• CaptainAustralia448

    What is Donald Trump's least favourite troop? - A Wall-Breaker!

    What is his favourite troop? - A Goblin!

    What I said when I heard about level 8 Wizards - "Gee wiz!"

    Did you know the Easter bunny just joined my clan.... it turns out he is a hopper!

    Sadly I don't have enough Dark Elixir for GoWiWi, so it turns out I will need to use my Giant WiWi instead. (Excuse the 'rudeness')

    What do you get when you que up your barbs? - a Barbaque!

    What does the victim of a BAM farmer call his attacker? His ARCH nemesis!

    Why did the noob put one wall around all of his defenses? He couldn't think outside the box! 

    What do funnels call giant raids? GIANT failures.

    What's a Barbarian's least favourite season? SPRING

    Why does the witch have a problem with all of her s…

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