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Spell Tower3 Rage
"For years, Wizards alone brought magic to the battlefield one fireball at a time. Now they've developed a fully automated way to give your village more ways to mess up attackers with magic!"


  • The Spell Tower is a defensive building unlocked at Town Hall level 15. As opposed to the conventional defensive structures, the Spell Tower does not shoot projectiles at enemies; instead, it activates a spell - similar to ones players use for offense - into its surrounding radius.
  • The Spell Tower can be loaded with one of three spells, which have different effects on both defenses and attacking troops alike:
    • When initially constructed, the Spell Tower can only be loaded with Rage Spells. When an attacking unit comes into range of the tower in this mode, the Spell Tower will launch a Rage Spell onto itself, increasing the damage of defenses and defending units within its radius. Movement speed of defending units is also increased.
    • At level 2, the Spell Tower can be set to launch Poison Spells. When an attacking unit comes into range of the tower in this mode, the Spell Tower will launch a poison bomb at the unit, creating an area that does moderate damage over time and that slows down attacking troops.
    • At level 3, the Spell Tower can be set to launch Invisibility Spells. When a building in its range is attacked by attacking units, the Spell Tower will launch an Invisibility Spell onto itself, making attacking units, defending units, and buildings in its range invisible.
  • The Rage Spell Tower will work as expected on most defenses, but it does not buff the following:
    • Air Sweeper's knockback;
    • Bomb Tower and Giga Inferno death damage;
    • Monolith's percentage bonus damage;
    • Poison damage per second from the Giga Inferno and from the Poison Spell Tower;
    • Trap damage, except for the Skeleton Trap, whose Skeletons may be affected by the spell effect;
    • Defending Heroes are affected, but they only gain half of the damage and speed increase (+30% damage and +15 speed), similar to how they are less affected by buffing spells when used on attack. The defending Grand Warden counts as a defense, and so gains the full damage increase.
  • The Spell Tower works via an Activation Radius and an Area-of-Effect Radius. However, this differs among the 3 Towers:
    1. The Rage Spell Tower has both an Activation Radius and AOE Radius.
    2. The Poison Spell Tower only has an Activation Radius.
    3. The Invisibility Spell Tower only has an AOE Radius.
      • The Activation Radius is denoted by a white radius - the loaded spell will activate once enemy troops step into this boundary. For the Rage and Poison Spell Towers to trigger, a unit must remain in its activation radius for 1.2 seconds (the time it takes for the spell to deploy).
      • The AOE Radius refers to the area where the spell will take effect once activated, and is denoted by the respective colour of the spell.
      • Do note that only buildings blinking in the said colour within the AOE Radius will be affected by the spell.
  • The Invisibility Spell Tower does not trigger under the following circumstances:
    • If buildings in its radius are damaged by damaging Spell attacks, unless said spells destroy the Spell Tower;
    • If a defending troop or Hero in its radius (other than the Grand Warden) is damaged with other buildings unharmed;
    • If all of the enemy troops attacking the buildings in its AOE radius are defeated within 1.2 seconds - one can think of the Invisibility Spell Tower's activation radius as being infinite, with a unit only being considered within its radius if they damaged a building in the AOE radius, even if the troops in its range are invisible.
      • This is evident on Sneaky Goblin attacks, as when the Town Hall is damaged by a Sneaky Goblin and is in the range of the Invisibility Spell Tower, the Spell Tower will be triggered even if that said troop is invisible, so long as it stays alive.
  • If the building has not been destroyed, the Spell Tower will reload and redeploy its spell again after a sizable cooldown period.
  • When the Spell Tower is destroyed, the spell loaded on it will activate regardless of whether any enemies has entered its activation radius.
    • If the Poison Spell Tower is destroyed without a troop nearby, it will launch the Poison Spell straight up (i.e. centering its Poison Spell on itself).
  • As of now, upgrading the Spell Tower only unlocks new Spells - it does not improve the power of the existing spells.


