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Legend League Th9 pusher (TH: 9, Trophies: 2600-5000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:9
Trophy Level:2600-5000
Introduction:This strategy will help you reach Legend League, or the Trophy League you desire, with enough dedication, if you want to set a new record. Clan Castle reinforcements are recommended (request for 1 Freeze Spell and 1 Electro Dragon). This strategy involves a Queen Charge, and the use of Baby Dragons to clear the outer buildings in a base, which will yield you 2 stars, even on max-level bases with a Town Hall level of 11, if done correctly. It is not speciallized as a 3 star strategy against Town Hall 9s. It will not work too well against Town Hall 12-14 bases, eapecially if the bases are maxed. It is recommended to have your Archer Queen at least at level 25, although higher levels are always better.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 220
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousing
Wall Breakers8516
Baby Dragons122120
Rage Spells458
Freeze Spells121
Find a base that this strategy works well against, such as an offset Town Hall, or lots of outer/"trash" buildings. Be sure to use your spells effectively, to be able to complete your Queen Charge successfully. In addition, do not deploy your Barbarian King close to your Archer Queen, or the Healers can and will redirect to and heal the Barbarian King instead, creating an unsuccessful Queen Charge. Moreover, the Balloons are there to trigger traps that are lethal to your Healers, and 2-3 Baby Dragons strategically placed (slowly use more if the funnel isn't working correctly) to funnel your Archer Queen for the Queen Charge.
  1. Deploy your Archer Queen and Healers, and deploy your Balloons to trigger any traps that will foil your queen charge. At that time, deploy 2-3 baby dragons near distracting buildings to funnel your Archer Queen to "charge" to the core of the base (more may be needed to prevent your Archer Queen going around the outside of the base).
  2. Strategically deploy your Wall Breakers, so that you can break all the necessary walls to get to the core of the base.
  3. Use your Rage Spells efficiently, so that the Archer Queen can survive against the sheer damage from defenses.
  4. If there are Clan Castle troops in the base, or Single Target Inferno Towers (if they are not being upgraded/if they are still loaded), strategically use your freeze spells (you can have another in your Clan Castle, if someone donates you one) and the Archer Queen's Royal Cloak ability, if the Archer Queen can't handle them with rage spells alone, to be able to take the defenses/Clan Castle troops down efficiently. These can and will fail your Queen charge, losing the star to destroying the Town Hall, if it is in the core of the base.
  5. If there is an Eagle Artillery in the base (if it is not being upgraded or if it is still loaded), either wait until the Archer Queen destroys the Town Hall (or if time is running out), or deploy your Barbarian King to tank the Eagle Artillery and take out outer buildings, before deploying your remaining Baby Dragons effectively to destroy the outer buildings of the base.
  6. If necessary, and if you have an Electro Dragon donated to you, deploy it to take down whatever is best for your situation, such as if you need more destruction percentage, or if you need to destroy the Town Hall.
Conclusion:Make sure that you use all elements of your army to ensure the best, most consistent performance, so that you can push more effectively. With enough dedication, you can even reach Legend League (Champion and Titan leagues appear to be significantly easier).