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Last updated on May 15th 2021.

Hi Chief, welcome to my Town Hall 6 Strategy and Troop Guide. If you have any questions, leave me a message on my message wall.

Town Hall 6

The Town Hall 6.


The following content contains a Troop guide for Town Hall 6.

Wizard Level 10

First up are the Wizard|Wizards]]. Wizards are extremely useful in large groups. They can then take out buildings in seconds. Use Giants as meat shields to protect your Wizards, as they have relatively low hitpoints. You can also use Healers with Wizards but it is not advised as a single Giant Bomb can take all the Wizards out at once.

Giant Level 10

The Giant.

Second up are the Giants. Giants always target Defensive Buildings first, so take advantage of that. Giants are excellent meat shields for lower hitpoint troops. I would advise you to you use Wizards with Giants and throw in a few Healers too. Remember that while Giants have a large amount of hitpoints, they do not have that much attack damage, so it is best that you put them with high damage dealing Troops. They also are even better meat shields when under the effect of Healing Spells.

Barbarian Level 9

Barbarians are generally used for clean up and farming at Town Hall 6. The Barch (Barbarians and Archers) strategy is a popular farming strategy that involves Barbarians. Mass Barbarians are generally a bad idea because a Giant Bomb and a few Spring Traps along with a few Bombs will be able to weaken them severely so that the defenses can easily take care of them. You should always bring a few Barbarians along to trigger traps and for cleanup. 20 Barbarians along the edge of the base with Giants and Wizards inside the base is an effective strategy.

Lighting Spells are normally used for taking out defenses or at least damaging them. A common strategy is taking out the Air Defenses or at least damaging them and then using a mass Balloon raid. But be warned you may need a few other ground troops such as Wizards to take out the Air Defenses if they survived the Lightning Spells. Lighting spells can also take out Cannons and Mortars.

Lightning Spell info

The Lightning Spell.

Healing Spell

The Healing Spell.

Healing Spells are very useful. They can sometimes serve as substitutes for Healers. They are excellent with Giants as then, the Giants can serve as meat shields longer. The Giants can become almost invincible with this combination. You could also use them with Wizards and Balloons.

Balloon Level 9

The Balloon.

Balloons are high damage troops with a medium amount of hitpoints. They target defenses so they can easily take a lot of defenses out. They are good with Healing Spells and a Clan Castle Dragon, as the Dragon serves as a meat shield, so the Balloons can deal a lot of damage. Balloons move slowly and attack slowly, so place them carefully, so defenses don't wipe them all out.

Archer Level 9

Archers are good with Barbarians as cleanup troops. They are also used to farm in the Barch (Barbarians and Archers) strategy which can yield massive amounts of loot. Distract Mortars and Wizard Tower|Wizard Towers]] with high hitpoint troops such as Giants because splash damage defenses are deadly to a mass Archer attack. [[Archers have relatively low hitpoints. Overall the Archers is a decent troop.

Healer Level 5

The Healer.

Healers are good with Giants and Balloons with Wizards. Giants because they can protect the Wizards far longer, and Balloons, so that they trigger air traps and, so that the Air Defenses target them instead of the Healers. They serve as excellent substitutes for Healing Spells. Be careful when using Healers as they are defenseless and cannot attack at all.

Wall Breaker Level 7

Wall Breakers are good at breaking Walls because they deal 40x damage to them. Wall Breakers should be shielded by a high hitpoint troop if there are defenses near the Walls, because of their relatively low hitpoints. You should level up your Wall Breakers because then they can deal even more damage to walls.

Goblin Level 8

Goblins are amazing and useful for farming. They are also good for triggering traps. In farming you should use a few Wall Breakers along with as many Goblins you can have. I think this is called the Goblin Knife. This strategy is extremely effective if a lot of loot is in the Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills. Overall, Goblins are extremely useful, even at higher Town Hall levels.

The Clan Castle is an important part of your base's defense because of the Troops it contains and also…