Defensive Strategy

  • The Rage Spell Tower is best used to enhance the damage output of high-damage defenses such as the X-Bow and Giga Inferno, as its damage increase works percentage-wise rather than giving a flat damage increase. Do note that the Rage Spell has no effect on attack speed, so single-target defenses like the Monolith may still have issues dealing with swarms of troops.
    • A good choice for buffing is the Builder's Hut; although the hut only provides middling damage, the Builder is also affected and repairs buildings twice as fast (in addition to moving around much faster).
    • For buffing defenses having mid-high range (about 10 tiles or so), one can choose to place the Rage Spell Tower in front of these defenses. In this way, the Rage Spell will activate at around the same time units get in range of the defense, allowing the defense to destroy units as quickly as possible.
    • Conversely, placing the Rage Spell Tower behind defenses may allow for better positioning of the Rage Spell Tower, and is also better for buffing defenses with short range (6-7 tiles).
    • They also buff Clan Castle troops, so try and put them at a place near the Clan Castle.
  • The Poison Spell Tower creates an area-of-effect which stifles enemies and which quickly destroys low-health units like Barbarians, Skeletons and Bats, in addition to being an effective counter to swarm strategies such as Witches and Bowlers. It can be used to slow down enemy units as they attack crucial targets.
    • Do note that the Poison Spell Tower's poison ramps to its maximum damage almost instantly, just like with the Giga Inferno's poison effect. Thus multiple Poison Spell Towers launching on the same area essentially do not stack their damage.
    • Also, the poison effect does not stack with the Giga Inferno's poison bomb. Keep some distance between them and put it at a place where the enemy is likely to funnel in to slow the attacker.
  • The Invisibility Spell Tower can be used to cover valuable targets, preventing them from being quickly destroyed. It is effective against strategies that have limited time to achieve objectives, such as Sneaky Goblin attacks on the Town Hall, or against an Archer Queen ability activation.
    • It can also help to turn defending troops invisible, which enables them to deal damage while not taking damage themselves.

Offensive Strategy

  • Freeze Spells can be used to stop the Spell Tower from activating its spell when it would otherwise trigger. However, if the spell is atop the tower when the Spell Tower is destroyed, it will drop the spell anyway, conferring benefits to the defense. Thus, this strategy is best used against Invisibility Spell Towers, allowing your units to attack buildings protected by the tower without it turning invisible.
    • Freeze Spells have no effect against the spells if the spell is already activated, though it will pause the Spell Tower's recharge timer. The frost effect inflicted by Ice Golems and various other units also slow down the recharge timer, though in many cases the recharge is long enough to prevent the Spell Tower getting a second spell off before being destroyed. Of course, Freeze Spells can still be used conventionally to completely stop defenses that are buffed by the Rage Spell.
  • Against a Poison Spell Tower, one can deflect the Poison Spell by using a small force to trigger the tower (such as a sui Hero, a lone Siege Machine, or a Skeleton Spell, if the layout allows Skeletons to live long enough). If placed well, the Poison Spell will be out of place to deal with an attacker's main force.
    • Similar principles can be employed to trigger a Rage Spell Tower early, in a way that renders the tower offline when the main force attacks defenses that would have been buffed by the Rage Spell.
  • The Invisibility Spell Tower can be triggered remotely by very long ranged attacks, allowing an opportunity for one's forces to attack while the tower is offline, so long as the main source of damage is alive, such as:
    • The Log Launcher's logs are particularly effective at doing this, with the added bonus that the logs are still able to damage buildings while invisible.
    • The Royal Champion's Seeking Shield can trigger the Invisibility Spell Tower in theory, though it may be difficult to ensure that one of the buildings it hits will be one covered by the tower.
    • The Archer Queen's Giant Arrow can be used to trigger an Invisibility Spell Tower from afar, however aligning the Queen to get the Giant Arrow to trigger the tower may not be easy if the ability is not used immediately on deployment - poor timing on the ability use may cause a miss of the triggering buildings and fail to activate the Spell Tower.
      • If you want to destroy it more effectively, the Grand Warden's Fireball can one-shot this defense from a long range due to its high damage in one shot, and its large radius means that it is easier to hit.
    • There are numerous ways of damaging invisible buildings, mostly through indirect or chain damage.
      • Bowlers, Super Bowlers and Super Archers can all hit invisible buildings behind any visible targets they hit.
      • Electro Dragons and Super Wizards can chain their attacks through invisible buildings, provided they first hit a visible target.
      • Electro Titan's aura is capable of damaging invisible buildings around her, even if there are no visible buildings nearby to take advantage of.
    • Freeze Spells still work through invisibility, so they can still be used to stop defenses made invisible.

