The title of this blog may confuse you and make you stop reading , but I am not joking about this , I really found a way to Predict updates (not 100% trusted , You may say 50% trusted) I will call it The Monster Update Portal , it involves the game Backyard Monsters , which is another game that I play , read about everything I say which is related to Backyard Monsters in the Backyard Monsters Wiki (Link not Included)

How I am sure about the predictions

Well , it all started when I began playing the game Clash of Clans , you see , I was playing Backyard monsters before it , I saw a lot of Similarities between the two games

Which are (a long List) :

The relation between Gems and Shinys and how we use each of them and how we earn each of them ( By another word , Shinys are the Gems for Backyard Monsters)

The same way of attacking and defending

The same way of creating units

In both games , you attack single player bases (Four Tribes are available in backyard Monster , The Legionaires , Dreadnauts , Kozus and Abunakkis)

How you use a type of resources to create units (You use Goo in Backyard Monsters)

The relation between Clans and Factions (Factions are Clans in Backyard Monsters , and You have to upgrade you Map Room to level 2 to unlock faction)

Having an Air Defense in each of the two games and That some defenses attack ground only in both games

Having Some defenses that attack multiple Units in both games

And many more

Also , I became more sure when The Hero Update Came , Which is related to the Champion update in Backyard Monsters , In Backyard Monsters , you have 3 Totally New monsters (1 of them is a flying unit) which have very high Health Points and Damage Points (1 of them rages monster , which in BM is called Buffing) , There are a little of differences between the hero and the champ

1-Champion must be fed daily and needs to be fed more than one time to envolve , in exchange , they feed on monsters , which is cheaper

2-Champions have only 6 levels of evolution , in exchange , each level differs very much in Champion's Statistics (Health Points , Damage Points , Buffing)

3-Champions are Monsters , Not Humans

That Update made me more sure that Clash of clans does like Backyard Monsters

Tomorrow , I will Do the Predictions Category , and then I will tell you about the Predicted updates from the following Categories: Major Updates , Minor Updates , Big changes and small changes