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Intro and Credits[]

Authors: TotallyNotDragonPebbles and 23Aee

This is the Ultimate COC Engineering guide by TotallyNotDragonPebbles and 23Aee.

The Engineer Debate[]

Positives of engineering[]

You should engineer at least one account to have low defenses, meaning you are towards the bottom in the war lineup, yet you can clear high bases of your opponent clan.

Negatives of engineering[]

Drawbacks of engineering are that your defense is rather weak and you can easily be three starred by weak attackers or Town Halls lower than yours . However you can fix this by upgrading your defenses little by little when you have excess Gold.


Clash of Clans Level 1 - Payback

Playing Goblin Map 1 - Payback

The Tutorial[]

Welcome to Clash of Clans! You have just started the tutorial and are wondering what to do. Here, I have some advice for you. On the first Goblin Map (Payback), play 1 Wizard, instead of 3, to take out the Cannon. This will save you time over the course of the tutorial. Then, when you attack the second Goblin Map (Goblin Forest), place a Barbarian first and directly after, a wizard to clear the base. While the tutorial encourages you to spend Gems, you should save them as later on this will be useful. The Wizards, however, do go away after the tutorial, so use them in the correct spots.



Congratulations, you've completed the tutorial! You are in Town Hall 2 and need to know a couple of things before you can be successful. First, buy your buildings required to upgrade to Town Hall 3. Then, upgrade your resource collectors (Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors) and Barracks to level 2 (1 minute upgrades each). Then, upgrade both your Army Camps and take a 15 minute break while they're upgrading.

Attack Multiplayer

When you come back to the game, upgrade your Gold Storages so they can hold enough Gold and grind some Gold either on Multiplayer Battles or in the Single Player Campaign. Use the Barch strategy (Barbarians and Archers) and not just 1 troop. Once you have enough Gold, upgrade your Town Hall and your Cannon. While the Town Hall is upgrading, you can take a break for half an hour or an hour so you aren't just waiting for it to finish, or you may attack if you'd like to get some more loot to upgrade the Town Hall 3 buildings.

Town Hall3


Welcome to Town Hall 3! First, build all the resource and Army buildings possible. Then, upgrade your mines/collectors and Barracks to level 3. Next, upgrade your Gold Storages so they can hold 10 000 Gold. Then, play on Single Campaign to push for Gold and Elixir. Once you have 10 000 Gold, rebuild your Clan Castle. Once you have 5 000 Elixir, build your Laboratory and then push for more Elixir to upgrade your Barbarian or Archer.

Clans info

A NOTE ON CLANS: You want to find a clan with at least 15 members that has at least one player TH10 or higher with strong troops for donations. You can use these Clan Castle troops in attacking or on defense but remember; the higher your CC the higher troop levels you can get. If you want you can ask to get Clan War stars early as you get Gems from the Achievements.

Town Hall4


As soon as your upgrade is done, upgrade your Laboratory straight away as your boost will be good value at this stage. Now you need to get all your new building from upgrading your TH brought and placed. Also, get your Air Defense upgraded. Get some Season Challenges done then upgrade your Storages and collectors/mines. If you're in a clan you should probably get your CC upgraded too.


Farming is Possible for All. Milking Method

Get rid of some obstacles if you haven't already and then get your defenses maxed out. Upgrade your Army Camps and go for around 15 minutes non-stop attacking to get both Trophies and loot. Once that's sorted, start getting your troops upgraded in the Laboratory. Upgrade the rest of your Barracks and then get your Bombs at level 2. If you haven't got enough Gold then farm some up and upgrade your TH. Meanwhile, farm up more Gold to upgrade your walls to max out level 4. Wait for your TH upgrade to finish and you are now TH5!

Town Hall5


First of all, at TH5 you get a Wizard Tower who can use splash damage. Make sure to protect this with a Mortar as 2 splash damage buildings can save you some trophies. Get the Barracks upgraded and get the Spell Factory. Upgrade your lab and get the Lightning Spell up to level 4 ASAP. Meanwhile, build and upgrade your Air Defenses. Get your Cannons and Archers Towers up to level 6 and upgrade your walls. You get an extra Army Camp as well so make sure to build and upgrade that. Lastly, get your pumps up to level 10. In between all this, you can use the events page to get some extra loot or grind the Goblin Maps or Multiplayer Battles.

Town Hall6


Town Hall 6 is important. It is a keystone step to the final stages of the game, and at the next Town Hall you will learn how to use solid attack strategies that will take you far in this game. When you get to Town Hall 6, upgrade your Spell Factory first so you can double the spell storage you have. Upgrade your Clan Castle as well, and your Laboratory. Also, all of your Army Camps can now be upgraded so you can hold 200 total troops.

Dragon info

Recommended attack strategy: Bring 25 Balloons and 75 Archers. If the base you are attacking has its Air Defenses on the outside, use swarms of Archers to pick them off then encircle the base with Balloons to get 3 stars. CC troops to bring: Balloons or Baby Dragon, as high leveled as you can get them. Buy the Air Sweeper, the rest of the defenses, and while your Town Hall is upgrading, reorganize your base and plan a war base. At TH6 you also unlock Clan Games. You should help your clan and, even if it's very unlikely, you could get an extra reward for achieving 4000 points.

