder and Research boosts reduce upgrade times by a factor, and are rounded down to the nearest hour, or 10 minutes, depending on the upgrade time:
    • If the build or upgrade takes less than 30 minutes, the time taken will be reduced by the percentage given by the boost, but the time will not be rounded at all, except in the case of fractional seconds, which are rounded up. For example, a 20 minute upgrade takes 16 minutes with a 20% boost.
    • If the build or upgrade lasts 30 minutes or more, but takes 1 day or less, the time taken will be reduced by the percentage then rounded down to the nearest 10 minutes. For example, a 1 day upgrade would be rounded to 21 hours 30 minutes with a 10% boost.
    • If the build or upgrade takes more than 1 day, the time taken will be reduced by the percentage then rounded down to the nearest hour. For example, a 4 day upgrade would take 76 hours, or 3 days 4 hours, with a 20% boost.
    • If a build or upgrade is started before a relevant boost is claimed and the new build/upgrade time is lower than the current remaining build/upgrade time, it will be immediately reduced to the new build/upgrade time (the progress bar will appear to reset to zero), while if the perk is claimed when the new build/upgrade time exceeds the remaining upgrade time, no reduction will occur. For example, starting a 5 day upgrade before claiming a 20% boost 12 hours later will reduce the time remaining from 4d 12h to 4d, while claiming this same boost 2 days after starting the upgrade will not reduce the time remaining from 3d. On the other hand, if a boost is removed (due to the season ending) midway through a build/upgrade, the time remaining on the build/upgrade will not be increased.
  • Training time with a training boost can be determined through two steps:
    1. Take the troop's base training time (time taken to train with one barrack) in seconds, and reduce it by the percentage given by the training boost. Round up fractions to the nearest second.
    2. Divide the result by the number of barracks available, rounding down any fractional seconds. The final result gives the training time.
  • The Training boost will also reduce hero regeneration times, however the regeneration times are kept to the second and not rounded to the nearest minute.
    • Note that hero upgrades are covered under the Builder Boost, rather than the Research or Training Boost, because they are upgrades that require a Builder (or Master Builder).

1 Gem Donations

Perk 1 Gem Donations

The 1-Gem Donations Perk

  • These boosts are available only to players who have Gold tier.
  • Once claimed, the player will be able to perform 1-gem donations, that is, all Quick Donations that player makes will cost only 1 gem. Its effect lasts until the season ends.
  • It is typically the first reward tier in the Gold tier, which enables players with Gold Pass to use the perk for as long as possible.

Auto Forge Slot

Main article: Forge
Perk Auto Forge

The Auto Forge Perk

  • These boosts are available only to players who have Gold tier.
  • Once claimed, the player will obtain an additional slot in their Forge for manual crafting, independent of any standard slots they may have available. Using this slot to craft Capital Gold costs half as much as it does to use a standard crafting slot; furthermore, doing so does not require a free Builder.


  • Certain cosmetics are only available to players with Gold tier. These include Hero Skins, Decorations and Clan House parts.
  • A Hero Skin is typically most prominently featured as part of the Season, with the season's Hero Skin appearing as part of the backdrop for the Season Challenges menu.
    • An exception was the March 2023 season, where the Painter Scenery was the cosmetic reward in place of any Hero Skins.
  • Players who have unlocked Hero Skins for heroes they have not yet unlocked will have these skins available as soon as they unlock the hero.
  • Older Hero Skins that were available in the Gold Pass become purchasable for Gems one year after initially releasing.


Below is a list of rewards tables for current and previous seasons.


  • 1GemDonatePerk=1-Gem Quick Donations
  • n% Builders Hut=All build times and costs reduced by n%
  • n% ResearchPerk=All laboratory times and costs reduced by n%
  • n% TrainingPerk=All training times and costs reduced by n% (this includes hero regeneration times)
  • nx SeasonBank=Season Bank capacity increased to n times the default amount (5,000,000 Gold, 5,000,000 Elixir and 50,000 Dark Elixir)

Previous season challenges can be found on Season Challenges/Archive.

July 2023 Season Rewards Table
Silver Rewards Season Challenges Silver Points Points Gold Rewards Season Challenges Gold
0 Goblin King skin
1,000,000 Gold 40 Unlock Perk 1 Gem Donations
80 10% Perk Training Boost
1,000,000 Elixir 120 10% Perk Research Boost
160 10% Perk Builder Boost
1,000,000 Builder Gold 200 1x Rune of Gold
240 1x Rune of Elixir
1,000,000 Builder Elixir 280 2x Perk Season Bank
320 2x Perk Builder Bank
500 Capital Gold 360 1x Pet Potion
400 1x Book of Fighting
10,000 Dark Elixir 460 Goblin Roof Clan House Roof Goblin Roof
520 Unlock Perk Auto Forge
2x Training Potion 580 Goblin Spears Decoration Clan House Decoration Goblin Spears
640 5x Wall Ring
1x Clock Tower Potion 700 3x Perk Season Bank
760 3x Perk Builder Bank
1x Builder Star Jar 820 2x Perk Season Bank Multiplier
880 4x Perk Builder Bank Multiplier
1,000 Capital Gold 940 15% Perk Training Boost
1,000 15% Perk Research Boost
1x Resource Potion 1,080 15% Perk Builder Boost
1,160 2,000 Capital Gold
1x Research Potion 1,240 4x Perk Season Bank
1,320 4x Perk Builder Bank
1x Super Potion 1,400 1x Rune of Builder Gold
1,480 20% Perk Training Boost
1x Power Potion 1,560 20% Perk Research Boost
1,640 20% Perk Builder Boost
1x Hero Potion 1,720 1x Rune of Builder Elixir
1,800 1x Book of Spells
2,000,000 Gold 1,880 6x Perk Season Bank
1,960 5x Perk Builder Bank
2,000,000 Elixir 2,040 5x Wall Ring
2,120 1x Rune of Dark Elixir
1,500 Capital Gold 2,200 1x Builder Potion
2,300 Goblin Dragon Statue Placeholder
20,000 Dark Elixir 2,400 1x Shovel of Obstacles
2,500 3,000 Capital Gold
1x Book of Heroes 2,600 1x Book of Building