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For the defensive weapon of the same name on the level 13, 15 and 16 Town Halls, see Town Hall/Giga Inferno (TH13), Town Hall/Giga Inferno (TH15), and Town Hall/Giga Inferno (TH16).
Giga Inferno14-5
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"The Giga Inferno makes your enemies feel like marshmallows trying to mount an attack on a bonfire. Now upgraded even further, it unleashes a poisonous cloud upon destruction that hurts and slows down nearby attackers."

Giga Inferno14-1
Level 1
Giga Inferno14-2
Level 2
Giga Inferno14-3
Level 3
Giga Inferno14-4
Level 4
Giga Inferno14-5
Level 5


  • The Giga Inferno is a defensive weapon fitted onto the level 14 Town Hall.
  • The Giga Inferno deals very high damage per second to multiple targets at once. It only emerges when the Town Hall is damaged, or when 51% of the base is destroyed.
  • When the Town Hall is destroyed, it unleashes a poison bomb that works just like the Poison Spell; it deals damage and slows down movement and attack speed to all units around the Town Hall. This effect replaces the Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno's freezing bomb.
  • Most statistics of the level 5 Giga Inferno from Town Hall 13 carry over to Town Hall 14's level 1 Giga Inferno: namely its DPS, range, number of targets, damage when destroyed. The only thing that changes is that its explosive bomb creates a toxic poison cloud instead of frosting the surrounding area, initially it will have a less effective slow in exchange doing poison damage with a longer lasting effect until it reaches level 5 where it will tie with the frost effect.
  • Before the Giga Inferno emerges in a battle, the Town Hall is not treated as a defensive building, and defense-targeting troops like Giants will not attack it while other defenses remain. Once the Giga Inferno is active, these troops will be able to target the Town Hall alongside the existing defenses.
  • The levels of the Giga Inferno are denoted by the number of stars that can be seen when tapping on a Town Hall 14. Roman numerals on the front of the Town Hall also show the level of the Giga Inferno inside. This is more important than the denotation of the Giga Tesla as the visual upgrade difference of the Town Hall and the weapon itself is not as dramatic.

Strategy and Tips

  • The Giga Inferno can be extremely dangerous; it can be compared to a multi-targeting Inferno Tower, except dealing much more damage than one. You can consider using a Freeze Spell on the Giga Inferno to stop it from wreaking havoc on your troops.
  • Sometimes it is bad (for the defending side) for the Giga Inferno to be triggered as then defense-targeting troops (e.g. Giants, Balloons, Golems) can then attack the Town Hall. It is good to have a single-target Inferno Tower nearby to counteract this.
  • It can be useful to use a single Earthquake Spell to activate the Giga Inferno so that defense-targeting troops such as Balloons can path towards and target the Town Hall. This is often best done when these troops are close to the Town Hall so that the Giga Inferno gets less time to fire upon these troops.
    • After the placing the Earthquake Spell at the Town Hall, a Flame Flinger can take it out easily because of the damage and it being able to outrange the Giga Inferno and because of the fire spirit effect. However, the process is slow and the Battle Builders can fix the damage quickly if they aren't taken out first, so try and start another part of an attack to prevent time fails.
  • Like the multi-target Inferno Tower and Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno will not be able to use its full damage output if attacking only a single target. This means Queen Charges attacking the Town Hall (if not protected by any other defenses) will usually be able to take it down as long as the Healers stay out of range. However, Giga Infernos (especially at higher levels) can do more damage than the Healers can heal by themselves, so a Rage Spell may be required to boost their output.
  • When going against the Giga Inferno, be prepared for its explosion if you destroy it, as it can easily wipe out many smaller troops, including Bowlers and Balloons, and also significantly hurt your larger troops and heroes. The Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability can be useful to prevent the explosion damage from hurting or killing your troops, but will not prevent the Poison effect from slowing down your troops.
    • Even if the Tome protects your troops from the blast, the resulting poison will outlast the ability and so do heavy damage to them. As such, it is advisable to destroy the Town Hall early into the attack with a hero or a siege machine so that the majority of your army never has to engage it.
    • The Healing Tome lasts longer than the Poison duration, and can be used to negate some damage from the defensive Poison.
      • However, starting at level 4 and above, the poison damage starts to deal more damage that the max-level Healing Tome can heal, but you can use a Healing Spell to stack the healing effect, rendering the Poison effect useless.
    • A Freeze Spell does not mitigate the Giga Inferno's death explosion and poison effect.
    • The explosion radius, while significant, is smaller than the range of the Giga Inferno. Long-ranged units like the Archer Queen can stay clear of the blast if they do not move towards the Town Hall before it explodes.
    • If the Town Hall is isolated with a large empty space around it, as is usually the case in anti 2-star bases, it can often be useful to allow a lone Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp (loaded with high damage Clan Castle troops, such as P.E.K.K.As, Valkyries or Balloons) to target the Town Hall while the rest of the army can be used to clear the buildings around the sides. If you manage to take down the Town Hall with the Siege Machine, the explosion will likely only affect any Clan Castle troops you used to take it down, and you can use the Grand Warden's ability elsewhere (against the Eagle Artillery, for example).

