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"Complete daily Multiplayer battle tasks before the task timer runs out to gain progress."


  • The Streak Event is an event that begun on April 18th, 2024. Originally set to end on April 28th, 2024, the event was extended by two days to end on April 30th, 2024. A second Streak Event started on June 19th, 2024 and will end on June 29th, 2024.
  • During the Streak Event, players can progress a challenge track, creating a "streak" that can only be maintained by completing the challenges daily. In maintaining this streak, players are rewarded with boosts to their league bonuses.
  • The Streak Event is available to all players with Town Hall 8 and above.


  • During the Streak Event, players are given a challenge track with seven tasks. Each task requires the player to achieve at least a certain result in Multiplayer Battles.
  • The first task has no time limit, but completing it starts a 24-hour timer to unlock the second task.
  • Subsequent tasks nominally have a 24-hour time frame to complete; completing any task other than the last starts a timer to unlock the next task in line. This timer for unlocking the next task is equal to the time left when completing the previous task, capped at a maximum of 24 hours.
    • Contrary to the "streak" name, players are allowed unlimited attempts at the task, as long as the task is completed within the time limit.
  • Gems can be used to skip any unlock timer. However, the time limit for the next task (normally 24 hours after the expiry of the unlock timer) will not be brought forward, and it can exceed 24 hours.
  • The time limits for tasks beyond the first can be visualised as being set by the completion of the first task; when the first task is completed, a 2-day time limit is set for task 2, 3-day time limit for task 3, and so on, all running concurrently in the background.
  • If the time limit for any task expires, the streak is broken. When this happens, any claimed league bonuses are immediately deactivated. The player is given an opportunity to continue the streak, at a Gem cost of 60 Gems per completed tier. For example, continuing after the streak is failed at tier 6 costs 300 Gems (for 5 completed tiers).
    • In the April 2024 Streak Event, the Gem cost was 80 Gems per completed tier.
    • Continuing in this manner restores the claimed league bonuses, and starts a new 24-hour timer to the previously failed task. All subsequent timers follow the same rules as described above.
    • If the streak is not continued, the player can reset the streak, which resets any progress the player has made on the event.
  • If the final task is completed, the streak is complete, and the player is entitled to keeping the benefits of the streak for the remainder of the event.

Tasks and Rewards[]

  • The below table lists the tasks for completion and the associated rewards.
    • For the tasks in the April 2024 Streak Event, all attacks must score a minimum of 2 stars to qualify for task completion. The June 2024 Streak Event removed the star requirement, with destruction being the sole factor.
  • League bonuses claimed from the rewards track are cumulative, and are additive onto the normal league bonus; for example, if a player would normally be awarded a 80% league bonus for scoring 50%, a league bonus of +20% increases this league bonus to 100%. The attack must still be a victory (i.e. minimum 1 star) in order for the league bonus boost to apply.
  • League Bonus boosts have no effect on Star Bonus.
Task Requirement (April 2024) Requirement (June 2024) Reward
1 60% 2-star 50% +10% Icon Streak Bonus
2 75% 2-star 60% +10% Icon Streak Bonus
3 90% 2-star 75% +15% Icon Streak Bonus
4 95% 2-star 85% +15% Icon Streak Bonus
5 100% 3-star 90% +20% Icon Streak Bonus
6 100% 3-star 95% +30% Icon Streak Bonus
7 100% 3-star 100% 3,000 Shiny Ore