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The Mortar it is one of the oldest defenses in the game but there's a lot of potential in it at Town Hall 3.

Town Hall3

Tips and Tricks[]

When the Mortar is at level 1 at Town Hall 3 you must and assure that it is protected by a lot of defenses especially against the infamous Barch (Barbarians and Archers) so the loot will be protected by splash damage as well as against masses of Goblins for farming (similar to the Barch)

Icon babydragon - Copy
  1. The first tip is to centralize the Mortar for maximum protection and to cover as much area as possible.
  2. Have some trash buildings to distract troops and to buy more time for your Mortar.
  3. Have CC troops in the Clan Castle for extra protection for your Mortar. I recommend a Baby Dragon inside.


At higher Town Hall levels the Mortar just considered to be a high damage building and high hp building and a distraction building so don't have to use the Mortar inside due to the slow attack speed of the Mortar.