Town Hall7


Personally, Town Hall 7 is my favorite Town Hall because you unlock my favorite troop: the Hog Rider. This can create a new strategy called Mass Hogs which uses 32 Hogs, 10 Archers, 5 Wall-Breakers and 5 Wizards. The Dragon has also been unlocked which gives you the Dragon attack with Lightning Spells.


(My order but you can complete these in any order you choose):

Spell Factory1
  • Upgrade Spell Factory
  • Upgrade ALL Barracks to level 9
    Dark Elixir Drill1
  • Build Dark Elixir Drill
  • Reorganize your base so your Drill is near the center, well protected and request a Dragon to defend it
  • Build Dark Elixir Storage
  • Grind Dark Elixir with all Goblins or Barch (90-110 Barbarians, 90-110 Archers) to unlock Barbarian King
  • Upgrade Barbarian King to level 5 and learn how to use it's rage ability
  • Build some Hidden Tesla's and the rest of the defenses

Dragons Balloons Attack Strategy-0

Dragon attacking tips:[]

Bring 6 Lightning Spells

Lightning Spell info
  • Make sure your Lightning Spells can take out enemy Air Defenses with only using 3 or 4 of them.
  • If 3 Lightning Spells can take out an Air Defense and the base you are attacking has 2 low level Air Defense's that are susceptible to this, take them both out rather than a higher level Air Defense only.
  • Air Defense2
    Try to get as much lightning value as possible by placing the lightning bordering the Air Defense and another defensive structure (preferably an air attacking defense)

You can try the old 8/8 strategy with 8 Dragons and 8 Balloons. Try using 2 Dragons in the beginning of the attack to make a funnel.

Balloon info


If using the 8/8 strategy, place the Balloons in 2 groups of 4 after your Dragons are placed in a cluster so the Balloons take the defenses out while your Dragons tank point damage shots.

If you follow these tips and grow experienced, you should be able to three star all TH6-7 bases and clear most TH8 bases and 2 star TH9 bases.

Barbarian King info


The Barbarian King can also be used to tank for Archer and Wizard Towers and can be used to make a cut. Here, he has excelled because he does not take up space in your army and revives quickly.

Town Hall8


Town Hall 8 is where you can unlock Dark Spells and another capacity for your spells. You should build the Dark Spell Factory after the rest of your offense has started. It is a good idea to start with the Spell Factory if possible then Laboratory, then Barracks if you want troops higher than Dragons in the Barracks. Next, you should max your Barracks. Then, you can build the new non-defensive buildings.


Town Hall 8 War Base- Clash of Clans Anti Dragon Anti Hogs War Base

BASE TIPS: Though there are solid base designs online, there are many videos out there on how to beat every popular base, so you can either use Dark Barbarian bases (we are not sponsored by them, unfortunately) or make a base by yourself. If you want to make your base anti-Dragon, place your Air Defense's around the Town Hall but separated. If you want to make your base anti-Hog, place double Giant Bombs in open compartments and try to funnel the Hogs there. If you want to make your base anti-3 star, put your Town Hall outside of your walls (on a war base) and treat it as a storage. If you want to make your base anti-2 star put your Town Hall in the center with walls 2 tiles away from the Town Hall with another ring of walls 2 more tiles farther away from the inner layer. Then, place the rest of your defenses and UPGRADE the Dragons if you use them.

Town Hall9


At Town Hall 9, you unlock the Archer Queen, one of Clash of Clans' stronger Heroes. I strongly recommend that you consider upgrading your Healers and start trying out Dragon Queen Walk strategies (For 220 cap. 5 Healers (70), 2 Balloons (10) to tank Air Bombs/Seeking Air Mines for the Healers, and 7 Dragons (140) as your kill squad) Depending on the base, strategy is fairly straight word and 3 stars and close time-fails are common.

Archer Queen info

Dragon attacks are still strong at Town Hall 9, so you can upgrade them immediately, then upgrade your Laboratory and Spell Factory. You can also upgrade your Clan Castle to level 5. I recommend that you request an Electro Dragon, and if your active clan mates cannot give you an Electro Dragon, you should find a clan that can give you one. Dragons are also helpful but somewhat less effective.

Queen Walk

Strategy with Electro Dragons in Dragon attacks: place an Electro Dragon on one side of your attack with your Heroes and Healers, if you are using the Queen Walk strategy. Ensure some separation between the King and Queen so the healers do not retarget onto the king. It's called a Queen Walk for a reason, not a King Walk. For maximum efficiency, place your King on the other side of the funnel. Next, drop your Lightning Spells and Earthquake if you have them. Drop all of your Dragons and a Rage Spell so they break through the center of the base. Missing half its Air Defenses and with a broken center, you are basically guaranteed a 3 star attack. Let the Electro Dragon do its thing on one of the sides and you should win every time against TH9 and TH10 opponents.

Defensive base designs are crucial at this stage as this is where most anti-3-star bases come into play.

