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A lot of questions arise when it's time to smash that upgrade button to push your Town Hall to the next level. While it is definitely thrilling to finally start upgrading your Town Hall, especially when you have gone through all the long hassle of maxing out all your buildings, it is still for sure one of the most stressful moments. Are you really ready to upgrade, should you do it now or wait a bit, should you wait until your heroes are also maxed out, and should you be collecting more magic items, are all questions that will pop up when you are staring at this upgrade button!

To help you better recognize the best upgrade times and keep you from wasting a lot of time hesitating in the decision (or being too hasty and wasting a lot of good opportunities,) we have prepared this guide! It contains several tips and tricks, ideas, and points regarding when you probably should or should not upgrade your Town Hall. We hope you enjoy reading the guide as much as we enjoyed writing it (or more!) and let us know how you feel about it in the comments!


While this guide's ideas, tips, and tricks should work for almost all Town Hall levels, they mainly focus on Town Hall upgrades from level 9 and above. This is because we considered in this guide that the Town Hall 9 is the start of the real deal, and Town Hall 1-8 are relatively simple, and you won't lose a lot by upgrading any time you can, considering you don't rush the upgrade. Also, this guide is mostly a collection of tips and tricks, so it will be organized in bullet points.

Another excellent guide that focuses on Town Halls 1-10 is Delexa's guide. While the information there is a dated, a lot of them still apply perfectly for now. We would definitely recommend reading it if you want to get an in-depth discussion about some of the mechanics and strategies.

Let's start[]

What we will always assume[]

Rushing... this theme has become very famous in the game at the moment. A lot of players are excited for new troops, powerful buildings, the cool look of the upgraded TH, and so on. While there is a debate on whether Rushing is good in the current phase of the game, we will mostly always frown upon rushing and assume you upgraded all your defenses and buildings to the max, unless otherwise noted. Sorry rushers.

The Good[]

  • Filling up your resources before upgrading the Town Hall is a great idea. Here, we mean the Gold and Elixir resources, and having a decent amount of Dark Elixir (about half the resource cap limit.) This way, you will have enough resources for the usually costly buildings when the Town Hall upgrade finishes. Take into account your resource cap limit, treasury cap, raid medals, and gems for a complete picture of how you will preform when the upgrade finishes.
  • Following the last point, one of the best times to upgrade your Town Hall would be after the end of a season, due to the huge amount of resources you can gain at the end of each season from the season bank.
  • Stocking up on magic items is very helpful when you are upgrading to a new Town Hall. Having a Hammer, a Book, and/or Builder Potions is great to help you through the first upgrade and clear your resources.
  • If you are aiming to farm resources after your Town Hall finishes upgrading, consider dropping first to the Lower Crystal League if Town Hall 10, or the Higher Crystal League if you are Town Hall 11 or 12. Town Hall 13 and 14 can safely go to Masters league and farm there, but shouldn't get their trophies past the Higher Master League, as farming then is going to be difficult.
  • If everything besides your heroes are maxed out and your treasury is filled up, you can upgrade your Town Hall if your heroes are at the previous Town Hall's maximum level without sacrificing a lot of power (for example, if you are Town Hall 10 ready to go to 11, then you can upgrade to Town Hall 11 and your heroes are at level 30.) Waiting until the heroes are halfway between the previous and the current Town Hall max is the best safe option in terms of not losing firepower and saving time.
  • The reason it is recommended to upgrade to the next Town Hall and not wait for heroes if they are still not maxed out (the previous point) is especially true at Town Hall 10, or Town Hall 11 with The Sixth Builder, since only about half or less of your builder will be working, and this is considered a loss in time with respect to the power gained from the hero upgrades. This becomes even much more important if there is a special event going on that reduces the building time or the required resources to upgrade things (like hammer jam), since the loss from waiting on the upgrade is quite huge.
  • It must be noted however, that if the player followed well the upgrades of guides regarding their respective Town Halls, the heroes should have already been maxed out and they won't need to wait on their upgrades.
  • The boost given from the Town Hall is huge, and when 1-gem Army Boosts are active, the urge for continuous attacking can be big. However, try to balance your attack rate so that you don't up with too much trophies and harder opponents, and the amount of resources required to keep all builders working non-stop. Since troops cost no resources now, this also applies for Dark Elixir, which is now easier than ever to collect.
  • The first thing you should focus on upgrading after the Town Hall upgrade is complete is your army. You will already meet a lot of opponents at your previous Town Hall's level when attacking in the early new Town Hall, and your defenses mostly only matter in wars.
  • Builder Potions are more important than Hammers and Books in events that discount the upgrade cost. This is because you still want to get rid of the extra resources. Hammers will not yield a gain in this, so save them for after the event ends. While Books do not remove the cost, they only free up one builder, and usually the resource cost of the next builder task is lower than the cost of the combined 5 builder tasks, so speeding up all builders is the best move to take. Therefore, stocking up on builder potions if you have superfluous resources or think you might have is a good idea.
  • Do not forget the the resource cap increases after the Town Hall finishes upgrading, so take that into consideration when planning your resources limit.
  • The most important things to have immediately after upgrading to the next Town Hall are
    • A Hammer of Building
    • A Book of Building
    • A Rune of Gold
    • A Book of Fighting
    • Builder Potions if you have superfluous resources
  • The Builder's Potion's value degrades massively as you progress through Town Halls. It's value already drops below 50%, considering all upgrade times of all buildings and heroes, when progressing from Town Hall 10 to 11. Therefore, while it saves you in the case of Superfluous resources, its value is not very relevant in anything else.
  • A Hammer of Heroes is not needed at the start of any Town Hall. If you are considering buying one from the League Shop, then it's best to buy a Hammer of Building instead because of its much bigger value at this stage, or buying Research Potions if you want to speed up your army researches.

