• Since, obviosly, you and I are the only two on the update suggestions board that care about others ideas and consistently post and make ideas, I propose we should make this our private thread to discuss the Update Suggestions.

    What do you think? Leave the message here and I'll see it.

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    • "Awesome".

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    • Proposal Version 1.2c
      Now, we all know that Supercell will most likely eventually add townhall 12. This isn't going to be for a long time obviously, so this contest is mostly for fun. After completion, I'll post these ideas in a new page!

      • Rules/Guidelines

      You must propose something for town hall 11; or a new troop for townhall 10. A new dark spell would also be added in town hall level 10.

      That's pretty much it so let's get down to the gritty details of the already proposed

      Accepted Proposal Gallery

      Update Overview

      Proposal of Future Updates: 
      *Townhall 12
      **Upgrade cost: 10,000,000 Gold; Upgrade Time : 16 days
      **Unlocked: Snowball Tower x1, New Hero x1/2, ×,×,×,×,×,×,×, etc...
      *Hero Pedestal System

      Hero Pedestal System

      by Dragonlordcoc

      This reworks the current hero system, which heroes share pedestals (instead if having a specific altar of their own). This gives a wider range of heroes to choose from

      Townhall 7. 1st pedestal unlocked; Unlocked hero: Barbarian King

      Townhall 8. No new pedestal, but you get the Goblin Commander (Alternative: Hog Rider Cavalry Leader)

      Townhall 9 unlocks Pedestal 2. You can also build the Archer Queen

      Townhall 10. No new pedestal, unlock the Minion Lord  (Alternative: Balloon Bomber)

      Town Hall 11 unlocks Pedestal 3 and Grand Warden

      Townhall 12. No new pedestal but unlock Valkyrie Boss (Alternative: Pekka Samurai)

      Would you rather unlock a hero every town hall level or every other town hall level?

      The poll was created at 15:09 on April 20, 2016, and so far 0 people voted.

      ==Snowball Tower==  by Admiral Interstellar

      This is is essentially my new version of the Snowball Tower
      How it Works: It fires snowballs at enemy deals progressive damage (The longer the tower stays focused on the same target, the more damage it deals, similar to the fashion of single-targeted Inferno Tower). It has a special ability of slowing down enemies; as well as being able to fire different types of snowball. 

      Single Targeted 

      Ground only 

      Range: 9 Tiles 

      Favourite Target: Any 

      Number Available: 1

      Attack Mode: 1 Tile Area Splash

      Speed Reduction Depends on different ammo.

      Magazine Size: 500

      Level 1 Snowball Tower

        • Build Time: 7 days
        • Cost: 200,000,000 Gold
        • Initial DPS: 20 
        • DPS after 1.5 second: 45 
        • DPS after 4.5 seconds: 80 

      Level 2 Snowball Tower

        • Build Time: 8 days
        • Upgrade cost: 1,000,000,000 Gold
        • Initial DPS: 45 
        • DPS after 1.5 second: 80 
        • DPS after 4.5 seconds: 120 

      Level 3 Snowball Tower 

      Build Time: 9 days

      Upgrade cost: 1,500,000,000 Gold

      Initial DPS: 80

      DPS after 1.5 second: 100

      DPS after 4.5 seconds: 150 

      Ammo Choices

      Icy Snowball: Slows down enemy by 50%; Cost: 5 Dark Elixir for 1 ammo pellet

      Wet Snowball: Slows Down Enemies by 30%, does 2x damage to Valkyries. (Edit/Quote to see footnotes); Cost: 4 Dark Elixir for 1 ammo pellet

      Rocky Snowball: Slows down enemy by 50%, does 10% extra damage; Cost: 8 Dark Elixir for 1 ammo pellet


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    • I'm thinking of a new aerial troop in fact.

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    • Wow. Your editing skills are supreme. I'm going to try to replace my version and put yours up.

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    • lol

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    • What

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    • A FANDOM user
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