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Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I would like to talk a little bit about strategy guides, and pass along some advice for potential strategy guide creators out there.

I want to cover the Hog-Ice-Bat strategy that is viable in war attacks and loot attacks – using Hog Riders and Bats together where the bats are like the fast version of air troops and Hog's as ground troops.

How Hog-Ice-Bat works:[]

Hog-Ice-Bat is designed to beat bases that are built against Balloons, Electro Dragons & Lava Hound and so as all ground attack strategies, so it’s actually a counter to the meta counter.

At a certain point more and more war bases started to spread all the Air Defenses and Wizard Towers all over the base so if you use Lava Hounds or Golems, the heavy troops will then split up or get slowed from the light troops when they move towards the whole base where the Air Defenses and Ground defenses are that’s where Hog-Ice-Bat is coming into play, these are exactly the bases that you want to use this strategy on.

A base where you see the Air Defenses specially the Wizard Towers on the spread – or at least most of the Wizard Towers. Firstly, provoking the clan castle troops must be done, that is by pushing the Battle Blimp towards the Castle, then with Heroes & Electro Dragon behind clearing the CC troops (if needed use a Poison spell) Secondly, with Hog Riders you will have to point out maximum numbers of the Wizard Tower's to deal with where minimum 3 Wizard Towers can be destroyed as where ever they are located in the map, while the Bats will take care of the section with the Freeze Spell.

The Bats will take over the defense and fast take down the Air Defenses as well because the Wizard Towers are the only defenses that can really cause them many problems (Exception is the Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno).

Don’t mind too much when there’s a Wizard Tower or two in the Air Defense section or one Giga Tesla in the Town Hall, I will show you below how to deal with it 🙂


Which Town Halls Levels does Hog-Ice-Bat work? You can use it at TH10 to TH13, but I actually only recommend it for TH12.

What is the main purpose of this attacking strategy? Clan War, Clan War Leagues 

Pros of Hog-Ice-Bat:[]

  • Fastest possible attack of the entire COC troops. 
  • Really powerful against the bases with max Air Defenses and spread out in one section.
  • Not really complicated to use.

Troop Variations for Hog-Ice-Bat:[]

Actually there’s only one variation and that’s how many Freeze Spells you will bring and that depends on the base. You will need Freeze Spells for these situations,

  • Two Multi-Target Inferno Towers in a section where you want to use the bats
  • You need to use a Freeze spell on a Wizard Tower
  • Your Hogs need to attack into sets of Air Defense

Troop Composition to use[]

The regular setup is:

  • 2-4 Electro Dragons (to clear off CC troops evoked but Battle Blimp) + Rage spell
  • The rest of the housing space will be occupied by the Hog Riders
  • P.E.K.K.A & Ice Golem in your Clan Castle + Battle Blimp
  • 3 Freeze Spells (depends on the above situations)
  • 5-8 Bat Spells

Hog-Ice-Bat Step by Step[]

Now let’s walk through one full attack here, there are typically three parts of this attack:

  • Funneling with Heroes
  • Sending Battle Blimp with CC troops
  • Execute the Hog-Wave
  • Then the Bat-Wave

Due to the fact that we can only use this strategy against one kind of base (Air Defenses as spread, Wizard Towers on the other side), there’s not that much scouting that you will need to do. There’s one side that you will need to use your Hog and one where you will use the Bats.


So, if you’re a TH 12 (or you want to attack a TH 12 or TH 13) in Clan War and you stumble upon a base that has this setup with Air Defenses spread allover and Wizard Towers, you really want to use the Hog-Ice-Bat – it’s the only one that really crushes these bases and from my experience there are loads of these bases in any war 🙂