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Hello Dear Clasher!

If you are a rusher who is above TH7 or If you are planning to rush, This is for you! If you would like to know why I haven't made a guide for TH6 and below, That is because you can't go too far off at these levels. All you have to do at these levels is to focus on your storages and look after your Mines/Collectors.

If you have already rushed:

If you have already rushed to TH7 and above, It will take you some time to fix. If you want to rush further, consider maxing at a TH 2-3 ones above from the current one you are in.

Look after your defenses.

TH7: If you have left your buildings such as Cannons, Archer Towers, Air Defenses, etc. Below level 5, You should consider getting them to a minimum of level 7 if not 8. Prioritize your Air related defenses because Mass Dragons is very common at this level. The Air Defenses above level 4 take down Dragons of level 1, 2 and 3 easily. They provide high hitpoints too which makes it tougher for Lightning Spells to take them down. Pay attention to your Archer Towers too and get them to level 7. Your Cannons should be taken into the priority list too as the Barbarian King is tough and can take down when he is at level 5. The defenses should be strong enough to protect your Storages. At this level, The Season Opens up, Giving you an access to 5,000,000 Gold And Elixir and 50,000 Dark Elixir If you fill it up. (NOTE: The Loot gained from Practice is counted in the Season Bank Too So You can do that to fill it up.) You can use the loot to look after your Defenses (Gold), Army (Elixir), Heroes, (Dark Elixir). This is vital For TH7 Players who want to get their Defenses up.

TH8: At this level, upgrade your Cannons as P.E.K.K.A Is unlocked, a troop with high damage and high HP. You should consider getting a base layout from other sites such as and other Sites, as buildings are increased and need a proper layout. Your Archer Towers can be left for now after you upgrade them to level 8. This is to fend off the Dragons. The Air Defenses can be left as it is too, As they can take the Dragons down easily. Look After the Barbarian King and upgrade him to level 10. This will increase the HP and will allow for a better defense. The King distracts P.E.K.K.A.s too, as they target any Hero/Skeleton Traps, which is damaging another troop of the army.

TH9: This is a Town Hall vital when it comes to air troops. At this level, you unlock Baby Dragons, troops which are strong and deal high damage when enraged. Another new strategy is unlocked at this level, the Lava-Loon/LaLo. The Lava Hounds are air tank troops which target Air Defenses. These troops tank for the loons and eventually take all the defenses down. At this level, you unlock the X-Bow, a strong defense which proves to be deadly for the P.E.K.K.A's as they constantly damage until the fuel of Elixir is over. You should get these to level three as soon as possible. Your Air Defenses should be mainly maxed as these troops are strong. The Cannons are priorities as the P.E.K.K.A gets to Level 5. You should look after the Wizard Towers too as at this levels the Golem and Witch attack strategy is very common. The splash damage is very helpful as Skeletons are very fragile. Place the towers to the middle of the base as they are vital in terms of defense. You should look after the Traps such as Air Bombs, Seeking Air Mine(s), Etc.

TH10: This is the Town Hall when you can get the Miners, an underground troop immune to traps if not standing on one. These are troops which have a quick movement speed and can take down buildings easily. To prevent this, the Town Hall Is usually maxed before moving on. Maxing is preferred here as you gain access to Inferno Towers, high damage dealing defenses. Get these to Level 3 and place them in the middle of the base as they are fragile. Surround these with Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs. At this Level, the player unlocks the Siege Machines which can be obtained by the Clan Castle, If your Clanmates have the access to this.

TH11: At this level, you unlock the Electro Dragon, a new troop with the lightning chain ability. This is a good, strong but a fragile troop if your Air Defense levels are high. This is the level when you can focus only on air. Get the Cannons up a level or two as the Barbarian King is very strong at this level.

TH12: This is a level where you unlock the Workshop and can upgrade it to level 3. For this, it is recommended to upgrade your walls in order to slow the enemy down drastically. Upgrade you Cannons in order to make it easier to prevent the Wall Wrecker from taking the enemy's CC troops to the inner sides of the base. The Battle Blimp and the Stone Slammer are areal Siege Machines which deal high damage. If you have upgraded your Air Defenses at the lower levels like TH11 or Th10, It is okay to be ignored. The Battle Blimp is a type of Siege Machine which targets the TH like the Wall Wrecker, unlike the Stone Slammer. Your air related traps need to be placed in the predictable paths leading to the Town Hall. Try to upgrade the traps and Inferno Towers along with the Giga Tesla.

TH13: This too is a level where you unlock the Siege Machines like the Log Launcher and the Siege Barracks. Again, If you have upgraded your walls at the lower levels like TH12, there is nothing much to do so. At this level, focus on your Cannons as the Yetis are unlocked. The P.E.K.K.A's are very strong at this level hence the Cannons are vital. It is fine to leave the Air Defenses.

TH14: This is the level so far where the are no new Siege Machines. At this level you can max out as the Dragon Rider as it is unlocked. This level has a lot of new things so you should focus on the Giga Inferno.

Offense Of the Rushed Bases:

TH7: At this level, look after your Drag-Loon Strategy or you can use your Barch Strategy. You can get Hog Riders for ground attacks in the CC and Baby Dragon.

TH8: You can continue the Drag-Loon Strategy or you can use the GOWIPE Strategy as they both are useful at this level. You should now slow down in terms of the Barch strategy as the Mortars are powerful at this level along with the Wizard Towers.

TH9: At this level, You are exposed to many strategies like the Lava-Loon Strategy. You can keep upgrading the Balloons as they are useful throughout the game along with the Electro Dragon strategy at TH11.

TH10: Here, You can continue with the Lava-Loon Strategy or you can use the Miner and Hog Rider strategy. If you rush, It is usually recommended to upgrade only one type of troop but my guide focuses on giving the player the full experience of the new troops.

TH11: This is a vital TH as you get the Electro Dragon, a very strong troop. This troop has the Chain-Lightning ability which is useful to take down many buildings down at once. You can use the attack strategy named the Electro Surgery which is in the Practice Mode and can get an easy 2-Star if the funnel is set properly. The Archer Queen is important too as she is very strong and sets the right funnel.

TH12: This is another Town Hall where you unlock Siege Machines, There are three Siege Machines: The Wall Wrecker, The Battle Blimp and the Stone Slammer at levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Try to unlock these as fast as possible. They are useful as they help to transport the CC Troops to the core of the base. The Stone Slammer is a defense targeting Siege Machine which will NOT get your troops to the core.