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Got questions to be answered? Need something done? Have something to report? Here is the place to do all that, and more! These guys are the monitors of this wiki, without them it would fall into disrepair. But don't be intimidated, they're still fellow Clashers, just like you! For a quick response, go to their message wall! If you make a comment on this page, it may not be seen. Clash on!

Main Staff

Brady MWN

Brady55 (My Wall)

Favored Nicknames: Brady
Tags: Bureaucrat
Roles: Director, Owner, Coordinator
Clan: Wiki Crusades
Game Center: Brady.55
Discord: Brady#8322

"The struggle you feel today will offer you the strength you need for tomorrow"

187px-Lava Hound


Favored Nicknames: Magma, MH, Guy Fawkes
Tags: Bureaucrat
Roles: Director
Favorite Troop: Lava Hound (hey, they're my cousins, right?)

"Life is like magma in a volcano. The more the pressure builds, the greater the eruption"

Zazme avatar1

Zazme Yakuza

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Favored Nickname: Zaz, ZY, Yakuza
Tags: Content Moderator
Roles: Editor, Moderator, Updater
Game Center: Private
Clan: Data on Progress
I Like: Computers, Games, Challenges.
I Dislike: Show-offs, Trash-Talkers, Trolls.

Favorite Army: GoWiPe
Favorite Troop: Wizard
Highest Clan Streak: 42 (Royal)
Highest Donated in Season: 5,214
Clan Position: Co-Leader
Clan Roles: Strategist, Recruiter, Spy


Discord: Zazme_Yakuza#2329
Twitter: @ZazmeYakuzaGaming

Things to do: Get a straight twelve hour sleep, cure my wikia addictiveness

Did you miss me?



Favored Nicknames: None
Tags: Moderator
Clan: Hops between lots of Clans
Favorite Troop: Dragon
QQ: 24070922



Favored Nicknames: Face, Damiir
Tags: Image Editor
Roles: Graphic Designer
Favorite Troop: Hog Rider
Fun Fact: Russian is my main language

"Always look at things from the light side and if there are not any - rub the dark ones until they shine."

Discussions Staff

Reverb frost

Reverb frost

Favored Nicknames: Reverb
Tags: Discussions Moderator
Roles: Officer/Enforcer
Favorite Troop: Wizard
Country: India(UTC+5.30)
Favorite TV series: 13 Reasons why, Flash, Arrow, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Suits, Game of Thrones etc...
Favorite Movie series: Harry Potter, Twilight, Grown ups etc...
Favorite You-tubers : Jake Mitchell, Morgz Hudson, BB ki vines, Carryminati

"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. "



Favored Nicknames: Galactic, Gal, GR
Tags: Discussions Moderator
Roles: Officer/Enforcer
Favorite Troop: Valkyrie
Player Tag: #Q9J0V82
Interests: Computers, Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh
Discord: iClone101#6704

"If you hold strong to your beliefs, nothing can stop you."



Favored Nicknames: Witch, Miley
Tags: Discussions Moderator
Roles: Officer/Enforcer
Fun Fact: I play Soccer and Baseball
Discord: WitchHealer00#7236

"If the world is crazy, why can't we be?"



Favored Nicknames: Utkar
Tags: Discussions Moderator
Roles: Officer/Enforcer
Clan: ?
Game Center: ?

"Actual rule of the universe, and everything beyond"

Local Time

If you need to know what's the local time for particular staff members, to gauge whether they'll be available, then check below.

Type Name Location Timezone Local Time
Bureaucrat Brady55 Washington, USA UTC-8 16:32
Bureaucrat MagmaHound Scotland UTC 00:32
Moderator Zazme Yakuza Florida, USA UTC-5:00 19:32
Moderator Pkukiss China UTC+8 08:32
Image Editor FaceBound Russia UTC+3 03:32
Discussions Mod Reverb frost India UTC+5:30 06:02
Discussions Mod GalacticRuler456 California, USA UTC-8 16:32
Discussions Mod WitchHealer Texas, USA UTC-6 18:32
Discussions Mod Utkar22 India UTC+5:30 06:02


  • Times listed are the primary offset, not accounting for Daylight Saving Time. No attempt has been made to arbitrate between them, as DST changeover varies from territory to territory.
Special Thanks
  • BertH and NoReplyz of the Fandom staff, for working with the CoC Wiki staff to help improve Discussions.
  • Kopcap94 for reviewing a majority of our codes and repairing them.