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    Clan Games Challenge Guide

    September 17, 2019 by MagmaHound

    In this blog post I provide advice and strategy on completing some of the Clan Games challenges. Challenges aren't equal to one another; some may be harder than others.

    Note that this isn't a definitive guide to every challenge, but merely the ones that I think would have (at least mildly) interesting tips and tricks to complete and ones that I think are tougher than others to complete.

    These tips don't apply to any particular challenge but are useful nonetheless to help you and your clan in succeeding in challenges.

    • Challenges with 1 hour time limits often require you to conduct multiple attacks within the hour. In the Builder Base, you can utilise the Clock Tower boost, unless you are very low-leveled in the Builder Base (more on that later…

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  • MagmaHound

    Back in the past (in the first few years of Clash of Clans' existence), rushing the Town Hall was among the dumbest mistakes you could do in Clash of Clans. Although it was never explicitly stated in-game that you shouldn't rush your Town Hall, word advising newer players not to do so became commonplace. But nowadays, quality of life improvements and changes to the game economy made rushing much less of a mistake. In fact, it is viable enough such that a handful of players rush their Town Hall on purpose. What exactly happened here?

    In this blog post I will discuss what were the factors that made rushing bad in the past, and the changes over the years that alleviated the problems faced by Town Hall rushers.

    But first, I should define what is…

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  • MagmaHound

    Extra "Trivia"

    November 18, 2017 by MagmaHound

    This is a compilation of trivia points that I feel might not be included in a regular Trivia section, for whatever reason. I got inspired by a similar blog post on the Boom Beach Wiki, i.e. this one over here.

    If you feel like any of these trivia points belong on a page, or if you notice that any of these trivia points are incorrect or otherwise need to be removed, feel free to notify me.

    • The village spans 44 tiles long and 44 tiles wide, plus a grassy border of 3 tiles in width. The area of the village is 1,936 square tiles whilst with the border included this increases to 2,500 square tiles. In other words, the border makes up 22.56% of the total clearing area.
    • A theoretical maximum of 1,752 square tiles, or 90.5% of the placeable area, can…

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  • MagmaHound

    This is a pretty nice number for an edit count. Four fours, there's no more opportunity because "Five Fives" comes at 55,555 which would take years.

    So Ima just enjoy my four fours. Oh wait, it just got bumped up to 4,445 as I uploaded this pic. NOooooo... :(

    Speaking of which, I think it has been forever ever since I got 4K... yeah I'm less active now :/

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  • MagmaHound

    Richest Clasher Alive

    April 25, 2015 by MagmaHound

    This guy with this base over here is probably the richest Clasher alive right now.

    I can't speak, I can't speak. The degree of gemming on this base is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

    And I don't even understand how this guy manages to win 700+ attacks and still has this kind of base. It's not everyday you get to see a base showing off all 11 levels of Walls at the same time (try to spot them if you can!).

    I can't comprehend anything now. I feel so bad for this guy, I cut out his name. :/

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