aka dBD

  • I live in Dragonvale
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is being a Blue-fire dragon

Last Updated: 28/3/13 8:38pm AEDT

Hey just a little info about me, maybe too much. My username is BlazedDragon and I'm currently leading a clan named Dragon Knightz, it currently has 50 members and 13 300+ trophies, you may join if you wish. I'm currently a Level 62 and I'm more of a Trophy Chaser than a Farmer, the few times I tried farming, I didn't really do well, not only on getting the trophies–which doesn't matter when your farming–but I didn't really get a lot of resources, so I'm sticking with Trophies.

My favorite pages at this wiki are; Flammy's Strategy Guide, Clan Politics & Future Updates. What I can do in this wiki is just adding a few extra details, commenting on pages & give my expierences as a Clan Leader of Dragon Knightz. I found this wiki through trying to find tips about the game, and I was Level 14 at the time. You can check out what's up with my clan here.

Dragon Knightz has recently launched a new clan; DKz Traineez. This clan is the feeder clan for Dragon Knightz and is leaded by Azim Alidin, the clan is all-elders. You have to join that clan to join Dragon Knightz.

I live in Australia & I'm a huge Tennis fan. That's all I'm going to say.

Special thanks to SynergyShade3624 for making my Avatar for me. He is really good at making graphical pictures through a PowerPoint, and I look forward to his creations seen on the big screen! :D

What is your signature for?

My signature is: ~dBD (talk) XX:XX, XXXXXXX X, XXXX (UTC), it's indicates that:

  • I'm addressing something important
  • I'm saying Thank You
  • I'm congratulating someone

It's just to show that the message I'm sending them is important, or shows that it is not to be taken lightly.

Where can I see it?

When I'm either:

  • Saying thank you
  • In highlighted forum threads
  • Congratulating someone

My favorite pages

Pages Created

Some Rhyme

"3 cheers~ for the rang-er and his knockout cobber! One woody plays baseline the others no lobber, A big fella is fiery his last name stolly, And Patty is a hart-throb with a gut-busting volley, Edo's the last bloke to take home the Aussie, He cut such a fine figure in his tight fittin cozhe. January is the month of the great Aussie Open, 2 weeks of action were wishing and hoping, We slap on the sunscreen and off with sweaters, Cheer the long rallies and spine-tingling 5 setters, We barrack for our heroes, They're all on a mission, And we love a good nickname its an old Aussie tradition, So come on your viewers spectators and hackers, Tell us a nickname for these tennis ball rackers.

A message from the Dragon

I will be changing the set up for this profile page. I somehow outgrew it, so I will think of something different. Well...that's, you looked here just for 2 lines of words. XP

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