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  • I live in District 7
  • I was born on July 22
  • I am Male

Note: I dont play the game anymore.

Name on wiki: Utkar22 Name on Clash of Clans: Utkar
Game Center ID: private

Level: 85

Trophies: 1900

League: Gold I

Town Hall Level: 8

Clan: The smarties

Current Goal: Max out TH8

Comments: no

Village Image:

Template PlaceholderIMG

Barbarian King1 Archer Queen1 Grand Warden1

I have Barbarian King
Level 9!

I have Archer Queen
Level !

I have Grand Warden
Level !

I have 4 Barracks!

Barracks10 Barracks10 Barracks9 Barracks9

Barbarian5 Archer5 Giant5 Goblin5 Wall Breaker5

Barbarian Level 5

Archer Level 5

Giant Level 5

Goblin Level 5

Wall Breaker Level 5

Balloon5 Wizard5 Healer3 Dragon3

Balloon Level 5

Wizard Level 5

Healer Level 3

Dragon Level 3

I have 2 Dark Barracks!

Dark Barracks4 Dark Barracks2

Minion3 Hog Rider1

Minion Level 3

Hog Rider Level 1

I have 4 Army Camps!

Army Camp6 Army Camp6 Army Camp6 Army Camp6


I have a level 3 Spell Factory!

Spell Factory3

My Spells

Lightning Spell
Healing Spell
Rage Spell
Jump Spell
Freeze Spell
Clone Spell info
Lightning Spell
Level 5
Healing Spell
Level 5
Rage Spell
Level 5
Jump Spell
Level 0
Freeze Spell
Level 0
Clone Spell
Level 0

I have no Dark Spell Factory!

Poison Spell info
Earthquake Spell info
Haste Spell info
Skeleton Spell info
Bat Spell info
Poison Spell
Level 0
Earthquake Spell
Level 0
Haste Spell
Level 0
Skeleton Spell
Level 0
Bat Spell
Level 0

I have 5 Cannons!

Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10 Cannon10

I have 5 Archer Towers!

Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10 Archer Tower10

I have 4 Mortars!

Mortar6 Mortar6 Mortar6 Mortar6

I have 3 Air Defenses!

Air Defense6 Air Defense6 Air Defense9

I have 3 Wizard Towers!

Wizard Tower6 Wizard Tower6 Wizard Tower6

I have 1 Air Sweeper!

Air Sweeper2

I have 3 Hidden Teslas!

Hidden Tesla6 Hidden Tesla6 Hidden Tesla9

I have the following traps:

Spring Trap5
Spring Trap5
Spring Trap5
Spring Trap5

Air Bomb3
Air Bomb3

Seeking Air Mine1

Giant Bomb1
Giant Bomb1

SkeletonTrap3 Ground

I have 200 Walls!


I have 6 Gold Mines!

Gold Mine12Gold Mine12Gold Mine12Gold Mine12Gold Mine12Gold Mine12

I have 6 Elixir Collectors!

Elixir Collector12Elixir Collector12Elixir Collector12Elixir Collector12Elixir Collector12Elixir Collector12

I have 2 Dark Elixir Drills!

Dark Elixir Drill3Dark Elixir Drill3

I have 3 Gold Storages!

Gold Storage11Gold Storage11Gold Storage10

I have 3 Elixir Storages!

Elixir Storage11Elixir Storage11Elixir Storage11

I have 1 Dark Elixir Storage!

Dark Elixir Storage4

I have 5 Builder's Huts!

Builders HutBuilders HutBuilders HutBuilders HutBuilders Hut

I have a Town Hall Level 8, a level 6 laboratory and a Clan Castle Level 4!

Town Hall8 Clan Castle4 Laboratory6


  • NoviShamanHODA

    WELCOME!Hi Chief! You have visited my Userpage! You have won the achievement, Visit Utkar22!

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Hello Chief! This is Utkar22. CLASH ON!

My Achievements


My highest gold storage is level 10

My town hall is level 7

My highest barrack is level 8

My clan castle is level 3


My highest trophy record is 1355

I have defended against 180 attacks

I have won 76 multiplayer battles

I am in the silver league


I have destroyed 69 town halls

I have destroyed 252 walls

I have destroyed 106 builders huts

I have destroyed 32 mortars

I have destroyed 0 X bow

I have destroyed 0 Inferno tower


I have stolen 1774544 Gold

I have stolen 1809946 Elixir

I have stolen 2289 dark elixir


I have donated 2615 troops

I have won 87 star in clan wars

I have got 1875309 gold in clan wars

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