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For the Home Village counterpart, see Archer.
For the Clan Capital counterpart, see Sneaky Archer/Clan Capital.
For the Super Troop with a similar name and ability, see Sneaky Goblin.
Sneaky Archer info
"Cloaked under cover of moonlight, Archers can take out targets before ever being seen. Their weakness? Overconfidence."

Sneaky Archer1
Level 1-4
Sneaky Archer5
Level 5-8
Sneaky Archer9
Level 9-12
Sneaky Archer13
Level 13-16
Sneaky Archer17
Level 17-20


  • The Sneaky Archer is a single-target ranged troop unlocked at Builder Barracks level 2. She is the Builder Base troop version of the Archer.
  • The Sneaky Archer uses a crossbow and wears a cloak. She has a green garment with a leather belt and a yellow pouch.
  • Sneaky Archers have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building to them. However, once they become aware of enemy Guard Post troops or Zappies (either by being attacked themselves or being near another friendly troop under attack), they will leave their previously targeted building and engage the enemy troops instead. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, they will proceed to attack the nearest building from their current location.
  • The Cloak Ability, unlocked at level 2, allows the Sneaky Archer to be invisible to defenses, similar to the Archer Queen's ability.


Offensive Strategy

  • Sneaky Archers work well behind Boxer Giants, as they are good support troops.
    • The Boxer Giant can also trigger other traps, such as Mines, to protect the Sneaky Archers.
    • A disadvantage of this strategy is that if the Sneaky Archers are placed too close to the Boxer Giants, then defenses that deal splash damage, such as the Multi Mortar, will be able to damage the Sneaky Archers as well.
  • A good idea would be to place them first to take advantage of their ability, then put tanks in front as they become visible, so they are not harmed.
  • If there is only a section of Walls guarding a defense, a quick change of troops can allow Sneaky Archers to take it down.
  • Sneaky Archers can cause a Hidden Tesla to pop up even when concealed.
  • Sneaky Archers outrange the Crusher and can snipe away at an unprotected Crusher.
  • Placing three Sneaky Archers of relative level near an unprotected defense can take it out.
    • This is true for all defenses, including the Multi Mortar.
  • When using Sneaky Archers to create a funnel, the Lava Launcher can disrupt your plan if a building is not destroyed with one set of Sneaky Archers. Consider dropping an extra Sneaky Archer in with a group, or distracting the Lava Launcher to ensure the poison effect doesn't disrupt your plan.

Defensive Strategy

  • Even though Sneaky Archers cannot be attacked while invisible, they still set off traps. Push Traps can distract the Archers until they become visible. Mines can also damage and weaken them.
  • You can use a Mega Mine to kill a group of Sneaky Archers. Make sure to place it on the inside, though, so that it isn't set off by other troops prematurely.
  • Despite the Archers' low health, the Double Cannon is ineffective, since it will waste its entire burst on just one unit.
  • Similar to regular Archers, splash damage is effective. This makes the Multi Mortar extremely dangerous against them; one volley of shells can destroy Sneaky Archers of relative level.
  • Placing buildings in front of defenses is a good idea. The Archers will be distracted and therefore turn visible before they lock on to a defense.

Upgrade Differences

  • Initially, the Sneaky Archer resembles a level 1 (or 2) Archer from the Home Village, having pink hair and wearing a green cloak. She shoots normal arrows. However, unlike the normal Archer, she wields a Crossbow (or a modified X-Bow) instead of a Shortbow.
  • At level 4, the Archer shoots flaming arrows.
  • At level 5, the Archer's hair turns dark purple, and her cloak changes color to match her dark purple hair.
  • At level 6, the color of the Archer's flaming arrows changes from orange to purple.
  • At level 8, the color of the Archer's flaming arrows changes to a darker purple.
  • At level 9, the Archer gains a tiara on her forehead, similar to that of a level 6 Archer in the Home Village.
  • At level 11, the Archer shoots pink fire arrows.
  • At level 13, the Archer's hair reverts to pink, but she gains a navy blue hood to cover her head. And also at the very front of the crossbow, there is a thin piece of metal is added. Her arrow's fléchette turns grey.
  • At level 17, she receives a tiara-like decoration on her head, similarly to the level 6/7 Valkyrie and level 8 Archer. She becomes more vibrant as well.


