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My username in Clash is the same as here on the Wiki, Japster. You will find me residing in the clan Cacilds which is run by Badwolf, Town Hall 10 and an Admin on the wiki. Below you will find a table containing some info about my village.

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About Me
Hi, I'm Infinity323 (you can call me Infinity) and I am glad to tell you about myself! When I started in late February 2013, i was a terrible strategist. But when I found this wiki, I became a lot better at this game! I am grateful for all the admins who made a very informative wiki. I have to thank 2442cc for the coding tutorials. Clash on! :)

My main role as a rollback on this wiki is to revert or undo bad edits and to move threads to their right boards. Sometimes I will fix spelling or grammar on pages.

I like playing basketball, badminton, and catch. I live with my brother, sister, and parents.

I play Infinity Blade I. I recently got all the Zero Mech's armor and weapons XD.

I also like Pokémon. I am epic, so challenge me sometime. I have a Darkrai, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Mewtwo, and Arceus in my party. All but Darkrai are level 100. I dare you to challenge me Lugia.



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