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For the base version, see Wizard.
For the Clan Capital counterpart, see Super Wizard/Clan Capital.
Super Wizard info
"Super Wizard is positively charged with magical energy! He's either the smartest person in the room... or else he blows the whole room to bits."

Super Wizard9
Level 9-12


  • The Super Wizard is a Super Troop based on the Wizard. It can be unlocked by boosting the Wizard when the Wizard is at least level 9.
  • Boosting the Wizard requires 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion, and doing so allows the Wizard to be boosted for 3 days. The level of Super Wizard you obtain from the boost corresponds to the level of Wizard you have.
  • The Super Wizard attacks with mixed fire-lightning attacks that can chain to multiple targets. Unlike the Electro Dragon's chain lightning, the Super Wizard's chains branch from the primary target (as opposed to the Electro Dragon's chains branching from the previous target). This chain can hit up to nine other targets that are close enough to the primary target (doing 40% of the regular damage to each), so the overall attack can hit up to a total of ten targets.
  • Because of the level requirement, players require Town Hall 12 in order to boost Wizards into Super Wizards. However, because of the Laboratory level cap, players require a level 6 Clan Castle or greater in order to get donated one, allowing anyone Town Hall 10 or above to get one.
  • Super Wizards have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building. However, if they become aware of enemy Clan Castle troops, Heroes, or Skeleton Trap skeletons (either by being attacked themselves or by being near another friendly troop under attack), and can fight back against them, they will leave their previously targeted building and instead engage the enemy troops. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, the Super Wizards will proceed to attack the nearest structure.



  • The Super Wizard has tons of damage potential. Making sure it is tanked and has many buildings to chain to is key for it to be a useful troop.
  • Super Wizards can be used very similarly to the Electro Dragon, in the fact that they can chain their lightning. However, they still need to be backed up by tanks if if they are to go into the core of the base.
  • The Super Wizard can hit up to 10 targets at once, allowing him to be a good way to dispose of a lot of defending troops such as the Headhunter or the Super Minion. Keep in mind that the Super Wizard himself needs to be protected, otherwise he himself will be defeated by the said troops.
  • The Super Wizard and the Invisibility Spell synergize well. Placing an Invisibility Spell on the Super Wizards towards the outside of a group will cause the Wizards to head to the inner area where they can heavily damage defenses, and then chain back to the invisible buildings while keeping the Wizards themselves safe.
    • A good strategy with this is to fill a Battle Blimp with Super Wizards. Send it to an area full of defenses, Rage them and then use an Invisibility Spell or two on them. This can be preferred over the Yeti Blimp strategy if the buildings are greater in number and clumped, or if you wish to take out a larger area of the base while using ground troops.
  • The Super Wizard can easily create a funnel in a kill squad or on their own. They are especially effective in compact ring bases, which are notorious for their difficulty to create a funnel.
    • If possible, try to make it so that a Super Wizard will create or supplement a funnel, then head with the main army so that the Wizard will get extra value and will help with other things like Clan Castle troops.
    • The Super Wizard can survive under Mortar fire for twice as long as a regular Wizard, making it a good option to clear out trash buildings where normal Wizards cannot.
  • The Super Wizard can quickly clear Lava Pups or Ice Pups when a Lava Hound or Ice Hound dies with his Chain Lightning ability, keeping other units in your army safe.


  • Super Wizards still have low health. Making sure the outer buildings are protected by point defenses can force more expensive or ones that cannot get any value other than funneling. Double Giant Bombs can kill a Super Wizard if decently leveled.
  • Super Wizards' chain lightning can only bridge one tile gaps diagonally at most. Separating defenses by two tiles can make Super Wizards a waste of space and render their ability useless.
  • Scattershots can damage the Super Wizard even if there is a ground troop in front tanking for it. They can dispose of the Wizards in one or two shots and damage their tank as well.
  • To defend against the strategy where they are deployed in the middle of a base by Battle Blimps and hidden by Invisibility Spells, you can build spread out compartments to minimize chain damage. Alternatively, you can use traps to either destroy the Battle Blimp before it reaches the intended deployment location, or use Giant Bombs and/or Spring Traps to destroy the Super Wizards before they can do much damage.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Housing Space Housing Space Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Range Range Special Ability Special Ability
None Single Target 10 20 2s 3 tiles Chain Magic
Boost Cost Dark Elixir Boost Duration Time Wizard Level Required Level
25,000 3d 9
Training Time of Super Wizards
Barracks available Barracks upgrading
1m 15s 2m 30s
Level Level Damage per Second Damage Damage per Attack
(Primary Target)
Secondary Chain Damage
(per Target)
Hitpoints Hitpoints
9 220 440 176 450
10 240 480 192 500
11 260 520 208 550
12 275 550 220 580


May 5, 2020 A user on Reddit named Barry-b-benson1 suggested adding the Super Wizard that attacks with chain.
December 5, 2020 Announced the Super Wizard, with levels 9 and 10.Super Wizard9
Patch Type Description
December 7, 2020 Update Added the Super Wizard.
January 20, 2021 Balance Changes Reduced Super Wizard's secondary chain damage at level 9-10 from 60% to 40%.
  • Level 9: 264 -> 176 Damage
  • Level 10: 288 -> 192 Damage
June 27, 2022 Update The Super Wizard no longer require Elixir to train, same goes with every troops in Home Village.
October 10, 2022 Update Added the level 11 Super Wizard (alongside the level 11 Wizard)



  • You can have a maximum of 32 Super Wizards at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 37 if you include the 5 that can fit into a fully upgraded Clan Castle. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 16 Super Wizards with four fully upgraded Clone Spells (three from the regular spell inventory and one from a level 10 or higher Clan Castle), for a total of 53 Super Wizards.
  • The Super Wizard is partly based on the Electro Wizard from Clash Royale, in the fact that it has electricity as its attacks.
    • This would technically complete the wizard trio of the Ice Wizard, Wizard, and Electro Wizard, as the normal Wizard would represent itself, the Ice Wizard represent itself, and the Super Wizard represents the Electro Wizard.
  • Super Wizard's eyes glow in the artwork, but remain normal in battle. Additionally, the robe is lighter in battle but that may be part to the lighting for the artwork.
  • The Super Wizard is 1 of 6 Super Troops to appear with a Super Troop logo, the others being the Rocket Balloon, Super Bowler, Super Giant, Super Valkyrie, and the Super Witch.
  • The Electro Dragon's charging sound can be heard coming from the Super Wizard in battle while he attacks.
  • The Super Wizard is 1 of 5 Super Troops to also be in Clan Capital, the others being the Rocket Balloon, Super Barbarian, Super Dragon, and the Super Giant.
  • The Super Wizard is one of the seven troops to be associated with electricity, the others being the Electro Dragon, Electro Owl, Electro Titan, Power P.E.K.K.A, Battle Machine (when activating his ability), and the Electrofire Wizard.
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