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This template creates a small image that links to a related page on the Clash Royale Wiki. For example, you would place this template at the top of a page that is about a troop that has a card in Clash Royale that is based on that troop so that readers can easily navigate to the troop's page on the Clash Royale Wiki.
If the page that you wish to link to on the Clash Royale Wiki has a different name than the page that you are putting this template on, add the Clash Royale Wiki page's name as an unnamed parameter like this:

By default, the template will link to the page on the Clash Royale Wiki with the same name as the one the template is placed on here, so if the Clash Royale Wiki page and the Clash of Clans Wiki pages that you wish to link between have the same name, use the standard markup:

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