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This template creates a form that allows users to modify boosts corresponding to the Gold Pass. There are three types of Gold Pass boosts:
  • Builder Boost - reduces build cost and time of buildings (and also hero upgrades)
  • Training Boost - reduces training cost and time of Home Village troops (and also hero regeneration)
  • Research Boost - reduces research cost and time in the laboratories

The template should be placed directly above the statistics tables for a page.

There is one unnamed parameter, and it accepts five different values:

  • Building - Shows only the Builder Boost. Used for buildings in both villages (and the Battle Machine).
  • TroopHV - Shows the Training and Research Boosts. Used for Home Village troops, spells and siege machines.
  • TroopBB - Shows only the Research Boost (as there is no training time in the Builder Base). Used for Builder Base troops.
  • Hero - Shows the Builder and Training Boosts. Used for Home Village heroes (note that Builder Base's Battle Machine is covered under Building for the purpose of this template), and Barracks pages (which can accept both these boosts but I'm lazy to change the parameter name).
  • Training - Shows only the Training Boost. Used for temporary troops and super troops (where training cost/time is relevant but research is not applicable).

To make the whole thing work, classes have to be added to the cells in the statistics table. Each class that works with this template is split into two halves, in the format GoldPass suffixClass. For example, the class GoldPass bCost can be assigned to a cell corresponding to a build cost.

  • suffixClass can be any of the following:
    • bCost - used for build cost
    • bTime - used for build time
    • rCost - used for research cost
    • rTime - used for research time
    • tCost - used for training cost
    • 1B - used for (base) training time and hero regeneration time
    • 2B - used for training time with 2 barracks
    • 3B - used for training time with 3 barracks
    • 4B - used for training time with 4 barracks
    • EXP - used in building pages to display experience gain
    • catchUp - used to display catchup times for resource collectors (not the Clock Tower, however)

Note that times must be written in the format Xd Xh Xm Xs (parts of the format may be omitted as required, so for example "1d 12h" is accepted) in order for the script to work. The 1B, 2B, 3B and 4B classes only accept Xm Xs (because no unit currently takes 1 hour or more to train), again either part may be omitted as required.

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