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Spirit Fox info
"An extremely shy creature, who’s happiest alone in the woods outside the Village. When called to battle, Spirit Fox fights fiercely alongside their hero and helps them with a little invisibility."
Spirit Fox field
Level 1-10


  • Spirit Fox is the ninth pet unlocked, unlocked when the Pet House is upgraded to level 9 (this requires Town Hall level 16).
  • When deployed, the Spirit Fox turns both itself and its assigned Hero invisible. The duration of invisibility depends on the level of the Spirit Fox. Once the prescribed duration expires, the invisibility will be reapplied after a 6-second cooldown.
    • The invisibility is only applied whenever the Spirit Fox is on the field. If it is removed from battle by a Recall Spell, the Hero will not be able to turn invisible until the Spirit Fox is brought back onto the field. The Spirit Fox can apply invisibility solely to itself if its Hero is knocked out or recalled by a Recall Spell.
    • Effects that affect attack speed will not affect the cooldown of the invisibility ability.
  • The Spirit Fox prioritizes a target within 4.5 tiles of the Hero that the Spirit Fox is paired to. If the Hero is knocked out or removed from battle by a Recall Spell, the Spirit Fox behaves like a troop with no preferential target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.


Offensive Strategy

  • Spirit Fox pairs incredibly well with the Royal Champion thanks to its ability which prevents the Royal Champion from being targeted at times, which increases the odds of the Royal Champion surviving. The Spirit Fox is able to jump over Walls, so will not lag behind the Royal Champion.
  • Spirit Fox's Spirit Walk ability can be used to push the Hero into compartments with single target Inferno Towers. The ability resets the Inferno Tower's beam every time it activates; giving the Hero or other troops time to destroy it. It should be noted that the 6 second cooldown enables the Inferno Tower to reach its highest damage stage for a split second, which allows it to cause serious damage to your Hero if it was locked on for the entire duration of visibility.
  • It shouldn't be paired with the Archer Queen or the Grand Warden as the Spirit Fox will run ahead of the two heroes in a lot of cases, and will result in a premature death of the pet, which is a waste of it"s valuable ability.
  • While the Barbarian King moves slower, the Spirit Fox will stay behind him because of the King's melee range. Its invisibility increases the tanking potential of the king, thus allowing him to survive longer. If the Barbarian King has the Vampstache equipped, he can use the invisibility periods to safely heal himself, further increasing his survivability.
    • However, this will remove a tank from the battle, potentially exposing troops at the back suscepable to damage, which by the time when the king becomes visible again, could destroy some, if unlucky, most of your backline, which could ruin the attack.

Defensive Strategy

  • A good way to defend against this is with Inferno Towers and Monolith to take out the hero directly while it is visible to prevent value.
    • However, the Inferno Tower takes a while to charge up, and if it is not in range when it is visible, it might deal minimal damage. so it is not the most reliable strategy.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Targets Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Pet House Level Required Pet House Range Range Special AbilitySpecial Ability
Within 4.5 tiles of Hero Ground Single Target 24 1.6s 9 2.5 tiles Spirit Walk
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Invisibility Duration
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
1 108 172.8 3s 1,900 N/A N/A 9
2 116 185.6 3s 2,000 225,000 3d 9
3 124 198.4 3s 2,100 235,000 4d 9
4 132 211.2 3s 2,200 245,000 5d 9
5 140 224 3.5s 2,300 255,000 5d 12h 9
6 148 236.8 3.5s 2,400 265,000 6d 9
7 156 249.6 3.5s 2,500 275,000 6d 12h 9
8 164 262.4 3.5s 2,600 285,000 7d 9
9 172 275.6 3.5s 2,700 295,000 7d 12h 9
10 180 288 4s 2,800 315,000 8d 9


Patch Type Description
November 20, 2023 Sneak Peek The Spirit Fox started appearing in the Home Village Classic Scenery.
December 9, 2023 Sneak Peek Announced Spirit Fox.
December 12, 2023 Update Added the Spirit Fox, with 10 levels. Spirit Fox field
February 27, 2024 Update Removed the Spirit Fox's frost effect from its attacks.
March 27, 2024 Balance Changes Increased the cooldown of the Spirit Fox's ability to 6 seconds (from 5).


  • The Spirit Fox appears to be inspired by a Fennec Fox, with its facial features resembling the specie of fox and the avatar in game files being labelled as "phasefennec".
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