Town Hall10


First, like always, upgrade your Laboratory and Spell Factory. At this Town Hall, make sure you get your Heroes up to at least level 15 (preferably level 25) before upgrading to Town Hall 11. Also, you should probably focus on getting more Builders Hut's so you can upgrade more buildings at once and you can advance quicker.

Clan Castle

Next, upgrade your Clan Castle so you can hold 35 troops and 1 spell. Once you have these done, upgrade your Barbarians and Archers to boost your hero abilities and upgrade your Dragons and Balloons to level 5. Now, you can finally donate strong troops to everyone in your clan. Now, you want to slowly start upgrading the rest of your Elixir troops, spells, and Dark Spells to TH10 level (in that order. Also, upgrade them in order of what you use.)

If, and only if, you have Barbarian King and Archer Queen at level 15+ and you have most of your troop upgrades and spell upgrades complete, and you have maxed out all of your Army Camps, should you upgrade to Town Hall 11. Start building defenses starting with the Inferno Towers and upgrade your Town Hall!

Town Hall11


Town Hall 11 is where you can unlock Electro Dragons (I recommend you attack using 1 or 2 in the future if you are still faithful to your Dragon-attacking roots). Here, you can hold 11 Dragons if you spend the 24 million required Elixir to max your Army Camps, and you can have a level 20 Grand Warden, if you spend about 50 million Elixir. Basically, engineering through Town Hall 11 is very Elixir heavy.

Grand Warden info

First things first: upgrade your Laboratory and your Spell Factory. Second, upgrade your Clan Castle, and ensure you upgrade all of your collectors to at least level 11 and all of your Drills to at least level 5. Then, you can continue with the next step: using Barb attacks to grind Elixir to purchase the Grand Warden. Unlocking a new Hero early in your Town Hall is always a good idea because they defend your village and do not take up Army Camp space.

Electro Dragon info

Next, upgrade the troops and spells that you use in your Laboratory. At Town Hall 11, you can hold 13 Lightning Spells (2 in the Clan Castle, but you don't need to upgrade it if you don't want to), which means that you can take out 3 of a base's 4 Air Defenses, meaning you should clear through Town Hall 10-12 bases with ease using Dragons. For your Clan Castle, I recommend using an Electro Dragon with your main attack and a Super Barbarian for memes. For defensive Clan Castles, ask for a Dragon and a Witch with a Minion and an Archer or a Super Barbarian.

Make sure you max your Heroes (level 50) before upgrading your Town hall, or if you are impatient, upgrade your Grand Warden to at least level 10 to aid in your attacks.

Avatar GWM Air

Grand Warden Air Mode

Warden tip:[]

Set your Warden to air if you are doing a Dragon or Lavaloon attack. When your Dragons or Lava Hounds come under heavy fire and drop to below half health, hit your Warden ability and use a Rage or Haste Spell to clear through the center of the base. The Grand Warden attacks with the main body of air or ground troops though his Eternal Tome ability affects all troops in his range.

Icon Upgrade

Other tips:[]

  • Max out your Barracks before upgrading your Town Hall
  • Upgrade everything you use before upgrading your Town Hall
  • Max out all collectors, mines, and Drills before upgrading your Town Hall
  • Get all of your walls to at least level 10 before upgrading your Town Hall
  • Get your Heroes to at least 30/30/15 if you can before upgrading your Town Hall
  • Max out your Dark Barracks if you can before upgrading your Town Hall
Town Hall12


First, unlock the Siege Barracks. Then, upgrade it to max level. Once you've done that, upgrade your Lab and Spell Factory as usual. Upgrade your Dragons and your Barbarians/Archers to TH12 level. Upgrade your Balloons and Electro Dragons as well. Your new attack strategy is simple after you max your Army Camps.

Total army capacity: 280


Army Composition (War)[]

  • 2 Electro Dragons (60)
  • 10 Dragons (200)
  • 4 Balloons (20)
Siege Machine Battle Blimp

Clan Castle reinforcements (40):[]

Hero strategy: Use your King and your Queen to make cuts for your Dragons and send your Dragons, first then your Electro Dragons into the base then the Grand Warden. Use Lightning Spells on 3 Air Defenses and Rage the Dragons through the center and you will get at least 2 stars 80% on all TH11-TH12 bases and at least 2 stars or 50% on most TH13 bases.



Town Hall 13! At last! First, unlock the Royal Champion. Then, as before, upgrade the Laboratory and max out your Dragons for TH13. Then, upgrade your Barbarians and Archers so that your Heroes are buffed. Get your storages upgraded to 12 and then grind for all defensive buildings and Heroes. Next, slowly max the rest of your offense, starting with your Dragons, Electro Dragons, and Balloons and work your way up, ending with your least used troop.


Attack strategy:[]

  • Witch Slap (a bunch of Witches, Bowlers, 2 Golems, and like 6 Healers) Attack from one side of the base, Rage and Heal and Poison as needed.
  • Mass Dragons (just all Dragons with all Lightning to take out 3 Air Defenses. Plans are simple, see Dragon attack strategy)
  • Drag-E Drag mix (mostly Dragons with 2-4 Electro Dragons. Strategy is to create a funnel and throw your Dragons first then your Electro Dragons in to sweep through the base.)