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  • GorillaMan

    CoC Wiki

    June 1, 2014 by GorillaMan

    Hey Chief!

    We just had a very close clan war, we were going head to head right up to the last hour.

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  • GorillaMan

    Signature Guide

    June 20, 2013 by GorillaMan

    Follow these stops to make an awesome wiki signature!

    For basic signature help visit: Help:Signature

    You might or might not have seen that some people have very sophisticated signatures. Have you ever wondered how do make a signature like that? If so, then you are in the right place!

    Firsly, create a personal User page to store your signature. You can create it now by clicking: 

    This will be the page on which the signature will be stored. Add anything you want on that page and it will become your signature!

    If you want to copy someones signature ask the person first! Stealing other peoples work will not be tolerated!

    If you are stuck of how to make a signature you can get ideas from my signature.

    NOTE: Please do not copy my signature exactly - p…

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  • GorillaMan

    Hi Chief!

    Clash of Clans is a world wide game so why sholdn't there be world wide wikies!

    The current Clash of Clans wikies which are joined with us are listed here .

    Quickly you might notice that your language is missing from that list. If you want to add your wiki to the offical Clash of Clans branch please follow the guide:

    • Check if the langage you want the wiki to be in is not already set up!
    • Please contact me and tell me what language wiki you want it to be in - contact me by clicking here.
      • I will be able to contact wikia staff to join your wiki to the image center saving you time having to upload all the images - I will contact the them when the wiki is set up to avoid any problem (they should get back to me in around 2-3 days)

    • To set up th…

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  • GorillaMan


    November 21, 2012 by GorillaMan


    I know some people won't like it but could all the non-logged on people set up an accout. The accout can be set up in 3 seconds and you will have it forever. It is not compulsary but will help us alot. Thanks!

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  • GorillaMan

    This many people have asked me if preventing not-logged-in people edit this wiki is possible. The answer is yes. I know there are lots of people editing this wiki putting all their hard work in it and then some not-logged-in person comes along and destroyes all their work! I think this happened to all of us. However there are some people without an accout that add useful info to the wiki. I just want people to comment on this Blog and I want to see what you guys think. Should all the not-logged-in people be alowed to edit? (Also ElementalChaos has to agree)

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