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For the base version, see Archer.
Super Archer info
"Having achieved serious arm strength, the Super Archer can now threaten targets several buildings away."

Super Archer8
Level 8-12


  • The Super Archer is a Super Troop based on the Archer. It can be unlocked by boosting the Archer when the Archer is at least level 8.
  • Boosting the Archer requires 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion, and doing so allows the Archer to be boosted for 3 days. The level of Super Archer you obtain from the boost corresponds to the level of Archer you have.
  • The Super Archer is a long-ranged unit that fires arrows that are able to penetrate through multiple buildings at once, dealing damage to all of them at once.
  • Because of the level requirement, players require Town Hall 11 in order to boost Archers into Super Archers. However, because of the Laboratory level cap, players require a level 5 Clan Castle or greater in order to get donated one, allowing anyone Town Hall 9 or above to get one.
  • Super Archers have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building. However, if they become aware of enemy Clan Castle troops, Heroes, or Skeleton Trap skeletons (either by being attacked themselves or by being near another friendly troop under attack), and can fight back against them, they will leave their previously targeted building and instead engage the enemy troops. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, the Super Archers will proceed to attack the nearest structure.



  • Super Archers can be used similar to Bowlers, in the fact that you can snipe off buildings that are in line with others.
    • Super Archers are even better than Bowlers for this, as they can snipe off almost any building without being targeted. The Scattershot is a notable one.
    • If the Super Archer is allowed to target buildings normally, her arrows will reach about the same distance as the Bowler's boulders. However, because the Super Archer has a longer range (and because her arrow travels a fixed distance), her arrows have the potential to travel further from the initial target if she is placed closer to the target. Doing so compromises her range advantage, but allows her to hit more buildings.
  • Due to having decent health, Super Archers can benefit well from Healers and Healing Spells. Their extra range makes them able to safely attack air defenses without the Healers getting attacked.
  • Super Archers can be used in a Smash-Style strategy. With a Queen Walk on one side, a Siege Barracks, and something for a deeper funnel on the other, the Super Archers have a tight funnel and will destroy the base. Placing Witches with the Super Archers can help prolong their lifespan and also tank for them. The Super Archers can also outrange certain defenses as well, which is the reason why the strategy works.
  • Super Archers are very vulnerable to Giant Bombs, but can move quickly through a base. Use a quick tank like Valkyries to go in front of the Super Archers to trigger the Giant Bombs. However, Valkyries should not be your only tank for the Super Archers.
  • The Super Archer may activate the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno if their arrow pierces through them. This may be helpful if you want to direct defense targeting troops like Hog Riders towards it, but it could also backfire, as an early activation will cause significant damage to the rest of the army.
  • The Super Archer has an arrow range of 11.5 tiles, but the Super Archer can only see 6 tiles. So, if positioned correctly, it can outrange every single defense except a Ground mode X-Bow.


  • Defending against Super Archer's pierce value is pretty simple: Include higher HP buildings in the back. This will force the Super Archer to either move in and get targeted or target a different building and not attack multiple.
  • Also, consider placing one or two Heroes near the outside. They can then target the Super Archers and quickly defeat them. However, if the Super Archers are supported by a melee troop like the Barbarian King or a Yeti, then the Heroes are likely to target the melee troop unless placed well.
  • Defending against mass Super Archers are simple. Try to protect some Cannons and Mortars that are on the outside with an Air Defense. Also, separate defenses from Scattershots to minimize value from attacking Zapquakes.
  • Super Archers do not serve much value on defense since they take a large amount of space, do small damage, and have small HP for their space. You cannot snipe Healers in a Queen Walk or a Warden Walk, either.
  • Having Super Archers split up can easily destroy them, even if supported by Healers. They will focus on one group while the others get blasted. Having extra trash buildings can split Super Archers on the sides, but make sure to defend pierce value.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Housing Space Housing Space Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Range Range Special Ability Special Ability
None Ranged (Ground & Air) 12 24 1.5s Target 6

Projectile 12

Sharp Shot
Special Ability Special Ability (Sharp Shot) Description:

"Super Archer's arrows deal damage to multiple targets in a row."

Boost Cost Dark Elixir Boost Duration Time Archer Level Required Level
25,000 3d 8
Training Time of Super Archers
Barracks available Barracks upgrading
1m 12s 2m 24s
Level Level Damage per Second Damage Damage per Attack Damage Hitpoints Hitpoints
8 120 180 450
9 132 198 510
10 144 216 550
11 156 234 575
12 162 243 600


June 19, 2020 Data of her in the game files was present.
August 1, 2020 The Super Archer appeared in It's Time to Get Heavy with the Party King! video.
August 2, 2020 The Super Archer appeared in Rock On Party King! video.
August 24, 2020 Added the Super Archer, with levels 8 and 9 without the introduction of an update.Super Archer8
Patch Type Description
October 12, 2020 Update Super Archer no longer misses targets within 0.1 tiles of herself.
December 7, 2020 Update Fixed the Super Archer's info screen to show damage type as "Area Splash" instead of "Single Target".
January 20, 2021 Balance Changes Increased Super Archer's hitpoints at level 9 from 500 to 510 Hitpoints.
April 12, 2021 Update Added the level 10 Super Archer (corresponding the level 10 Archer).
October 10, 2022 Update Added the level 11 Super Archer (corresponding to the level 11 Archer).



  • You can have a maximum of 26 Super Archers at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 30 if you include the 4 that can fit into a fully upgraded Clan Castle. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 12 Super Archers with four level 7 or higher Clone Spells (three from the regular spell inventory and one from a level 10 or higher Clan Castle), for a total of 42 Super Archers.
  • The Super Archer is based upon the Magic Archer from Clash Royale. They even share the same bow and glowing eyes.
  • In the artwork, her hair is brighter. In battle, however, her hair is darker.
    • This is likely due to the lighting in the artwork.
  • In the description, it says that the Super Archer has gained serious arm strength. However, in both the artwork and in game, her arms are almost exactly the same as a normal Archer's and shows no sign of growth.
    • It is likely that the description refers to her improved arm agility or the fact that unlike the normal Archer, her arrows can pierce through buildings.
  • Like the Giant Cannon and Spring Trap, any troop that would be one-shot by the Super Archer would be sent off flying off the map.
  • Super Archers were shown in the Party King skin release video and were originally a subject of debate as to whether it existed due to the fact that it had not been formally announced at that point. They had been present in game files since the June 2020 update (when the Inferno Dragon and Super Witch were made available).
  • Super Archers have a much bigger bow compared to their size than Archers do, about the size ratio of the Archer Queen and her modified X-Bow.
  • The color of the Super Archer's arrow has a similar color of the Level 8 X-Bow shots.


  • Super Archers are the only troop with a range long enough such that when directly attacking an Air Defense, the Air Defense will not attack a Healer while the Healer heals the Super Archer. The only other army members to do this are the Grand Warden and the Archer Queen.
  • The Super Archer is one of the three troops associated with Archers, the others being the Archer Queen and Sneaky Archer.
  • The Super Archer, along with the Sneaky Goblin, Rocket Balloon, Super Minion, and the Super Bowler are the only Super Troops to have icons that are used from the info image.
  • A Super Archer is the only army unit able to snipe an X-Bow (in ground and air mode) without being attacked due to its Sharp Shot. However, she must be attacking another building to do so.
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