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Hi Chief, I'm E12Dragon!

I'm a Town Hall 14 player. In Clash, I love to get in amongst the seasonal Clan War Leagues, Clan Games and of course the Season Challenges. As a co-leader of my clan, I frequently donate to my fellow clan mates and make sure I participate in clan events regularly.

If you need to contact me you can do so on my Message Wall, on Discord or you can email me.

Some information can be found below:

My Town Hall: My Builder Hall: My League: My Clan:
Town Hall14-5.png Builder Hall9.png Titan League.png E12Dragon ClanBadge.png
Town Hall 14 Builder Hall 9 Titans League 100% Kiwi

My Favorite
Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Dark Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Base Troop:
My Favorite
Super Troop:
Avatar Electro Dragon.png Avatar Bowler.png Avatar Beta Minion.png Avatar Super Wall Breaker.png
Electro Dragon Bowler Beta Minion Super Wall Breaker

My Favorite Elixir Spell: My Favorite Dark Elixir
My Favorite Hero: My Favorite Siege
Rage Spell info.png Poison Spell info.png Avatar Royal Champion.png Avatar Log Launcher.png
Rage Spell Poison Spell Royal Champion Log Launcher

My Villages:

E12Dragon Home Village.jpg

E12Dragon Builder Base.jpg

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