aka JoeBob

  • I live in in some planet from outer space
  • My occupation is editing wikis
  • I am a miner

Hi! I'm JoeBob, and I'm addicted to Supercell games. I also play Clash Royale and other games...

Name on wiki: BillyJoeTheThird Name on Clash of Clans: JoeBob
Game Center ID: private

Level: 96

Trophies: about 1800

League: Gold I

Town Hall Level: 8

Clan: The Either

Current Goal: to become good CoC player

Comments: We want more update

Village Image:

Template PlaceholderIMG

Barbarian King 3D Archer Queen 3D

I have Barbarian King
Level 10!

I have Archer Queen
Level 0!

Grand Warden 3D Royal Champion 3D

I have Grand Warden
Level 0!

I have Royal Champion
Level !

I have 4 Barracks!

Barracks10 Barracks10 Barracks10 Barracks10

Barbarian5 Archer5 Giant5 Goblin5 Wall Breaker5

Barbarian Level 5

Archer Level 5

Giant Level 5

Goblin Level 5

Wall Breaker Level 5

Balloon5 Wizard5 Healer3 Dragon2

Balloon Level 5

Wizard Level 5

Healer Level 3

Dragon Level 2


P.E.K.K.A Level 3

I have 2 Dark Barracks!

Dark Barracks4 Dark Barracks4

Minion3 Hog Rider3 Valkyrie1 Golem1

Minion Level 3

Hog Rider Level 3

Valkyrie Level 1

Golem Level 2

I have 4 Army Camps!

Army Camp6 Army Camp6 Army Camp6 Army Camp6

I have a level 3 Spell Factory!

Spell Factory3

My Spells

Lightning Spell
Healing Spell
Rage Spell
Jump Spell
Freeze Spell
Clone Spell info
Lightning Spell
Level 5
Healing Spell
Level 5
Rage Spell
Level 5
Jump Spell
Level 0
Freeze Spell
Level 0
Clone Spell
Level 0

I have a level 2 Dark Spell Factory!

Dark Spell Factory2

My Dark Spells

Poison Spell info
Earthquake Spell info
Haste Spell info
Skeleton Spell info
Bat Spell info
Poison Spell
Level 2
Earthquake Spell
Level 1
Haste Spell
Level 0
Skeleton Spell
Level 0
Bat Spell
Level 0

I have 6 Gold Mines!

Gold Mine11Gold Mine11Gold Mine11Gold Mine11Gold Mine11Gold Mine11

I have 6 Elixir Collectors!

Elixir Collector11Elixir Collector11Elixir Collector11Elixir Collector11Elixir Collector11Elixir Collector11

I have 2 Dark Elixir Drills!

Dark Elixir Drill3Dark Elixir Drill3

I have 3 Gold Storages!

Gold Storage11Gold Storage11Gold Storage11

I have 3 Elixir Storages!

Elixir Storage11Elixir Storage11Elixir Storage11

I have 1 Dark Elixir Storage!

Dark Elixir Storage4

I have 4 Builder's Huts!

Builders HutBuilders HutBuilders HutBuilders Hut

I have 5 Cannons!

Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10

I have 5 Archer Towers!

Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10

I have 4 Mortars!

Mortar6 Mortar6 Mortar6 Mortar6

I have 3 Air Defenses!

Air Defense6 Air Defense6 Air Defense6

I have 3 Wizard Towers!

Wizard Tower6 Wizard Tower6 Wizard Tower6

I have 1 Air Sweeper!

Air Sweeper4

I have 3 Hidden Teslas!

Hidden Tesla5 Hidden Tesla5 Hidden Tesla5

I have 1 Bomb Tower!

Bomb Tower2

I have the following traps:

Spring Trap3
Spring Trap3
Spring Trap3
Spring Trap1

Air Bomb3
Air Bomb3
Air Bomb3
Air Bomb3

Seeking Air Mine1
Seeking Air Mine1

Giant Bomb3
Giant Bomb3
Giant Bomb3

SkeletonTrap1 Ground
SkeletonTrap1 Ground

I have 225 Walls!


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