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Strongmans Caravan

"When you see the Strongman’s Caravan set up in your village, you’ll know the Clan Games have begun!"


  • When you click on the Caravan, you’ll be shown a screen host to a bevy of Clan Games.
    • Clan Games vary in length, with quests that permit longer time limits generally being harder. Accumulating enough points as a Clan will unlock rewards.
  • Clan Games, or “Clan Quests”, are unlocked at Town Hall level 6.
  • Every player has a limit to how many points they can contribute (usually 4000 points) so it requires a team effort to unlock the rewards.


Strongman away

Strongman's chest when Clan games are about to begin/end

  • If you tap the Firecrackers on the caravan image, a firework animation will play above the caravan.
  • If you tap on the horse, it will sneeze.
  • When Clan Games are about to start or end, a chest with a picture of the Strongman is left in its place.
  • For a short amount of time, there was a glitch where tapping on an obstacle and afterwards clicking on the firecrackers at Strongman’s Caravan, both sound effects would play at the same time.
  • The Strongman's Caravan is one of 6 structures that are hidden from visitors and raiders upon visiting/scouting your Home Village.
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