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This strategy is based on Baloons some Goblins and Wizards

You will need :

  • 22 Baloons
  • 5 Wizards
  • 5 Goblin
  • 2 Lightning Spells


Firstly send one Goblin to lure the CC troops

  • if are no any CC troops just follow the futher instructions
  • if they are in, kill them with Wizards in the corner of map then follow the futher instructions ( if you're lucky and CC troops are on Air Defence then send Lightning spells on them )

Send the Lightning spells on air defence.

Send 10 baloons on Air Defence, 3 on Wizard Tower ( Remember, do it from other directions to minimalize splash damage! ) and 3 - 4 on every Archer Tower ( Wath out for Air Mines! )

After every defence has been destroyed place the Goblins and the remaining Wizards to help cleanup

Correct me in comments if there are ortographical mistakes cause i still have some problems with english language