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Hi Chief in case you are not noticing my glorious self

Mr/ Ms/ Prof/ Dr/ etc Chief, I am Yingda, your hearties, and the undead from the Skelly Spell. In case you cannot tell: which you should pay more attention to my Profile Description,Chief . I am active in both the Clash of Clans Wiki and the[Wiki] Me like to add a little pirate english into my sentences, so don't be surprised. PS: in case you are wondering where i got my beatiful biography, it twas from E12Dragon(i'm looking at you).It has been

If you need to contact me you can do so on my Message Wall, or you can email me, savvy?

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Yingda in Game

My Town Hall: My Builder Hall: My League: My Clan:
File:Town Hall 11.jpg Builder Hall8.png Crystal League.png Yingda Clan.jpg
Town Hall 11(th12 was sold on 8/13/21) Builder Hall 8 Crystal League [[1]] (not accually level 20 but it looks cool!)

My Favorite
Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Dark Elixir Troop:
My Favorite
Base Troop:
My Favorite
Super Troop:
Avatar Electro Dragon.png Avatar Valkyrie.png Avatar Night Witch.png Avatar Super Valkyrie.png
Electro Dragon Valkyrie Night Witch Super Valkyrie

My Favorite Elixir Spell: My Favorite Dark Elixir
My Favorite Hero: My Favorite Siege
Healing Spell info.png Bat Spell info.png Avatar Royal Champion.png Avatar Siege Barracks.png
Heal Spell Bat Spell Royal Champion Siege Barracks

  • My Town Hall is Town Hall 12.(Sold it on 8/13/21)
  • I am a crazilly rushed player.
  • My clan is 女生请进.
  • I have 3 level 6 Army Camps, and 1 level 7 Army Camp.
  • I have 2 level 8Barracks and 1 level 11Barracks.
  • I'm trying to fix my rush but not doing well.
  • My second account is also rushed.
  • My third and fourth account are crazily maxed.
  • I have 4 accounts.
    • Main: th12.
    • Secondary: th10.
    • Third: th8.
    • Fourth: th7.

Facts About Yingda!

1. My favorite game is Game for Peace (和平精英 in Chinese Download)

2. My favorite troop is Valkyrie.

3. I’m active 10/10 every day.

4. I forgot what I was going to add.

5. My profile shows a gif with the translation of "Bro, smoke this. It's from the Soviet Union(Tsar Bomba) in Chinese.

6. I like to make fun posts, so keep an eye out for them(it's either copied or created by me).

7. I like to rush my builder base so i can get me the O.T.T.O hut.

8. I have really low self-esteem

9. I would like to be a mod, so i'm editing more frequently.

10. I have a girlfriend but she likes to beat me

11. Two of my favorite skins is the lady on the lower right hand corner and lower left hand corner because they are hot and have beatiful legs. You are very inapropriate Chief, since you think dirty. They surely not as hot as blondes, (irrelevant)but you of course get the point

Ice Queen.png
Gladiator Queen.png