The Bad[]

  • Beware of superfluous resources. This can especially happen when the Town Hall upgrade finishes in a very short time after you get rewards from a season bank while you are already on your resource cap limit. To counter this, You should dump all extra elixir into walls and stay on your resource cap limit. For your gold, if you don't have buildings with high enough cost that can be built immediately to dispose of the extra gold, then either focus on relatively short builder tasks with mediocre expense and boost things up with a couple of Builder Potions, or, if that's not available, dump the extra gold into walls as well. Superfluous resources are also bad because then there is no point of attacking, especially if you want to save resources and keep your trophies low for farming. Not attacking means losing a lot of precious time given from the army boost.
  • Superfluous resources can also make you a very good target for farming attacks, wasting your resources. While this sound good as you will also usually win trophies from farming raids on you, the trophy loss is unnecessary and the resources lost never qualifies for the trophy loss.
  • Do not upgrade the Town Hall if your heroes are being upgraded and the Town Hall is going to take less time. You will lose on the big army boost if you do so. Also, refrain from upgrading the heroes, except for new ones (like The Archer Queen at Town Hall 10, The Grand Warden at 11, and The Royal Champion at 13) until the upgrade boost of the new Town Hall ends for the maximum gain.
  • Finishing the Town Hall upgrade or upgrading it immediately before or in the midst of Clan War Leagues is a bad idea if you are considering registering, as it will discourage your clanmates from taking you.
  • Do not speed up your Town Hall upgrade if one of these conditions are met:
    • Your Storages are not full and you don't have a good amount of resources in the Treasury
    • Your heroes are being upgraded
    • Your Laboratory is upgrading something that you are not planning on using (or that you didn't use before, because mostly you won't use it, too)
    • You don't have a Book of Fighting (not a must, but it is really highly recommended that you do so, especially on higher level Town Halls as upgrades take ages then
  • This also means that you shouldn't start a Town Hall upgrade knowing it will finish before all these conditions are not met

And THAT's IT[]

These are the all the guide points, tips, and tricks we have to share to with you! Let us know what you think and how you feel about them in the comments! Thanks for taking the time to read the guide!