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Hi Chief, I'm E12Dragon!

I'm a Town Hall 14 player. In Clash, I love to get in amongst the seasonal Clan War Leagues, Clan Games and of course the Season Challenges. As a co-leader of my clan, I frequently donate to my fellow clan mates and make sure I participate in clan events regularly.

If you need to contact me you can do so on my Message Wall, on Discord (E12Dragon#2143) or you can email me.

Some information can be found below:

My Town Hall: My Builder Hall: My League: My Clan:
Town Hall14-5.png Builder Hall9.png Titan League.png E12Dragon ClanBadge.png
Town Hall 14 Builder Hall 9 Titans League 100% Kiwi

My Favorite
Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Dark Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Base Troop:
My Favorite
Super Troop:
Avatar Electro Dragon.png

Avatar Bowler.png

Avatar Beta Minion.png Avatar Super Wall Breaker.png
Electro Dragon Bowler Beta Minion Super Wall Breaker

My Favorite Elixir Spell: My Favorite Dark Elixir
My Favorite Hero: My Favorite Siege
Rage Spell info.png Poison Spell info.png Avatar Royal Champion.png Avatar Log Launcher.png
Rage Spell Poison Spell Royal Champion Log Launcher