Upgrade Differences

  • After each upgrade, the Roman numerals on the top of the door of the Town Hall change accordingly to the Giga Inferno's level.
  • The Giga Inferno changes when upgraded.
    • At level 1, when activated, the stone slides open in half, a circular pillar, which the top is cracked into three pieces, a gold ring in its neck, is hollow, and filled with burning dark elixir, is lifted up and summons a floating ball of crackling energy. The inside of the Town Hall is a jagged stone wall. When the Town Hall is destroyed, the ball of energy falls into a container and reacts with the content to create an explosive reaction; the container progressively gets brighter and a skull glows brighter while violently shaking, then it explodes and leaves a cloud of poison behind.
    • At level 5, the ball of energy becomes bigger.


Damage per Second
Damage per Shot per Target
Damage when destroyed Death Damage Poison Max DPS
Poison Effect
Speed decrease
Movement Speed
Attack Rate decrease
Attack Speed
Build Time
Experience Gained
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 220 28.16 700 100 30% 30% N/A N/A N/A 14
2 235 30.08 750 120 35% 35% 7,500,000 5d 657 14
3 250 32 800 140 40% 40% 9,000,000 6d 720 14
4 265 33.92 900 160 45% 45% 11,000,000 7d 777 14
5 280 35.84 1,000 180 50% 50% 12,000,000 8d 831 14
Hitpoints Hitpoints Range Range Attack Speed Attack Speed Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target Number of targets Favorite Target Poison duration when Destroyed
8,900 10 0.128s Ground & Air 4 12s



Ball of energy


Town Hall 14 Poison Bomb

  • The Giga Inferno (at TH14) was introduced in April 12, 2021 "Town Hall 14" update.
  • The April 29, 2021, balance changes made the Poison DPS increase more quickly.
  • The September 28, 2023 balance changes reduced the Giga Inferno's main DPS at all levels, from a flat 300 at all levels to 240-280.
  • The December 12, 2023 update reduced the Giga Inferno's Poison duration to 12 seconds (from 16).
  • The June 3, 2024 balance changes reduced the Giga Inferno's DPS at levels 1-4 to 220-265 (from 240-270) and death damage to 700-900 (from a flat 1,000).


  • According to Darian in Supercell's Town Hall 14 Dev Update video, the design of the Town Hall, as well as the the buildings with new upgrade levels, and new buildings, are inspired by indigenous Mesoamerican architecture.
  • As the Giga Inferno for Town Hall 14 is mainly just a ball of energy summoned on top of the Town Hall, it does not act like a bomb on its own like the previous two versions of Town Hall weapons. Because Inferno Towers are powered by Dark Elixir and Poison Spells are brewed from Dark Elixir, the container might have the ingredients of a Poison Spell, activated by Dark Elixir at a high energy state to create both an explosion and a cloud of poison.
  • Town Hall 14's Giga Inferno upgrade costs are lower than those of Town Hall 13, probably due to the fact that only the Poison Bomb is upgraded, and these upgrades are less significant than the Town Hall 13 upgrades.
  • At levels 3-5, there is a visual error that when the Giga Inferno is activated, the stone on the middle of its roof of the Town Hall reverts from completely gold to stone with some gold outlining when the stones are split.
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