Spring Weight Troop Capacity Preferred Target Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Builder Barracks Level Required Builder Barracks Range Range Special Ability Special Ability
3 None Ranged (Ground & Air) 29 1s 2 3.5 tiles Cloak
Damage per Second
Damage per Attack
Number of Units per Army Camp
Troop Capacity
Cloak Duration
Special Ability
Research Cost
Builder Elixir
Research Time
Star Laboratory Level Required
Star Laboratory
1 60 60 196 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 60 60 196 3 3s 5,000 3m 1
3 66 66 216 3 3s 8,000 10m 2
4 66 66 216 3 4s 12,000 30m 2
5 72 72 237 3 4s 100,000 6h 3
6 72 72 237 3 5s 200,000 11h 3
7 79 79 261 3 5s 320,000 16h 4
8 79 79 261 3 6s 350,000 21h 4
9 86 86 287 3 6s 800,000 1d 5
10 86 86 287 4 6s 1,000,000 1d 12h 5
11 95 95 316 4 6s 1,100,000 2d 6
12 95 95 316 4 7s 1,300,000 2d 12h 6
13 104 104 347 4 7s 2,100,000 3d 12h 7
14 104 104 347 4 8s 2,300,000 4d 12h 7
15 112 112 382 4 8s 3,100,000 5d 12h 8
16 112 112 382 4 9s 3,300,000 5d 12h 8
17 119 119 420 4 9s 3,900,000 6d 9
18 119 119 420 4 10s 4,100,000 6d 9
19 125 125 462 4 10s 4,700,000 6d 12h 10
20 125 125 462 4 11s 5,300,000 6d 12h 10

Related Achievement

Next Generation Model
Description Experience Rewards Gems Rewards
Unlock Sneaky Archer in the Builder Barracks 20 10


  • The Sneaky Archer was added in the May 22, 2017 update, with 10 levels.
  • The June 27, 2017 update added levels 11-12 Sneaky Archer.
  • The September 27, 2017 update added levels 13-14 Sneaky Archer.
  • The March 5, 2018 update added levels 15-16 Sneaky Archer and reduced level 12 Cloak ability duration from 10s to 8s.
  • The June 18, 2019 update added levels 17-18 Sneaky Archer.
  • The June 22, 2020 update increased Sneaky Archer's spring weight from 1 to 2.
  • The April 12, 2021 update fixed minor inaccuracies from Sneaky Archer ability timers.


  • Sneaky Archers defend as Guard Post troops. However, they do not have special abilities.
  • The Sneaky Archer resembles a mini Archer Queen, with a crossbow and a cloak ability resembling the Royal Cloak ability.
  • The Sneaky Archer's appearance has errors in battle.
    • She doesn't appear with a cloak until she's at level 13 or higher, though her cloak doesn't seem to have pink edges.
    • Her hair is magenta instead of hot pink.
    • Her dress is emerald green instead of light green.
    • Likewise, her cape is light green instead of purple, until level 13, though her cape doesn't seem to have pink edges.
    • She doesn't have fibulae to connect both her cloak and cape.
  • If a Sneaky Archer is deployed right next to a Hidden Tesla, the Tesla will pop up, but does not start attacking.
  • When an Army Camp that stations Sneaky Archers is clicked, they clench their fists and raise them in the air, just like the regular Archers.
  • According to the description, it is likely overconfidence that causes the Sneaky Archers to become visible to defenses.
  • The Sneaky Archer could be wielding a smaller version of the modified X-Bow that the Archer Queen wields.


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