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The guides listed here are meant to be helpful information for upgrading your town hall. These guides are not perfect and are purely suggestions. The main focus of these guides is how to advance a base while keeping your war weight low in order to maximize your war wins. Note: I will be adding guides as I create them so if you do not see what you're looking for, check back later!

Upgrade Strategy Guides[]

Upgrading from Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 9[]

(Link coming soon)

This is the first Town Hall upgrade that really matters when it comes to upgrading correctly. The new xbow defense has massive weight in war and can slow your TH9 growth significantly. This guide will help you grow your new TH9 efficiently and give you the advantage in wars.

Upgrading from Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 10[]

Sezeky's Strategy Guides/Upgrade Guides/TH9 to TH10

This is the first upgrade guide I wrote because of its significance. Understanding how war weight is calculated plays a major factor in the efficiency of your TH10 base. The new inferno defense for this TH has major implications to wars and ultimately loot. New TH10 bases have the rare opportunity to contribute massively to war if grown right.


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