Upgrade Differences

  • When initially constructed, it has a big Spring Trap in the middle of it holding a giant spell potion, the front left wall and its opposite side are made of gray bricks, with a silver Town Hall 15 symbol (inverted hollow equilateral triangle) on it. The grey stone corner pillars at that side also has a fitting holding a metal ring on it, the wall and pillar have a purple metal foundation and the foundation around the pillar has silver lining. The front right wall and its opposite side are wooden, it has a metal crank with wooden handle, a metal gear with a wooden center on top, and a stone foundation.
    • At level 2, the corner pillar uses purplish stone and the left walls uses purple bricks, the foundations feature a magenta skirt with silver lining turns into gold, and an extra gold piece along the corner.
    • At level 3, the wooden wall turns golden and the magenta cloth covers the side, with an inverted purple triangle sticking out replacing the circular metal base of the crank, which also becomes gold, this does not affect its opposite wall. The triangle on the left wall is also changed to gold.
  • The spell potion on top changes depends on the chosen spell for the Spell Tower.
    • The Rage Spell potion has purple liquid in a bottle with a square base, widens then slanted in to a smaller flat square with the circular neck and corked.
    • The Poison Spell potion has orange liquid in a corked spherical flask, with a skull symbol on the front.
    • The Invisibility Spell potion has turquoise liquid in a corked, long thin square tube (similar to spells with 1 housing space).
  • The big Spring Trap pops up when the tower is activated, exposing the springs beneath. Once its spell has been triggered, the crank rotates automatically, lowering the spring to reload the next spell. At its lowest, a brew can be seen bubbling within the Spell Tower, whose color corresponds to the spell being prepared. Once it is finished, the readied spell potion is then slowly raised with the spring. Only when the movement completely stops is the spell ready to be deployed.
    • The Poison Spell Tower has metal spike-like protrusions on its spring, which is likely due to the shape of the Poison Spell potion (as it has a round bottom compared to the flat bottoms of the other spells, allowing for the potion to be thrown in different directions).


Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Town Hall Level 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2
Size Size
Build Time
Experience Gained
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 Rage Spell 2,500 14,000,000 9d 881 15
2 Poison Spell 2,800 15,000,000 10d 18h 963 15
3 Invisibility Spell 3,100 17,000,000 11d 974 15

Rage Spell Tower Statistics

Spell Radius
Spell Duration
Damage Increase
Recharge Time
Trigger Targets
Favorite Target
Deploy Position
Favorite Target
9 tiles 5 tiles 18s 60% 70s Target in range Ground & Air Spell Tower

Poison Spell Tower Statistics

Spell Radius
Spell Duration
Max Damage per Second
Poison Effect
Speed Decrease
Movement Speed
Attack Rate Decrease
Attack Speed
Recharge Time
Trigger Targets
Favorite Target
Deploy Position
Favorite Target
9 tiles 5 tiles 12s 60 35% 25% 70s Target in range Ground & Air Target

Invisibility Spell Tower Statistics

Spell Radius
Spell Duration
Recharge Time
Trigger Targets
Favorite Target
Deploy Position
Favorite Target
4.5 tiles 4.5 tiles 4.5s 50s Building in range is hit Ground & Air Spell Tower


Description Experience Rewards Gems Rewards
Destroy 40 Spell Towers 100 100
Destroy 400 Spell Towers 800 250
Destroy 4,000 Spell Towers 5,000 500

Icon Descriptions

Icon InfoTapping this icon displays information about the Spell Tower, such as Level, Hitpoints, Range and Targets.
Icon UpgradeTapping this icon begins upgrading the Spell Tower to the next level, if you have enough resources and a free Builder (or B.O.B). When the Spell Tower is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon HoBTapping this icon instantly upgrades the Spell Tower to the next level, at the cost of one Hammer of Building if you have one. When the Spell Tower is at maximum level, or if the Town Hall requirements for the next level are not met, this icon is not shown.
Icon FinishNowTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of the displayed number of Gems.
Icon FinishNowBoBTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Building. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Building.
Icon FinishNowBoETapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Everything. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Everything but do not have a Book of Building.
Icon BuilderPotionTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, boosts all your Builders for 1 hour by a factor of ten, at the cost of one Builder Potion. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Builder Potion.
Icon CancelTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, cancels the current upgrade and refunds half of the upgrade cost.
Icon ChangeSpellTapping this icon allows the user to change the spell loaded onto the Spell Tower, subject to the spells available for use by the tower.


Patch Description
October 10, 2022 The Spell Tower was added with three levels.
Spell Tower1 RageSpell Tower2 PoisonSpell Tower3 Invisibility
December 12, 2022 Reduced the Poison Spell Tower's attack speed reduction from 35% to 25% (the movement speed reduction is unchanged). Attack Speed
June 12, 2023
  • Reload time for Rage Spell Tower is increased by 20 seconds.
  • Reload time for Poison & Invisibility Spell Towers is increased by 10 seconds.
  • Rage Spell Tower damage buff is reduced from 100% to 90%
December 12, 2023
  • Rage Spell Tower's radius decreased from 6 tiles to 5 tiles.
  • Rage Spell Tower's damage buff reduced from 90% to 60%.


  • If the Spell Tower cancels deploying its spell at the last moment, which may happen if the troop that would trigger it is destroyed, its spell deployment animation will be paused and not get reset properly until the conditions for triggering it are met again. This may result in the spell and spring being suspended in a frozen state (the spell's bottle may also be deformed).
  • The Spell Tower is the only defense that buffs other defenses.
  • The achievement "Counterspell" may be a reference to a spell in Dungeons & Dragons which can nullify an opposing spell effect.
  • At level 3, there is a visual error on the rear gear not matching with the front one, which is made out of gold.
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