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"Did someone say Barrel Parade? It's a Skeleton party in the sky, until all the balloons pop... then it's a Skeleton party on the ground!"

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Level 1-5


  • Skeleton Barrels are troops available in the Clan Capital, available when the Skeleton Barrel Barracks is constructed (this requires the Balloon Lagoon district to be unlocked, and consequently requires the Capital Hall to be upgraded to level 4).
  • Skeleton Barrels are similar to their Home Village counterpart; they move towards the nearest defense and attempts to attack it, doing damage if it succeeds. Regardless, the barrel will be destroyed, releasing a large number of Skeletons. In the Clan Capital, Skeleton Barrels can only be deployed in squads of three.



  • Skeleton Barrels can be used to bypass Walls and take down single-targeting defenses by the swarms of Skeletons they release. They can also safely take on air-only defenses (like Air Defenses) that are defended only by defenses that are weak to swarms, such as Cannons or Hidden Mega Teslas, allowing passage for other air units.
  • Rage Spells can be used to increase the damage done by Skeleton Barrels and speed them up, allowing them to more easily reach targeted defenses.
  • Released Skeletons should be aided by high-hitpointed troops when near splash defenses.


  • Splash defenses are unquestionably effective against the spawned Skeletons as almost any defense will one-shot Skeletons. Super Wizard Towers can destroy ten Skeletons with each hit and are similarly effective. Inferno Towers when upgraded to level 3 or higher are surprisingly strong as well, as they will one-shot Skeletons even in its first stage of damage (this is not the case with level 1 or 2 Inferno Towers, since they require two ticks of damage instead).
  • One can hide Mines among a group of single-target defenses, which can entice attackers into attacking the defenses with Skeleton Barrels. When the Mines are triggered, they will destroy the mass of spawned Skeletons and spoil the attack.




  • You can have a maximum of 16 groups of Skeleton Barrels at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps.

"Skeleton Barrels" Squad

Squad Housing Space
Housing Space
Units Deployed
Troop Capacity
15 Skeleton Barrel x3

Skeleton Barrel

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, just Harry, Larry, Terry and a dozen friends, heading for the nearest building in a barrel of bones!"

Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Housing Space
Housing Space
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Defenses Area Splash (Ground Only) 5 8 ?
Spawned Skeletons
1 324 8 500
2 486 9 600
3 594 10 700
4 708 11 800
5 768 12 900
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