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"Super Giants are bigger than their ordinary cousins and are great at punching their way through walls. The belt is from the annual village eating contest."

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Level 1-5


  • The Super Giant is a troop available in the Clan Capital, available when the Super Giant Barracks is constructed (this requires the Barbarian Camp district to be unlocked, and hence requires Capital Hall level 2).
  • The Super Giant is a melee unit with high hitpoints that targets defenses. Their Wall Buster ability enables it to deal 5x damage to Walls, just like Super Giants in the Home Village.
  • Super Giants are also stationed in Super Giant Posts as defending troops, which have the same stats that of attacking Super Giants.



  • Super Giants are excellent for tanking, especially for troops with low hitpoints such as Sneaky Archers and Super Wizards. They can even tank for air troops such as Minion Hordes in scenarios where no air-only defenses are being fought, such as against single Spear Throwers on the outskirts of a district.
  • Heal Spells are usually paired up with Super Giants and their supporting units so that they can all stay alive longer.


  • The most effective defense (especially at lower Capital Hall Levels) to quickly annihilate Super Giants is the Multi Cannon.
    • Just make sure that they only target Super Giants and it is separated from all other buildings 2 tiles apart while being in the core of a base so that Sneaky Archers would be distracted and quickly wiped out by the Multi Mortar and Super Wizards couldn't deal chain lightning damage to the Multi Cannon.
  • Super Giants are vulnerable to having their troop AI exploited for funneling via gaps in Walls (they may go for such gaps even if it is very far away from their deployment point). Although there are no Spring Traps to instantly kill them, they can at least be lured into choke points where defenses can lay into them while separating them from more vulnerable troops.
    • Such funnels can possibly be broken with Battle Rams or Jump Spells, the former of which is much cheaper than the latter in terms of housing space, so one should also make the funnel foolproof against Battle Rams, possibly by exploiting the Rams' AI themselves.




  • You can have a maximum of 25 Super Giants at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps.
  • Super Giants are the second-best troop for breaking walls, the best being the Battle Ram.
Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Housing Space
Housing Space
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Attack Speed
Special Ability
Special Ability
Defenses Melee (Ground Only) 10 9 2s 0.75 tiles Wall Buster
Damage per Second
Damage per Attack Damage Damage vs Walls Damage Hitpoints
1 100 200 1,000 3,000
2 110 220 1,100 3,300
3 120 240 1,200 3,600
4 130 260 1,300 3,900
5 140 280 1,400 4,200
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