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Unicorn info
"Unicorns have severe trust issues, but overcoming them with love and patience is totally worth it. They'll heal up any minor or major scrapes as well as any Healer!"

Unicorn field
Level 1-10


  • The Unicorn is the fourth Pet unlocked from the Pet House, when the Pet House is upgraded to level 4. It heals its assigned Hero just like a Healer does.
  • Unlike Healers, however, the Unicorn can target both ground and air units.
  • The Unicorn prioritizes the Hero that the Unicorn is paired to, and while active, Unicorn will follow the Hero and heal them whenever possible. If the Hero is knocked out or removed from battle by a Recall Spell, Unicorn will target other troops and heal them. If the Unicorn has no target to heal, it will simply remain stationary even if it is taking damage.
  • Unlike other forms of healing, the Unicorn heals both Heroes and non-Heroes at the same rate; there is no "increased" healing rate for non-Heroes.


Offensive Strategy

  • The Unicorn is helpful when paired up with the Barbarian King (especially at hybrid attacks) so that the Barbarian King can stay alive for longer, cleaning the non-defensive buildings (e.g. Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, non-defensive Builders' Huts, etc.). The Barbarian King's slow movement speed also allows the Unicorn to have a maximum healing potential.
    • However, if the Barbarian King isn't taking much damage from defenses it could be advisable to pair him with another Pet. The Barbarian King's already sizeable amount of health allows him to stay alive for longer in the first place.
  • The Unicorn can substitute for a Healer in a Queen Walk or Warden Walk because of its ability to heal its assigned Hero. This allows you to save 14 housing space in your army for other purposes, and when the Unicorn is sufficiently upgraded, it will have better healing output and hitpoints than the Healer.
    • The Unicorn is, however, more costly than a Healer when it comes to recalling a Hero walk, since the Recall Spell treats the Unicorn as taking up 20 housing space. This is only an issue, however, when using a Recall Spell that is not maxed (the Hero and 4 Healers take up 81 space, whereas a Hero, 3 Healers and a Unicorn take up 87), or if additional troops are to be recalled alongside the Hero walk.
  • The Unicorn has the ability to jump over Walls, even if the hero it is paired to cannot.
  • The Unicorn has rather low hitpoints compared to other Pets, and so is very vulnerable to defenses. Generally, the assigned Hero should be able to protect it from single-target defenses, but there are defenses that can hit both the Hero and the Unicorn which should be watched out for. If the Unicorn is used to heal the air-mode Grand Warden, this is an even bigger problem, as the Warden will not be able to protect the Unicorn against ground-only defenses.
  • Her slow movement speed can be an issue when using her with fast-moving Heroes like the Archer Queen or Royal Champion, as they can cause the Unicorn to lag behind over long distances and prevent her from utilizing her full healing potential (although regular Healers have the same problems, they have a longer range to make up for it).

Defensive Strategy

  • A Scattershot is often a good tool to damage Unicorns hiding behind their assigned Hero, because of its ability to attack units behind the main target. However, this does not work when the Unicorn is healing the Grand Warden in air-mode because Scattershot cannot hit aerial and grounded targets simultaneously.
  • Other multi-targeting defenses like Inferno Towers and the weaponized Town Hall can also damage both the Unicorn and the Hero if the Hero is short-ranged.
  • Traps such as Giant Bombs work quite well against the Unicorn due to their high damage output.


Preferred Healing Target Favorite Target Healing Targets Favorite Target Effect Type Damage Type Movement Speed Movement Speed Healing Speed Attack Speed Pet House Level Required Pet House Healing Range Range Special AbilitySpecial Ability
Hero Ground and Air Single Target 16 1s 4 2.5 tiles Personal Healer
Healing per Second
Total Healing
Healing per Pulse
Total Healing
Upgrade Cost
Dark Elixir
Upgrade Time
Pet House Level Required
Pet House
1 50 50 1,400 N/A N/A 4
2 53 53 1,450 180,000 3d 4
3 56 56 1,500 190,000 4d 4
4 58 58 1,550 200,000 4d 12h 4
5 60 60 1,600 210,000 5d 4
6 62 62 1,675 220,000 5d 12h 4
7 64 64 1,725 230,000 6d 4
8 66 66 1,800 240,000 6d 12h 4
9 68 68 1,875 250,000 7d 4
10 70 70 1,950 260,000 7d 12h 4


Patch Description
April 10, 2021 Announced the Unicorn, with 10 levels.Unicorn field
April 12, 2021 Added the Unicorn.
June 15, 2021
  • Removed the ability for Healers to target the Unicorn.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Inferno Towers appeared to target the air above the Unicorn when attacking it.
  • Force retarget for Unicorn if its assigned Hero is knocked out and the Unicorn is attacking a Wall.
  • Unicorn's level now shows boosted badge in battle end screen when Hero Potion is active.



  • The Unicorn is the pet to have the slowest movement speed, being 16.
  • Unlike the Healer, the battle does not end automatically if the Unicorn is the only unit left in the battle, and you have no more non-Healer troops or damaging Spells to deploy.
  • Based on the release notes, the Unicorn may act like a lighthouse by using its glowing horn to help lost travelers.
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