Barbarian King20 Archer Queen20 Grand Warden10

I have Barbarian King
Level 35!

I have Archer Queen
Level 32!

I have Grand Warden
Level 11!

I have 4 Barracks!

Barracks13 Barracks13 Barracks12 Barracks12

Barbarian7 Archer8 Giant8 Goblin7 Wall Breaker6

Barbarian Level 7

Archer Level 8

Giant Level 8

Goblin Level 7

Wall Breaker Level 6

Balloon7 Wizard7 Healer5 Dragon5

Balloon Level 7

Wizard Level 7

Healer Level 5

Dragon Level 5

PEKKA5 Baby Dragon1 Miner1

P.E.K.K.A Level 5

Baby Dragon Level 1

Miner Level 1

I have 2 Dark Barracks!

Dark Barracks7 Dark Barracks7

Minion7 Hog Rider5 Valkyrie5 Golem5

Minion Level 7

Hog Rider Level 5

Valkyrie Level 5

Golem Level 5

Witch1 Lava Hound3 Bowler1

Witch Level 2

Lava Hound Level 3

Bowler Level 1

I have 4 Army Camps!

Army Camp9 Army Camp9 Army Camp9 Army Camp9
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